This just came in the mail and it took a long time to get here. I ordered this again in november of 2020 and it just arrived now it got stuck in the mail for over two weeks waiting for this to ship. Goed, it was shipped and then it got stuck in the mail somewhere. There has been some male problems with the pandemic. Uh there was a distribution center that got really infected, so i think it got stuck in that slowdown, so i’ve missed out on the first three or four weeks of content. For this thing, where everyone was posting, it online and uh i’m a little annoyed, because i did pre order this to try and get it when it first came out and that just didn’t work out holy it’s heavy there. She is the lozie lmt, solid axle monster truck. Now i did choose the lmt roller, because i wanted the black cage and the pure white wheels and then i figured i just wanted to try and put my own electronics in it and see how it handled different type of a system, and i have some stuff. I want to pull out other cars and put into this so that’s the idea of getting the roller it’s a pretty nice new rc from lozy it’s kind of the next step up from the axial sm t10. This one is really designed to be able to handle a bigger power system and more bash ability now, since i’m, so like getting this i’ve been able to watch the youtube videos that have come out and watch on the forums and facebook groups.

What people have been saying about this and what’s been happening to their machines, both the ready to run and the rollers. There have been some very common break points. The axles are multi piece design and they are breaking a lot of it’s due to the cold, and a lot of us do to people like hitting stuff really really hard. But the solid axles are not quite as strong as we might have hoped and there’s a couple of other, maybe some manufacturing defects that have come along. You can see here that it’s got a flip up, cage design. It does come with the wheels and tires you just get no electronics with it. Some neat design features is that the battery tray has this elastic band type, tlr type battery strap. You have long travel shocks, integrated, wheelie bar differential with cush drive. I really like the way that cush drives are coming to be more of a mainstream thing in some of these bigger rc cars. It really does save the drive train as well as i notice that it gives it more of a nice noise. Someone who really doesn’t like the squeal that rc trucks make, but i tolerate it because i love rc so much, but i think this one is going to have a nice pleasing sound when you run it as well, which is always a bonus to me twin vertical Plate chassis design, realistic driver, insert scale details not sure what they’re actually showing here other than it’s got the little plastic plate for sponsor stickers, multi piece scale, as, housing and that’s, potentially, where the break point comes is because these are multi piece.

They’Re designed to look like scale monster truck axles, but they are causing some issues that we’ll have to look at long term. OK, let’s get it out of the box here’s the dimensions. Het is. 22 Inch, long, 15.4, centimeters breed en 8.9 pounds before. We add anything here’s what you get when you initially pull the top cover off the box. You can immediately see the cage and looks like this whole thing’s going to have to be pulled out in order to get these boxes out from under the wheels, and this is probably going to be all of the instructions and extra parts to get it built. Omdat, as mentioned, this is the roller, so you get no electronics here, it is out of the box and what a machine this is so it is big, het is, still considered tenth scale. Het is een 10 schaal rc, but they consider it having eight scale drivetrain it’s a little bit of a mix between the 10th and 8th scale, but the tires and stuff are significantly bigger than the old smt. 10 Hier is het.. The tires of the smt 10 versus the lmt big difference, the cage is really nice and the reason why i wanted the roller is for the black cage, because the black cage looks great. So there are a couple things i wanted to take a look at specifically about these axles and the axles are a little bit of a difference in how they’re constructed they have a crack in them right here on all axles and as you play with them, you Can see them flex, not a great design for that so here’s how the axles look and they actually look quite beefy, but the problem with them is that they’re such a multi piece design where you’ve got your pumpkin is nice and big in the center.

But then there’s a split here and a split here and then this is just very lightweight plastic on this outer. So if you get uh hit a few times on this back tire front tire you can see it split, open right there and so what’s happening. Is that flex ends up going through and cracking through the front or the back on the axles, so that’s something to watch out for one of the other things that people have been reporting in? Is that they’ve been having some issues with the nuts and the drive train? Keep uh keep an eye on this joint here to make sure that that is staying in place, as well as a couple of these nuts that are on this. So there’s the nut that’s on the inside there that you want to keep an eye on make sure that’s not backing out same as on this side on these four links. So this is a four length design of suspension system, but you just want to keep an eye on some of those components there to make sure everything’s tight and where it should be long term after you do some running also check your shocks. The shocks are quite nicely built. Mine are all okay, but i did get a report from shen rc to make sure that you check your shocks out as well, because he was noticing an issue where one of his shocks wasn’t fully compressing all the way down to the bump.

