Now my last video, i featured the primal mtraminator scam. It was a very popular scam still going around on facebook to this day, even after i exposed it. What happened was people basically stole clips of my own video? You know mashed together some other video and then they were trying to sell the primal mt raminator for uh under a hundred dollars. Nwo, just so you know, i was one of the original owners of that truck. It is mine. I do not sell it. I do not profit from it in any other way other than the ads that run on the videos that you guys are watching right now now in reality, there’s really nothing that you can do other than report it. Nwo, if you report a scam, all that’s gon na happen is maybe that ad will get deleted and then the scammer will just generate another ad under some other troll account there’s, Niets. You could do anyways in this video we’re gon na talk about something else. This is the offer up home page a lot of times. This is where i do a lot of buying and selling. You know it’s kind of fun and i came across another. Damn scam. This scam on offer up is something new i’ve never seen this before and honestly. It is a very hard to tell for a person that is not well educated in uh determining whether some news is fake or not. You know what i’m saying and whether uh some deals are too good to be true.

I’Ve already looked at it and i got ta say it is kind of scammy. There are products there that seem to be genuine and legit, but then there are other products mixed with the genuine products that seem like they are complete scams. That seems to be a great strategy, that’s being used to justify uh the legitimacy of a website. Goed, if some products seem to be genuinely realistically priced, then i guess the other ones might as well also be i’ve noticed this happened many times even on hobby, king hobby, king now, if you guys know i’ve i’ve shopped there for years, they sometimes list like very Expensive brand name rc’s, where they’ll retail, like a traxxas at like four to five to six hundred dollars and then their own rc’s will be obviously substantially cheaper. Dus als je., a noob in the rc industry and you’re looking to buy something, you look at what’s available. You’Ll be like oh man, uh this one’s, Als 500 Dollar, yet this hobby king one is like 200. i’m gon na buy the hobby king. Now the hobby king website is not a scam. In fact this rc right here, the mission d. Let me show it to you guys: this is from hobbyking i’ve done a video on this it’s, a fairly cool rc. This was only, Geloof ik, about um 70 Aan 80 Dollars. It’S uh almost ready to run it’s a fake nissan skyline gtr drift body, but it is really cool, dus het is een het is, actually good, electric drift chassis.

You know it’s brushed, Uiteraard, but for drift chassis, het is. Oke, but even then i’ve noticed, like hobbyking, has some weird scammy ads and i would never purchase anything other than hobbyking products on the hobbyking website. Anyways let’s continue on to the offer up ad and we’ll, see exactly what i’m talking about. I just did a search for one fifth rc on offer up let’s see what we get. This is actually the video that i recorded previously with the fifth scale, uh redcat rampage. The thing is still not sold. Let’S scroll down, it’s gon na be guaranteed a couple. Scammy ads here and also a couple ads where people ask way too much money. Fourteen hundred dollars for this uh fifth scale mcd. I i think that ads been on there for over a year, OK, let’s go okay got my first scam deal right here, rovin one fifth rc: this is a model that used to sell it’s kind of like a clone of the fg monster. Beetle 99 engine lover, Oke, het is, an ad right so offer uphas ads just like any other website. These are not. Weet je, for sale by owner. Laten we, Zeggen: let’s keep going i’m going to click on a second scan ad. I can tell here we go another one. This is actually a very, very good one. Um fifth scale: f5 roving 99 same website engine lover. It says you know what i got another one: rovin lt, 320 99 engine lover: Oke, so team’s engine lover, um really likes to scam people so more, like scam lover.

Why don’t we just first see how much this is on the rovin website. This is the genuine roving website um. You could trust it honestly with your life. Oke, so let’s see what else they got so it’s a fifth scale on road f5 car they should have it i’ll tell you right now: er is, nothing in that price range. Oke. So this is basically it the it’s similar to that you know it’s a thousand dollars not exactly the same one, just the body difference. You know here’s the roller 800, so you could tell that um there’s, no gas rcs that are ninety nine dollars. Eigenlijk, Als je wilt, i think some of the cheapest on the rovin website are very, very good deals: 449 Dollars. De 300 CC-model, the first one that i started out with is um exactly just like this, just a different color combination, but guys just so. You can see for yourself there’s there’s, you know the the roman website is uh highly reliable here, uh let’s go back to the scam, let’s click, this engine lover, engine lover i like that that’s pretty funny. Eigenlijk, Oke, the rovin f5 uh, okay price went up dollars. Man, i i’m not liking this already look at this 1499 original price, so they’re telling you 91 Uit. Oke, yeah get a life engine lover, just listen to me and get a life there’s. Just no such thing. These are completely stolen pictures from the roving website.

