You’Ll find an instruction manual with a spare parts list on the back one spare tail rotor and a usb charger, an infrared controller that requires six double a batteries and finally, the sema s11g helicopter. So this helicopter is a three and a half channel co axial. It looks really cool it kind of resembles a coast guard helicopter. So on the bottom here these are not wheels they’re, just stationary. Just for like landing gear, you can see the gearing and stuff inside there looks like plastic gearing here is the infrared receiver, with the on and off switch right above the charging port. This does come with a 3.7 Volt 150 milliampuur, lipo battery it’s, an internal battery which is kind of disappointing, because you cannot just switch them out and just keep going with freshly charged batteries. So you do have to stop and take the time to charge the battery before you can fly again here on the front. You have an led let’s turn this on and that should light up now, het knippert, because it’s looking for the the controller. But then you have a led on the bottom here and then an led red and blue flashing led up top. So it does look pretty cool it’s, a sema product, so i have pretty good faith in it. Sema usually always puts out a good product, so i’m gon na get some close up shots of this charge the battery up, and then we are gon na fly.

This thing around Music, OK, i got the sema s11g all charged up and we’re gon na fly it around here and just see how well it does a little three and a half channel it’s an infrared. So you should fly it indoors because flying it outdoors, the sunlight could cause interference. Now we do have a pretty big window over there and over there letting light in, but this is pennsylvania and the sun does not exist in the wintertime. So we don’t really have to worry about sunlight interfering with this helicopter on the controller. Here you do have an a and a b channel, which you can switch into say, you’re flying two of these infrared helicopters. Together in the same place, one person could be on channel a another person could be on channel b and then your signals won’t interfere with each other. So here we have the on off switch and turn the power on to the helicopter Music. So this is non altitude hold okay, so i didn’t have to do an up down to bind or anything it just bound automatically. So let’s take it up in the air and it is gyro stabilized. So it is pretty steady too. So you see that tail rotor spinning when you want to go forward or reverse let’s, see how fast it goes top speed in forward. Oh, come down here: Oke, that is your top forward. Speed full throttle forward Music, so let’s see that’s, reverse so one other thing.

This controller has is trim. You can see it’s kind of like spinning, so you can adjust that come over here a little bit, so you can keeps wanting to go over that way. So you can adjust that by this knob right here and there i just turned it to the left a little bit and now i got rid of that spin. So that was me, so you see this trim, Ik heb. It turned all the way to the right. Nwo, Ik ben, just turning in circles that’s how the trim works so i’m, going to put it back to the center, because center was pretty good. So i mean three and a half channel helicopters. This is about what you get out of them: ja ze zijn, pretty cool to fly and everything, but you don’t get a lot of the speed like you do in a four channel, but it’s a nice little indoor flyer. There is the yaw speed there. That was your left and your right, yaw i’m, just kind of curious as to a flight time on this, alleen 150 milliampuurbatterij, so it might not. Last too long, the helicopter doesn’t seem too heavy, so it might not be working too hard to keep it in the air Music um, Muziek, Muziek Applaus, Muziek. Oh nee, that is it! Let me check and see how long i got on the gopro, even though i cut some parts out i’ve been flying this thing the entire time, so let me check real, quick and see how much time i have on the gopro so the s111g.

What did i think about it? Goed, first off it, it does look really nice. I like the way it looks. It looks awesome flying around it’s, a very stable flyer, very easy to control and you get the average flight time of the six to eight minutes. The downside to this is, it does take a long time to charge and the battery is inside, so you can’t just switch out batteries, also it’s infrared, so you’re kind of limited to being indoors with it, and it does not fly all that fast in forward or Reverse so those are the negative things i found with this, but this thing will be going in for the february giveaway. So if you would like the sema s11g to be the giveaway for february, then go ahead and smack that, like button at the end of february, the rc that has the most likes is going to be the giveaway for february. I have another rc that i featured for the month of february and maybe that’ll be your favorite, so go ahead and put a like on that. It’S totally up to you, but i am only giving away one rc for february, and that is the most liked one. So if you’d like to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is be a subscriber from the us and comment down below. Your comment is your entry.