Stoppen. But this mines are working, Fijn, zowel voor- als achterzijde, so we’re good there. I want to show you how this cage system works. It’S got four clips on it and it should just pivot up. The four clips are off they’re just standard body clips, but they have a a nice little pull tab on them. So there’s one on each side of the cage on the side and one on each side of the cage on the front and now the whole thing should just lift up nice: Oke, dat is, a cool design. I do like that and because you’re buying the roller there’s. No lights, er is, geen elektronica, er is, no wiring! So just be aware of that now value for money. If you have nothing, if you have no motor, no radio, no speed control, no nothing! No body don’t buy the roller because the roll is going to cost you a lot of money to get up and running. Anders, if you have all the components which i do because i’ve got a pile of rcs over here and a pile of rc’s over there and a pile of rc’s over there and a pile of parts over here, i’ve got so much stuff i’m going to recycle. Some things because i don’t need to keep buying a full setup for every rc, 6s and 4s electronics. Are the typhon here that’s my old typhon i’m, going to put it in here i’m, going to try a new servo i’m going to use an old radio we’re going to get this up and running on a 4s 6s system, the blx185 and i’m going to run It on a 4s lipo that’s the plan anyway here’s the nice elastomer battery tray and you do get an extra long, one as well so for 3s and 4s use you may need to put on this bigger, strap for a bigger battery.

You get these because the body actually screws on it, doesn’t clip on so everywhere. The body mounts there’s a on the cage, there’s body mounts here and body mounts here and body mounts here and they screw in so be aware of that this is your receiver box. This is your esc tray. The motor mounting position will be down in here and it is fixed mesh. So you just pick your gearing mount up. The motor and the gear mesh is already done for you, het chassis. I really like the design of the chassis. This twin vertical plate and all the electronic setup and stuff that’s in here it seems really good. The weak points we’re gon na have to watch out, for is the axles and the hubs and the kingpins i know cc xrc was having a problem with the c hubs, which would be this area in here, making sure that these kingpins don’t come out so i’m. Going to have to keep an eye on that when we start running it make sure that you don’t lose any of the kingpins, because this is kind of a special type of a wheel as well it’s a stepped wheel. You have a different diameter on the outside than you have on the inside, because these sea hubs are so big. This is a specifically designed wheel for this chassis. You cannot run the older style. Wheels monster truck wheels on this, omdat dit een 17 millimeter hex.

On the lmt and it’s, A 12 millimeter hex on the older monster trucks, as well as they’ve they’ve, made the wheels significantly bigger it’s like a short course wheel, where you have a shorter sidewall on the inside than you do on the outside. So be aware of that they are vented through the wheel, but they’re not vented through the body of the tire. So that is something i always do, especially for wet running is poke holes. In your tires, it lets the moisture fling out. So i’ve got a quite a bit of work to do to get this set up and running and it’s not going to be shown in this video. I just wanted to mention that i now have this i’m going to get it up and running soon. Let’S go through some of this unboxing because i’m, not sure that anyone’s ever shown this and i haven’t really looked at it. So you have alternative body posts for an axle ends so that if you want to change your type of body, if you have a body that will not fit over this cage and this doesn’t work for your body, then they have this alternative. Where you can run traditional style body clips and body posts, so that is an option if you want it, which is a removal, complete removal of the cage and adding traditional body clips. If you keep the cage you’re going to want these, because these are the grommets for screwing the body on and here’s your stock pinion, je krijgt – which i believe is a 14 Hier is het..

The additional battery strap that you get for a bigger battery horizon swag. Just for registering, let me get the manual i’m a little disappointed that there’s no stickers there’s, no decals that’s too bad. I would have liked an lmt sticker or some sort of a monster truck sticker or some sort of a sponsor uh stickers for the sponsor plate. Here you get none of that with this. The other thing is the steering system i’m going to be testing a new servo from agfrc that i’ve never run before, maar ik ben. A little disappointed that the stock servo saver that comes on the lmt is specifically for spectrum. Spline, so i will not be able to use this on any of my servos that i have because it uses the spectrum style spline number, which is not the same as any other servos that i have so i’m going to have to replace this, which is too Bad it’s, a nice part, but the rest of the build quality on this thing seems pretty good. Servo mount is down here. I really like the sway bar design, so the sway bars are nice and metal. End links on the sways and it mounts into these bars that go through it’s, the same front and back you’ve got that sway bar system, which is way better than the smt 10, because this one had no sways on it at all, and it was very. It was very loose for flex, tons of flex and here’s, some of the size difference of the smt 10 versus the lmt.

