This is another one that I gave away recently on my 100k subscribers giveaway, Als jullie., are involved in that. Congratulations especially if you won some of the stuff gave away just about around 40 prizes. Multiple of these were sponsored by hbx, and you gave away around ten of these and six of these. Dit is de 112 weegschaal buggy, which I’m also currently in review, Je zult., see that up on the channel as well go ahead and check the description down below and I’ll have a card pop up for the 112 weegschaal buggy. These are really cheap vehicles, but hbx is really good at providing a really good quality for how cheap their stuff is. Now these are going to be oil filled shocks or anything, but they are ball bearings. They are lithium ion with a brushed motor we’re gon na unbox, inspect, set up and do a bash test on this thing. In my yard, I’ve got grass I’ve got some jumps, I’ve got pavement, sidewalk curbs and I’ve got some rock over there on the road. So we’re gon na get put this thing through the full test and see how it does Music now let’s see what we get anyway there’s the box here is the truck. We got a nice color manual, Wow that’s unusual, so that’s cool couple. Other cards we’ve got some stickers in this one cool, so you can spruce it up with some stickers if you’d like to tie wraps they’re holding down the front and rear kind of differentials pop those two and there’s the truck Thanks, lexan protecting for the shell.

Just this coating that’s, of course you don’t have to take it off, but I like to take them off because it makes it a lot more shiny, but if you leave it on it, just won’t be as shiny, but you’ll get more protection 118 Schaal. Dit ding is klein: these are not oil filled shocks, but it sure does feel pretty smooth so there it is a full on four wheel drive truck though, and it has all independent suspension, het is, zo klein, just black rims looks like a little bit of durability here. In the front they chose to put in this steela little guy here, so you know at least it’ll be able to bash a little bit without breaking so let’s. Take off these body clips real, quick and see what it looks like under the hood. So four little tiny body clips there’s the body pretty simple and there’s our lithium ion battery let’s take this out and see what we got. So it just has this hinged latch here which I’m liking and that just pops out of there it’s a 7.4 Volt 650 miljoen vermogen. It is just a brushed motor it’s got a heatsink on there, keep it cool kind of an all in one ESC, Ontvanger, combo and there’s. The onoff switch it’s right there on the top, so you can reach under the body and turn that off and on very simple but very capable the capable little guy.

It also has these little foam washers to guard the body help help protect them. Of course you don’t have to put them on, looks like they’re gon na get lost pretty easy, so maybe glue them on there or don’t even put them on. Maar weet je.: we’ll save the body from scratching the paint off be prepared to have a knife or some. So you can get your controller out of here. You see how that works. The whole top lifts up. You pull our controller out a little charger in there. So very cheap little charger it’s, just a USB to the balance and you’re gon na plug that balance in right here and the controller is super simple, even more cheap than the one with the buggy that’s, the buggy one. A little bigger. This one is just tiny to coincide with the tiny truck size. I guess still feels good in the hand I have pretty big hands and I’m able to control it and hold it pretty good there’s our steering. We have a steering trim only. Het lijkt erop dat er. No throttle trim, stuurservo, reverse and slow and normal, so we’ll have to see what that does when we’re testing it and then on the bottom, two double a batteries that’s all this one takes you guys, I think that’s just about it. As far as the unboxing goes I’m going to go ahead and charge this battery and, in the meantime, I’ll be putting on these stickers, Muziek, Oke, so first thing one do is turn this guy on let’s turn the control around first funny thing about this controller.

Is there is no LED light? Oh there is one up in the antenna. There’S a red flashing, light really hard to see and find the switch up inside. There turn it on check if we have throttle yep so keep in mind guys one more thing on this one is: I had to loosen these hub screws about one turn back from the factory. They’Re just turned in way too tight and it was binding the wheels and so that wasn’t like free spinning. So you may want to do that, but don’t make them too loose so that they’re gon na strip and pop off looking good. We got turning and throttle let’s put this guy down and see what it does: Oke, Wow so a little slow, but it is a tiny little 118 Schaal. Maybe if we go normal speed, you see on the controller here, there’s a slow and normal let’s try slow. First that’s our max speed let’s a couple miles per hour: can’t really flip. It let’s sliding around let’s switch into normal see. If that does anything, Oke, just push that up. O ja, Wow, Oke, dat is, the one I want to be in wow. This thing is quick. Look at this well for a little whoa, 118 Schaal, it’s almost too fast for like and handle, is quick guys. Oh, so you hit a little pebble. You’Re gon na go fly in Wow, but it’s it’s able to maintain full throttle in and breaks really good brakes too and that’s the reverse not quite as fast as forward, and it won’t reverse, at least when you’re doing fast and you hold the brake down.

