This is Lamborghinis latest and hottest motorsport version of its v10 engine ahem, more importantly, it’s a landmark for Lamborghini, because it’s their first in house sports car can park with international FIA, gt3 regulations and it’s about to open hostilities with the Audi’s Bentley’s Ferraris, Mercedes and McLaren. At Monza, but before all that Lambo squad cross racing team picked up the phone and asked if we’d like to come to Italy’s, Adria circuit and sample for ourselves exactly what they’re about to unleash on the unsuspecting sports car racing world. The next view moment. This is definitely where the parties are. This is the ferrati on gg3 I’m gon na try not to stall it we’ll. Take it easy for a first couple of laps, let’s try and get some heat into the tires and into the transmission into the brakes. Can I get a car working as it should because they just don’t work until they’re until they’re really warmed up? So what exactly goes in to apprehend gt3? Well, let’s quote across the team started with the aluminium and carbon chassis from the hurricane, because a racing car weighs quite a lot less than the road car, so on a real car, easily a ton and a half with with liquids on board and a few options. This racing cars easily 200 kilos lighter than that the aerodynamics and suspension was developed in managing with the lira, gz3 compliant every stricter, which actually gives this racing car less power.

They say from the Super Trofeo version let’s over your circuit. It definitely gon na sprint. Up with the two hearts, the first half is basically short straight fairly low, sucking air corners, and this second half is more technical most every today. Well, so they’ve got a girl on on forward, but even though you feel get into water it’s the brakes and the lateral grip which is really beginning to come in now that’s what differentiates this car from the road fantastic from Mavi Zenit, obviously completely on silence. I actually think it sounds better at low revs than high replicas that, where is really different from the real car, the performance level actually isn’t 9 day better or bigger than a lot of bus Road cards use the hybrid cars Black Series, IMG’s and Ferrari specialist it’s. An easy thing to derive: you know you wouldn’t, believe it evil. Looking green, like in TV break over wow, you got a staring Freddie lag and positive. The brakes so I’m gon na need until Monday, and I tell you up it’s the fail that really distinguishes them. You just don’t get out of a car and the reason I haven’t had a heart in math moment yet is because it’s got a bush traction control system and for lousy, lock brakes. Now you can suite them these knobs on the steering wheel. Wow. I tell you life as a way they can. They can make a traction control system like this work on a road car.

It would be fabulous so delicate. It just allows you to stare the power evidence ever suggesting on the throttle and pick up an operator by eating nothing like that. You end up dealing with an army for them overseer, which the car just gets better and better the faster you go crazy. It must be in with a real chance of doing something in that series with this car. It really feels like it looks after you, like the confidence this thing’s already giving me yeah.