They call it a scale and trail crawler. Dus het is., like a rock crawler, the model number is 82046 4 and the scale model is obviously a ford bronco and they have it as a bronco, ranger xlt and i believe the color scheme is what they call sunset and the ranger xlt should have been the Highest level trim package available, and this would have been for a 1979 Ford Bronco, so we just got this. My son actually uh met one of his reading goals here, which was a huge accomplishment and the goal was we were going to get this traxxas car. This bronco and uh he actually smashed the goal, wat geweldig is, so we went and uh purchased it. So we really don’t know much about uh, rc cars or even these crawlers. I do know that for four broncos, though the 79s had the square or rectangular headlights where the 78s had round, and i believe the late model 78 fords would have had square as well so um, depending on 78 there’s a switch over, but all the 79s would Have had the rectangle um this one obviously is set up pretty high, so this looks like it would have been a lifted. Obviously not a a factory style and it’s got some really big tires on so it’s pretty accurate. They got every little uh, doodad and detail down on the the body here. The way it looks um i do know that you can actually get the uh there’s like a led kit to put in the tail lights the side markers the headlights um.

I don’t know if you can see it here, but the mirrors actually broke off. We uh it’s, very tippy it’s, not designed for speed it’s, actually designed for crawling and we’ve. Had it out in the snow here so it’s wet um. It does a nice job. Uh crawling up the snow and that type of thing, maar uh, if you’re going fast with it, and you try to turn this thing will flip over like nothing it’s just set set too high and it’s it’s got a lot of speed, it’s remarkably fast. So if you’re into rc cars, that type of thing you’ll know that there’s, a ton of like uh scale, model accessories that go with this thing and then you can modify the chassis which we’ll take the body off here in a second and i’ll. Show you what i’m talking about, but for this one um well obviously we’re looking at some mirrors because we broke those off and uh. That was going to be not so much modification but a replacement already, but they do make the uh round spare tire holder. This is for bronco on the back. We decided that’s going to be uh one of his next reading goals, just because that looks really cool. It also has a trailer hitch, dus we zijn, looking for probably a receiver of some sort to put in there and we’ll come back back around to the front side, OK. So on the front, they also make a like a chrome what they call brush guard.

Those are pretty common. A lot of guys would have those on their trucks back in the day as well, so we’re looking at that they’re all little cheap little doodads um. They also like i said scale accessories you can get like the whatever rock crawlers are used. So shovels there’s, winches there’s. Those like spade things. You stick underneath the tires for traction: Um, there’s trailers. You can buy all the anything you’d use for actual rock crawling. They make it and it’s the same thing with rc’s little uh, the little gas cans. You know spare tires all that stuff, so if you really want to get into a deep there’s a lot of stuff it’s, just like any type of other model, i guess so. If you look at the inside of the body, you can see there’s all sorts of fasteners, so if you want to replace the grille, i think they make a chrome one. Like i said the lights, you can actually wire it up with lights. I believe the wipers are replaceable and the mirrors are held in with uh just these little clips here so they’re easy to replace, and i believe somebody had said that the the tire holder there’s actually holes, Geboord, underneath this sticker already. So it looks like there’s a hole here for sure, so i don’t know we’ll see it’s a it’s, a model it’ll be some fun, but so there’s the chassis. So this chassis is used on um all sorts of bodies like the the body here.

This is just the the ford bronco body. I believe you can get other bodies that go with this, which would be kind of cool as well all right. So this is the top side of the chassis here, and this is a four wheel drive because it’s, a rock crawler and when it’s set to two wheel drive. You actually will have one wheel in the back and one wheel in the front pulling and then you can lock it so that you have four wheel drive so both wheels in the front with still one wheel in the back, and then you can flip it. So that you have both wheels locked in the back, both wheels locked in the front, which is like a true all four wheels pulling equal amount um. That makes a huge difference. We were taking it on the snow, and that thing was just spinning around you could do 360s because it really pulls when you have everything locked in so it’s. Also billed as a waterproof car. They say you shouldn’t, like obviously put it in a lake or something like that, but i’ve seen guys driving through like bodies of water on youtube and uh. Everything is like sealed up like there’s, a gasket that goes around this and everything’s got like watertight connectors on so it’s a it’s not built as water resistant it’s built as waterproof. So i did a little research before we bought this. So i knew that, like the battery didn’t come with the unit, we bought a traxxas brand lipo 3 cel 4000 milliamp i’m, not really sure what that means.