Just stops and then you got ta push it again: that’s full throttle and reverse move. They can’t barely even hold a straight line when you’re turning so darn powerful. You know it is 4 Door 4. OK, so I’m liking this little thing so far, let’s try it in some grass, Laten we., think and launch try some little jumps here and then we’ll get over to the rocks. O ja, it does that’s cool I’ll get some slow mo of that. Muziek, Hoewel, seems pretty capable, Natuurlijk, grass is gon na kill your battery. Pretty quick let’s try some rock crawling and stuff now on these uh gnarly rocks right here. Oh just right through no problem, Wow het is, pretty cool sure is peppy in its high speed mode. Oh and I cased it right on the rock there tell people is Wow no way even better than some of the bigger ones for kind of rock racing. Rock crawling impressive, no way ooh that may have broke some bigger trucks toll inks it like wants to climb that, but it just can’t that’s, best cool okรฉ, Goed, we zijn, just gon na keep going until we break something or it runs out of power, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Oke, so pleasantly surprised, Eigenlijk, Ik ben., not too surprised, but from what I’m putting it through it is holding up. Nothing’S feels broken one time when I was touching the bottom to pick it up. It feels pretty hot down there, where the motor is so.

Hopelijk, that’s not gon na be a problem, but this thing just keeps going: oh those flip once in a while, but you know that’s just normal for this size. Dit. This thing I got ta see is doing better, then almost better, not quite than the 112 Schaal. Buggy I just reviewed, come on let’s go out of here. Daar gaan we dan., het lijkt wel. Maybe the diffs are a little bit tighter on this one. The buggy was really loose, so it had that a gift spin when it got hooked up in rocks and it’s still going strong on its feet, it’s getting pretty dark and this thing is lasting as long as that a 112 scale it’s not longer hbx. I just reviewed a protector buggy, Ook 7.4 Volt, 2’s lithium ion with a brushed motor can’t believe this thing is still going and survived all this abuse this right over all right, Goed, het is, getting late guys, I’m gon na have to call it even though the battery It’S still working and nothing has broken holy smokes yeah, so let’s call it from here on out. Let’S finish it up, and what we’ll do is we’ll, go over the table and do kind of a review and make sure everything’s broken seeing what the damage is before. We wrap it up and do a little pros and cons and nothing is broken. This wheel has gotten quite loose, so I recommend loosening up a little bit and then tightening them down once it kind of breaks in just a little, never want to tighten them down too much or else you’re burning up your motor and you’re eating your battery unnecessarily.

With resistance, this one’s also a little loose now, helemaal niet slecht, and this thing this thing really took some abuse. Didn’T it holy smokes, so I’ve got some slow mo with the Osmo. That would have been neat to see that, even though it’s kind of low light and you’ll be able to see how it’s working now and this sunset like the rampage, this member, it gave away 10 of these things on my channel guys. If you want to make those giveaways make sure you subscribe and watch out for those, because I give away a lot of stuff everything’s flying it, just has some normal scuffing on the bottom. Nothing major tires are so in good shape, Ja, dat is., so the diffs feel a little tighter on this. Then the protector over there, which I just reviewed I’m, feeling a little more resistant so that’s. Why it’s able to get out of hard situations a little better. So this is where I was feeling some heat its dissipated now, but it was getting pretty hot right under the motor. I wouldn’t do any like slow crawling with this thing, maybe put it in slow mode on the controller, if you’re gon na do any like slower stuff and you’ll, save your motor I’m, seeing nothing wrong with it at all, who still have all our body clips. This thing is a little monster, of course you know no oilfield suspension, but it does have a good little suspension went above and beyond for just a tiny little 118 Schaal, good enough quality for any kid or adult to just have great fun with bashing you guys.

I hope you liked that review and don’t forget I’ll have this down in the link down in the description. If you want to check this out and get one for yourself or a family member or friend, as a gift or whatever because I’m giving this one a. Definitely good rating for the price, more reviews to come a lot more ground vehicles as well, a lot more subs coming to planes, quad copters helicopters. You guys know what I do anyway. Great little truck and I’ll see you guys in the next review.