From what i remember, this is a real car that is for sale, but you cannot get this for 129. Ik ben.. Ik ben.. Sorry jongens., you cannot do it now, a tactic they use is also um. You know they display paypal here. So people often say well. If you can use paypal, het is, safe and yeah, if you want to fight a dispute later for like months on end, it is fairly safe. I honestly don’t know what they have to gain by engaging in this kind of business. Probably some people will just not go through the dispute process. Let’S see what else i’m just scrolling through this website what else they got over here. Oh here we go roving baja 29 Cc 99 yeah get a like these things are not 99 aan de onderkant. Er staat.: Kopen 300 more and save 20. Oke, so buy 300 more more of what more than white. This is a grammatical error. You could already tell that it’s, some kind of chinese based website look at their uh, get in touch information – 21 uren, Oke, so they’re on a military time. So this is already not based in the usa, their email, het is, basically gibberish. I do not know this is real or not their telephone, Natuurlijk, het is. An international number, 2021 engine lover powered by engine lover; Goed, Wow, Wow! Bedankt. I got ta say that that is just really really nice let’s see what else they have to offer on this website.

Ik ben.. Pretty sure some things might be legitimate, so rc models rc carthey have um. You know diy kits these pretty much cost exactly like they cost. Ze hebben 30 degrees north also not 199. This vrx i’ve seen on banggood and it does sell for a little bit more than this, so this seems to be a genuine product. Weet je, based on my experience here, we have an hsp 10 Schaal, brushless rc for 224., so man just based on this, i would say some of these products could be genuine. I would not risk buying anything here anyway. The jlb cheetah also available on banggood and um it’s a little bit more than this on banggood. I will give it that, but it’s ironic, it seems like they’re really trying to get you to buy the scam rc’s like this, because these are the highly highly marked down models. You see they’re they’re, really going out of their way to tell you from 849 bucks man we’re going to sell to you for 199. 32 cc baja right here, man this! Dit ding is, you know this is what they want. You to buy they’re driving the consumer to buy these models and not really these models. This zv pirates i’ve seen it on banggood it’s a little bit cheaper here, maar het is mogelijk. This actually does exist. Ik weet het niet, but you know when you come across a listing like this and you’re like okay, so we have a tenth scale here for 180 and we have a fifth scale: gas truck for 129.

You really want this one, omdat de mens 88 percent off that that’s that’s, where the deals are. You know what i’m saying that’s what you want what’s going on. Did they just give me an extra 100 discount here? That means it’s free if they give you 100 discount guys. That was a trick. I was kidding you can’t have 100 discount. That means it’s, freaking free. Je weet wat ik bedoel.: Oke, you know what? Maybe i will? Oke, so this get in touch. I was just thinking, maybe i should send them an email. This is not even a clickable link. This is not a hyperlink now normally websites, these are hyperlinks, so you can just click it. Your mail app opens, you know and uh you send them whatever you want to ask them about. Laten we, see what’s a refund policy, dat is, probably going to be bogus anyway. You really can’t trust anything on these websites for the refund policy um. Our policy lasts 30 Dagen. als 30 days has gone by since you have accept the package okay, so they have an issue with uh the past tense over here um they didn’t, obviously study uh, english grammar and school uh have accept the package. It’S accepted baby accepted okay. Helaas, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange so they’re, saying 30 days to be eligible for a return. Your item must be unused in the same condition that you receive it well, that’s obvious. They have some pretty cool stuff, they have sterling engines, but unfortunately i don’t know if i could trust anything here, deze dingen, sometimes they actually sell for this much.

