Ik ben in het oude veld., waar je begint crossmotoren op ik heb geen crossmotoren meer, dus ik ben, Ik kan figuur, might as well just do uh reviews on rc cars, dus ja, like i said i got this recently um pretty much stock. All i’ve done was, i added the um oil full of shocks to it other than that battery everything stock it’s a cool little rc car. Het was alsof. 80 Dollar, so i’ll show you the controller, Echte, quick there’s, nothing special it’s like it’s, not a hobby grade, but it is like a hardware at the same time, it’s a cool rc car. It can whip through these trails, pretty good um top speed is about like 20 miles an hour i mean it depends. I guess you know terrain road, Uh, so let’s get started with this like little review, i guess a little drive and then see what’s up it. It is a quick car let’s, go down the trailer here and see what’s up yeah it’s hard to control it’s hard to control, niet gon na lie. Oh, het is., a quick car wow i mean i’ll leave the link to this exact rc car. In the description below look at that it’s really hard to control, maar het doet. It does drive on these terrains right here. Oh wow, oh het is, a tough little car i’m surprised. Weet je! Oh oh let’s! Gaan! Get that real, Snelle! Oh! What the yo that’s someone’s bike hold on the is that um honda, Jongens, dude i’m surprised same spot.

We found the last ssr pit bike and we found another pit bike. Whoa hold on put this down real, Snelle, oh wow. This is kind of cool wow found. Another bike at the same spot, this is weird wowlooks brand new hold on. I don’t think anyone is here right now: wow dat is, weird i’m gon na pick it up literally looks brand new, like it’s been written for, like maybe like a day or something hold on. Let me let me move it out. Heel snel, i don’t know if it’s all the way down i don’t know put the clutch in. I don’t know wow that is that’s, dat is, echt cool. Ik denk van wel.. I think it’s like that. I think someone with the riding gear that is crazy, Wow, Ik ben. Actually going to call the police because i’m, not even sure why this is here, maybe someone got hurt and left it here. Um, oh wow! The keys are in here too um i’m gon na try to start it. I don’t even care honestly let’s see what happens. Er is., literally no one here, bro let’s see yo no way wow, it runs that’s insane wow. This is a brand new uh tail tail. Goed, damn here, i’m gon na call the cops because i’m not gon na with this one. How can i get in trouble? Ik ben.? Already in trouble anyways with other so i’m gon na call the cops real, snelle jongens, see what’s up okay, Ik ben, calling them number one what’s your emergency, Uh, Hey, i was um doing like i was playing a little rc car doing like a little video and i’m On a trailand i found a dirt bike on the besides like a little trailand i just want to like call the cops or something because it’s not an emergency i’m, just like confused to do with it.

Oke, where are you located? Um i’m in, like a trail in tacoma or something i’m, not sure the exact location i mean yeah. Does it look like it’s been crashed or abandoned, like it’s been there for a while, Eerlijk, it looks brand new, it just looks there’s mud on it, but i started it up, but i didn’t ride it or nothing, but it looks new for some reason. I don’t know looks like someone left it here. They got hurt or something i’m, not sure i mean what do you see? Uh het is., a chinese bike. I know that it just says a taiyo tail tao, Uh 17 on there or something i don’t know. What color is it it’s, blue black and white yeah is anyone around i. I can’t see anybody around okay, OK, Ja, all right honestly between you and me. No one’s around i’d say just take it. Do you think so? Yeah i mean there’s. No one around. I don’t see a problem you for real seriously yeah um wow. I love you so much actually yeah. I love you so much too. Just keep that between you and me, Hoewel. Oke, thank you appreciate it. Bedankt. So much have a good day. Yeah yeah you to you too, Oke, Oke, maar ik ben. Beyond like speeches right now, i think i um well. I guess i got ta whoa that’s, bizar. Oke, this spot i swear to. God – is luck there’s, always a bike? Here i swear to god.

Everyone come over here, rc auto's – i don’t even go we’re back in the game of pit, buys guys we’re about to upload more videos on pit bikes. We got another pit bike for free, Natuurlijk. Gelukkig, you know my luck, free pit by guys so i’m about to get more videos on this and yes, sir Muziek, all right before you have your goofballs get butthurt. This is my bike i bought this. I just did like a little video at the same spot, but this time in a different like scenario with rc car. Whatever i’m, not i won’t be selling this one, because there’s no need, because i was buy another one like three months later, that’s kind of weird but yeah. Sorry we’re back so don’t get butt hurt.

https https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0wes1W8Qyk