Het is. 11.1 volts um it lasts a pretty good chunk of time. I mean when we’re running the car outside right now, it’s full bore wide open. Dus het is duidelijk., if you’re rock crawling, you wouldn’t be doing that um, the guy at the uh hobby store, did say that these batteries are prone to start fires. Als je., not careful with them so that’s why we went with the traxxas brand battery and charger, it was like a kit that was 89 Um. The car was four or something it was right around. Ik wil zeggen 550 for the the whole work. So if you are looking at a car just know, you’re gon na need to buy the battery and the uh charger to go along with that. The battery just sits up in here like this, dus dit is niet, the biggest battery you can buy. They make uh bigger batteries in different types um. This is the lipo type, which i’m not sure what that means, but um it sits on top there and then there’s, just like kind of a clamp that holds it in so and we’ll uh let’s flip it around and take a look at the other side. Dus, on this side of the car, this is going to be like your your on switch here, this little blue button, and it will actually illuminate a little light there’s a light on the other side as well, and you’ll see this little device here with this linkage.

Let’S zoom in on that, Ik geloof, that’s going to be where you get your high and low transmission. Dus het is., zoals ik al zei, het is, not just the speed thing. It actually applies more torque uh when it’s on the slower slower setting. Ook, i don’t know if you can see it or not, but it does say waterproof on that as well. These little fins here will get hot if you’re running the car pretty hard so uh. The other thing, de uh, the guy at the hobby store said. These are one of the most durable of all rc cars, just because they’re designed to rock crawl. So that was another reason why we kind of went with it. We wanted something that was durable, Um er is, really nothing on the chassis that’s for show. So once we flip it over and look at the bottom, you’ll see that there’s uh linkages and stuff and there’s shocks. It has suspension and all of these little linkages and stuff that’s, underneath it’s all actual parts of the the chassis that have something to do with either the steering or the the driving of the wheels or the the suspension of the car. So it’s it’s, not just for show ithas a purpose all right. So this part here i believe they call your speed sensor or your uh transmission. I forgot to mention that actually has five different settings. So if you just turn it on, the first setting is going to be a sport mode which allows full forward and full reverse power.

En toen., if you set it for two blinks, which is race mode, it does away with reverse. So you have no way of backing the car up and i guess that’s, if in case, you’re racing it or something there’s some tracks or rules with that three blinks um will slow the model down by 50 in both forward and reverse, which is good if you’re A beginner and would have been good for us to know if we would have read the book first, because it’s a lot of power and if you put it in that 50, you won’t flip the car over just from turning too short and going too fast for Four blinks it’s called trail mode, so you get added uh brake drag when the throttle trigger is in neutral and then the fifth blink is a hundred percent brake um hold when you have the control in neutral. So if you’re coming down a steep uh hill or descent, the brakes will lock up it’s, actually not the brakes, it’s a transmission that’s holding it, but they call it the brakes and uh that’s good for if you’re doing some really steep hill, climbing and you’re. Coming back down the hill, you don’t want the car to slide or you don’t want to have to press reverse, to hold it it’s. The car itself actually does that all right, Dus hier is., the bottom of the chassis and, like i was saying everything serves a purpose here, nothing’s for sure.

So you have your drive shafts here that come out of your uh, the transmission area. Here you have these linkages that tie the axle to the uh, the frame or middle of the car here. There’S a this is that cable that’s? What engages your locking differential so it’s just open open differentials unless you set it to locking up on the uh steering here by the wheel. Some of these parts can be replaced. If you want uh more weight, they make them out of brass, so it gets the weight lower on the vehicle makes it less top heavy more stable. But you can see that all these parts are replaceable, Natuurlijk, and you can do body kits, lift kits all sorts of stuff. You can do stuff with the gears. I think you can set it up so that the front pulls quicker, so you’re like over driving the front, so the front actually spins quicker than the back something to do with uh setting it up for better traction um for us we’re, just kind of playing around With it learning so we’re not gon na go into any of the actual mechanical mods of it or anything like that, yet all right, so that kind of gives you an idea of it if you’re uh looking into it. I know there’s videos on youtube about it, but these guys go way into depth with uh modifications and that type of thing so i’m gon na throw the battery in here and we’ll uh.