These are just demonstration they’re based on um. You know hot air movement and you have a piston going in and out pretty cool. If you guys want to see me get something this from my channel, i will some other youtubers have done it there’s, nothing that uh exciting about it. You know we came here for the gas rc’s let’s see what they have for real fun engine now rolf on engine roving it’s, hetzelfde: Oke, 45 cc motor 99. You know what let’s check out, how much this 45 cc engine cost on the real rovin website. This is the real rovin rc website, let’s go to engine complete engines and we’ll, see how much a 45 cc is: Oke, dus um 71. Nee, we want 45. Oke. Dus 45 cc the cheapest 45 cc right here is 279 Dollars. So this is a rovin lt. Slt 45cc fits the low c5 okay, we kregen 279 voor de 45 row fund and 99. For you know the engine lover roll fund right here, Man – i i would say that is a complete scam as well. Eigenlijk, if you notice the trend all their engines, even these nice chrome plated 36 cc models, 99 Um. It seems like they’re, really not trying to get you to buy engines here, guys uh they’re, trying to um just scam, U, je weet dat je, niet gon, na get nothing i’m, not gon na buy nothing here. Eigenlijk, Ja.

This is as i expected, but they have a pretty trick. Uh scheme going on here they have some things that are priced, Ik zou zeggen, as you would expect on some things that are not oh man. They have some cool pictures of probably highly stolen. Oh right here we got os speed, uh my friend nitro mike. He knows all about os speed check out his channel guys. He runs these things. He just recently hit 60 miles an hour in a buggy with a single speed. He didn’t even need to yell two speed baby like i like to do, but hey os speed is a serious engine and he could tell you that they do not go for 99. Just just not gon na happen, uh four stroke, nine horsepower outboard motors do not go for 99. That is a scam. Uh alpha don’t know much about it, but i can guarantee you that’s a scam as well. What i do know is uh this turbo jet kit does not go for 99 Um. This is pretty cool and rc turbo jet literally a turbo fan jet is not 99 Voor 99. You pretty much can only buy a couple burgers at your local uh applebee’s. You know what i’m saying you can’t even get like the worst robin engine, Jongens, Weet je, offer up some reason: man they’re not monitoring their ads. I don’t know what to tell you this. This is not good and also, i noticed they do not like to remove old listings.

Look at this listing. This is over four months old. A lot of these listings that i click on let’s let’s do a search for um. You know what hpi let’s do a search for hpi we’ll see what we get over here: Ik ben, just going to scroll down a little bit what’s this okay, let’s click for the trophy four weeks: Oke, dus dat is, actually not that long ago. So i got no point here that was a normal listing let’s see for this arma okay, so this why this guy selling an armor for 750 when brand new, they retail for 650 it’s a basic stock, felony bro? Wat doe je?? Why are you having listings like this charlie, charlie man, if you’re watching my channel, i don’t mean to be mean to you bro, Maar 750 is veel. You know i’m a felony speed, car uh, no description. Two basic uh pictures so once again offer up man they’re trying to get you trying to get you good what’s. This traxxas uh rally looks like one picture 375. don’t really care about it here is an ebay link. This is basically normal. Let’S see what this is. Hpi rs4 nitros, Oke, so these are original rs4s looks like one is complete. One is like a parts: Chassis, uh man. This guy wants a thousand two hundred thirty four dollars. No we’re gon na do we’re gon na make an offer. Oh nee. Eigenlijk, Nee, we can’t make that offer because then i’ll i’ll i’ll have to uh actually pay for it.

So i just wanted to curse him out a little bit there, but we can’t do that. Let’S see about this hpi savage 450 for savage x 4.6. That looks like it’s fairly beat up bad deal, not going to get me on this one bro you’re not going to get me what’s. This hpi savage, looks like a parts truck missing engine um posted four months ago, 100. Dollar. You know if you want partsi i guess that’s, Oke, Toch, jongens dat is het. Weet je, Um, take it from me. Do your due diligence? Do your research don’t get scammed a lot of people, seemingly just you’d, be surprised man. This website probably has a lot of sales. You know free shipping over 99.. They have some pretty good promos. The pictures are colorful sterling engines baby. You know turbine jets for 99 gas rc’s for a hundred um. You know yeah well, Ja, laten we.. Do it let’s? Do it actually no don’t, do it don’t shop here, do your research and make sure you’re forever in the nitro gang thanks so much for watching guys, i’ll be back with more scams as they come up.