Everybody'S gon na want to have a look inside at this one tenth scale tracks. This summit and I'll tell you. It is a huge machine, a beast I've been running for a long time. A lot of you may recognize this as the floating Traxxas summit that I had, as well as the rat rod tracks. His summit we've had a lot of fun with this machine. Now I do have the upgraded beefy drive shafts on there from leading edge machining as well as I'm, using their waterproof B EC case. I did add a bead of silicone before it closed it up there. These RPM arms are plastic. Shatterproof arms really are among the best you can get for a radio control rig, but these are bone white very hard to find now the tires themselves are from RC four wheel drive. They are the large mud slingers mounted up on the aluminum bead, Lock, huntsman rims on all four corners, Natuurlijk, waterproof servos, mostly Salix, except for the micro servos that are controlling the unlocking and locking diffs and, Natuurlijk, the two speed transmission that came stock in The truck to begin with dual steering servos, though so all these motors he's dual Dewalt, eight 20s rebuildable brushed motors, can be run underwater in clean streams and whatnot, En, Natuurlijk, that is why I needed the B EC to begin with was to really regulate all The power that goes to all the servos and the motors now my friends, I hope you've enjoyed today's video.

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