They actually look pretty similar for size this with these duratrax munitions on they’re, almost the same size of a tire. So it was all really a lot of the size. Difference was about the tires. This comparison makes the axial smt 10 actually look fairly comparable to this, but this is way stronger, built way, beefier components and will be way faster out of the box than this ever was. Even though this is the 2020 Model, it has the better electronics in it. It’S still slow, it’s still brushed and there’s a lot of upgrades that we need to be done to this to get it up to the level of this excuse, the furnace roaring i can’t keep it shut down because it’s so cold in here anyway, uh hier is, how You build the axles, there’s quite a bit to them, and it tells you how to change your diff oil and what weight of diff oil is in there, which is great it’s nice to know how the whole rear differential system works, how the center differential works, how The chassis works, they’ve got the full build in here. If you need to now, you get no tools with the roller either. So it shows you here that you do need required tools. A one point: Vijf, two male two: Vijf, two five five and eight mil nut drivers and how to install the motor in the esc and everything. But i just wanted to take a look at what the hecks and what the wheel and stuff looks like.

So eight mil wheel nut. Take this off. You have to supply your old two, your own tools, zoals ik al zei, and here’s the wheels and tires. So this has a replaceable hex in case you strip out your hexes. You can replace those by unscrewing those six hex screws and you can replace your hex if you need to as well as you could convert this down to a 12 Mil Hex. I believe they have that option. Er is., de uh, the venting for the wheel, looks like it’s open cell foam in there, which is to be expected, but i would still vent the tires and here’s the front seat hub caster assembly bearing carriers and 17 millimeter wheel hex. But apparently there is a problem with these pulling out, so there actually is a retaining screw in here, which i wasn’t aware of so this should not be able to pull out, but apparently it can still happen so keep an eye on this, even with buying the Roller, you still do get some nice scale details, so there is a driver in here, zoals je zien, and he’s got his little anti whiplash or neck breaking device here. Zo leuk., some nice scale details just cheap lexan plastic and the wheelie bar the integrated wheelie bar is something where it is. Ball bearings, maar ik ben. A little surprised that this is just plastic. I would have thought it would be rubber and it doesn’t really spin on its own at all so i’m, going to have to look at that see if that can be improved a little bit.

It doesn’t really matter because, if you’re going to be up wheeling, Ik bedoel, het is., mostly just to avoid rollovers and it’s going to move under that friction. But it is something where it would be nice if it has a little bit more of a free flowing design to it, and this is all plastic here. This whole wheelie bar system is all plastic, and then it turns to the metal double plated, cage design twin plate vertical chassis. I should say, after that you do have a little scale gas tank back here for storing something extra in. That is not for your receiver, but you could put anything in there that you wanted later on. Another additional scale. Detail is these little headers that come off they’re plastic but it’s, something and a little faux fake transmission assembly, which is actually the real transmission but it’s. The cover for that as well, the gear covers all kinds of settings that i’m not sure what they would do, but you have a lot of holes there for adjustability. So mostly, i just want to show you that i got one of these lmt rollers and we’ll. Get it set up and get it out running soon. Just wanted to see what the unboxing and experience was like and what you get with the roller it’s nice to get wheels and tires uh. That would be a big value. I would not buy this if it did not come with wheels and tires, because then for the 200 price difference between going to the roller to the ready to run, you cannot get all the same stuff that you get in the ready to run for 200 difference.

Het is., just not possible body lights, Snelheid, Controle, Servo! If you have nothing, as mentioned by the ready to run, if you want an all black version, build it yourself, and you have enough knowledge and rc gear to get it going where it’s not going to bust your bank too much or you don’t care and you’re Willing to put as much money into this as needed get the roller some builder’s kit. What kind of a body do you want to see on this? I have already just checked to see if my hummer h2 body fits uh, which i run on my redcat gen8. It does barely uh it doesn’t exactly look right, so it’s a little too small. Dit. I think this is an old t max body, so it’s a little too short we’re going to look at other body options, because i did consider running this as the main body for this. But it looks a little weird. It looks good from the front, but not necessarily good from any of the other angles. Work in progress, we’ll figure, something out for that later. I also do have the raptor body, the raptor truck body that hemistorm used. I happen to have that already. I was going to build that up for my trx4, because that’s what that body is designed for, but i don’t i don’t, know we’ll see all right guys.