How to video today’s video is going to be on the operation of your auto start system and a few neat features with it on a 2011 Chrysler. 300C. Now the auto start features a really neat feature: it’s right on your your remote here, it’s the little squirrel with the the x 2 on there and what you can do is you can start your vehicle from inside your house. The grocery store gas station wherever you’re at you can start it up and you can keep it hot or keep it cold. One of the neat features with this vehicle here, I’ll show you and you go through the menu here up in just a minute. Oke, so we’re going to do is going to go into more and your settings there auto on comfort and remote start. We click on that. You can see as soon as you hit the remote start you can make it to the horn sounds to let you know that the car is on. Another neat option you can do. Is you can have the driver, heated and vented seats, as well as the steering wheel heat on as soon as you get in the car? So if it’s a it’s a super cold day, you can have the heated seats running as well as the heated steering wheel or you can just have the air conditioned seats running at the same time. So as soon as you get in it’s, nice and cool for your nice and warm so that’s a really nice feature, and you can click that on or off right through the settings menu there.

So you can have that temperature set so again, very cool feature there and to get the the vehicle to startle vehicle here, for you get a feel for it. Okay and the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to have your doors locked and then all you have to do is press this button twice and hold it on the second time in here it starts up there. Your LED, LED lights, light up around your your headlights, there and again it’s it’s, going to be cooled down in there warmed up.