We just got this and plugged it in so we’re trying to take a look at all the features that it has. It has a timer and these are the different heat settings yeah. Andersom dus 16, I believe max – Is 90 because you know there are any degrees, Ja 5 increments, and then I guess the low and the high. You know how much it’s blowing and then the oscillating yeah that’s a nice feature here. So take a look at how it oscillates it turns very slowly from side to side coming out of. There show the the timer feature how that works: there’s also remote, maar we zijn., just gon na look first here show so you can do anywhere from 1 Aan 7 uren, Dus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Of 7 hours so that’s the longest. You can have it and then you know after 7 hours it will turn off so that’s a nice feature to have you know you want to put it on when you go to bed and you don’t have to worry about. Oh, I got to remember to turn it off in the morning that’s, actually why I got this heater for that feature. Specifiek, I really like that and we can take out the remote here and give that a try. So this is the remote that comes with it. We did have to open it up. It does not come with the triple a battery, so we already put those in so we can try this yep turn it on and off, and up and down is that you know the temperature higher lower temperature.

Oke. This must be the oscillating in the middle here: Ja, dat is., the oscillating turn that on and off okay. This is the timer that looks like a little clock, so one two three four: Vijf: six or seven hours there, so it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s nice that the way in my house, I lose remote, so it’s nice to have this. But if I you know, do misplace this, I can just use it on the console itself here. This would also be nice. I plan to use this in my son’s room, so I could just kind of put it in the door and press the remote as well. Goed, dat is: a look at the Alaska ceramic tower.