Dus deze video wordt u aangeboden door manscaped de beste ter wereld. Verzorgings- en hygiëneproducten voor mannen. Manscaped biedt de beste gereedschappen en drankjes voor de grote drie odo-zones, je lichaam, kont en ballen jongens. De bouwkwaliteit ziet er absoluut episch uit, het kreeg een koplamp en keramische bladen. This is the fourth generation electric waterproof trimmer, with advanced skin, safe technology. O ja, its been a while oh yeah, thats better and to charge it up. You plug that into there and donk that into there. Ook in de doos, you get ball, toner and ball deodorant. This is the weed, whacker nose and ear how trimmer man i hate ear and nose hairs, thats better and for a limited time. You get all this and two free gifts, the shed travel bag and manscaped anti chafing boxer shorts, so go to manscaped.com to get 20 off two free gifts, free international shipping. When you enter promo code talbot at checkout, your balls will thank you. My friends are not impressed with the noise in this video were gon na fast Music footage. Oh, the clutch has seized up game over how unfortunate oh yeah, that was the shortest video ever high. Vijf, so were back in the shop, waren gon na, fix it and then were gon na, take it out and give it a rip. But man this car is loud and this exhaust is white enough. Waffle lets get wrenching then go ripping not really sure how it comes out so well just make it up as we go along that one Music.

So this pinion gear here is supposed to spin freely and it isnt look its turning the whole engine. I dont really have a clue about working on these things. Weve got makeup as we go along im. Guessing we take off these four screws here. Hopefully the clutch will come out. We can see what the problem is, so this part spins perfectly and that in there to me, looks ah hahaha. Look that screws come loose, so i reckon that screw there was rubbing inside here and it was making some clicking noises before. So that is probably it so well. Do the bolt up get the engine back in and then well take it out for a rip. So we get a little bit of loctite on there Music boom and there we go ready for action. All right lets go Music. So while i wasnt looking my car rolled off and nearly ran over clear, can we carry one of them Music and x? Max is trying to make me dirty Applause. All right lets go Music. I reckon its got me waste time. Muziek, Muziek, weve got trx4. Weve got another x maxx another x, max vortex. Another creighton look at that for a lineup Applause. So with no idea where the end of the racetrack was, i went to the end of the field and everybody else turned around early. I dont know ive gone too far. I was first im lost Music, Muziek Applaus, steve in the house.

We hebben, we got x, maxx yeah, it might be a broken x max now, zoals gewoonlijk, big motor, big speed controller lots of live pose. Ive just had a max five die as well. Oh whats, going on with this, it looks a bit longer than normal. Is that yours yeah my heartbeat chassis, oh youve got the old metal diff cases: oh yeah motor out of a outcross latest Music: oh Muziek, Um, Muziek, oh Applaus, Muziek, Muziek, Oke, Muziek, oh Applaus, Muziek, hey tumblr, Muziek, Muziek, oh Muziek, Muziek. There is still not impressed. Oh lock jump normally everything breaks when we hit that, hopefully the loss is going to survive Music, oh Muziek, Muziek, Ja, Applaus, Muziek, Muziek, Bedankt, paren, look at that guys whole day out and nothing broken, not one single damage, so the lossy ran the whole entire outing.

https https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KNBCjobBak