Take it outside because that’s what everybody really wants to see right, the actual driving of the thing and how it drives how much fun it actually is. Ik ben., not sure either how the cord is supposed to sit in here, they’re supposed to wrap around the end. I know this top part comes down kind of holds everything in, but the rest of it i’m, not really sure body. Once you put it on as long as you don’t hit anything, it stays stays pretty good, but if you hit it it’ll actually tweak a little bit. It’Ll uh slip out either uh in front of or behind the bumper. So it just it looks wonky, but it still works all right so before we take it out here. I just want to show the uh controller. This does come with the car, so this toggle switch on top is going to be your four wheel, drive locking. So when it’s back like this that’s, going to be nothing locked, so just open differentials when you click it into the middle position, that’s going to be the front two wheels are locked and when you move it to the forward position, all four wheels are locked. This is going to be for your steering. The trigger is going to be for your forward and back the red button here is going to be for your high and low speed for your transmission, so this would be full speed, that’s going to be low speed with more torque i’m.

Not sure this one is a multi function, Ik ben, not a hundred percent sure what that does. I think the steering trim is the one. So if you’re going down straight without turning the wheels and it’s tracking left or right, you can turn this and that’ll like set the alignment and then there’s also a menu and a set button. We really haven’t looked into that yet and to turn it on it’s. Just on the bottom hereand it just uses four double a batteries, OK, so we’re bringing it out right now we have it in the low speed, geen probleem daar, OK, so we got it now that was low, speed coming out now we have it Set to full speed, so you can see how it’s pretty top heavy when you go fast with it. That’S gon na be open differentials there. All right now we got the front wheels locked. The back is still open. Nu goed, we’re locked in all four wheels. A lot of power there now a lot of Applause, traction Applause, Muziek. So when you got the differentials locked that’s, what it will do so it’s definitely a lot of fun to play with it should be for the amount of money you have to spend on it. Maar, Oh, Oh, he got her buried he’s. Definitely stuck now. He’S got her buried up to the axle all right, dus ik ben, letting him play with it. A little bit he’s taking certain turns with his sister driving that thing around the snow.

They have a lot of fun with that. So this is the box i’ll just kind of show you. It says right on the the front of the box battery and charger not included. There is some specs on the back too, zoals ik al zei: if you’re really into rock crawling or rc cars, it probably means a lot to you, but for me um, we just kind of liked it because it looked like a ford, bronco and that’s that looked cool. So some of the stuff it shows here you got waterproof inner fenders it’s got cruise control. That might be what that uh one setting is on the controller there. Rigid steel frame is without portal. Assen, Ik ben, niet zeker wat dat betekent. Canyon tires torque twist eliminated metal gear, digitale servo. It must be for your steering, high low range transmission, T, Lock, Externe, locking differential, so that’s kind of neat that you don’t have to physically. Like take the body off the car, zoals ik al zei, it’s got those cables to lock in the differential and then on. The bottom. It’S got heavy duty. Extra wide rod ends the vehicles obviously scale detailed, really nicely. You got 3s power system, aluminum shocks and then it’s got a 60 63 graad. I guess what you call approach angle, if you’re into rock crawling and then there’s just some more information here on the the trx four scale. Zoals ik al zei., it comes in different uh, different body trims and that type of thing uh it’s, got the dimensions here of how wide it is and what the actual length of the vehicle is as well.

So one thing to note: this is what they call a skill level one. So no previous experience with radio controlled models which which we don’t uh the last i don’t even know. If it was radio controlled. I had a one of those cars you would chase and the the remote was connected to a cord um. Then maybe i had a radio control, but nothing to this scale, just like a box store type deal, so this is definitely uh like i said this is a hobby grade, so it’s definitely really nice. Ik, like it it’s a little pricey but it’s looks like it’s a lot of fun and the parts are replaceable and here again there’s a little bit more information on the type of motor, the the channel and the frequency that the remote uses all right.