What a beautiful 112 scale kit look at this guy's it's a 4×2 one driven axle in the back. The CA 10 I've been playing a lot of spin tires, which is a video game right now on my xbox one X, having some fun with that, En, of course this is very, zeer vergelijkbaar. I can build something similar got this at Asia. T'S I'll leave a link in the video description box down below with a little bit more information about this, but with getting more than 24 inches of snow in the last 48 uren. I don't have a lot of our scene going on outside and I thought since I'm still waiting on a sound kit for my last build bumble beast I might as well get started on this project cuz. I think I'm gon na love the challenge of driving this. In the springtime all right here we go. If the kid is anything like the picture on the box, I am gon na, be so satisfied the c8n it's, a dually truck haul man. Everything is wrapped in. You know that foam packaging. This must be the body. I would assume see a 10 112. Ja, definitely cool one of the things I love about this body. You guys don't know yet, or maybe you do – Is – that hood assembly actually folds up just like the old days when it was actually like a multiple folding door that opened up to access your engine.

Let me see that inside the fact. Oke, so obviously unpainted I'm gon na have to go in and figure out a good paint scheme for this wow. Dit is geweldig. Look at the grill on the front super cool Wow. It feels like it's pretty thick as well by quality wise, niet al te slecht. What a neat looking body there are, so many creative people watching the show right now that just got new ideas. This is why I love being a part of this hobby, especially being able to share experiences like this. Hey Wow know this existed so very cool. Oke, so there's a good look at the body, it does have an interior. It looks like there's, a big bench seat in there plus I'll have to be careful with the hardware. O ja, metalen beugels. I imagine this is either for the back wooden box or maybe for the hood assembly, but since it's in here, its body, I'll assume it's for the hood assembly what's in a nice black box feels heavy on one side: oh yeah that's, because everything is but all The hardware is in there all in one corner k12 whoa three, vier vijf, six seven there's got to be at least 20 bags in here, and they are labeled. Hopefully they are labeled correctly tons of different screws and I never know what's better like to get out a magnet tray like with a whole bunch like a cow, RC pit mat or something like that and just start unloading screws with the bag in each chamber.

But when you have so many bags like this, you never really have enough storage. So having a magnet frame will be helpful, Hoewel, and I'll just move this off to the side. Here are the chassis rails. These are very thin plastic. I think that's plastic it's very light if it is like an aluminum or something I just can't tell right now, but it's it's quite light I'm surprised at how light it is actually but lots of cross beams here, Hey, I love new builds discovering all the new Pieces and what's there here is I'm, assuming the transmission andor motor mount plate, yep ja, it feels printed it does. I think this is plastic, I'm, pretty sure it is yeah. I guess I can read about it in the details after I make the video, but this plate right here is also printed gee, whiz it's hard to tell these days guys the gears on the inside. You can see our alloy well, maybe you can't there. Now you can and of course, alle schroeven, keeping everything nice and light now one thing I'm going to point out about this is maybe, Natuurlijk, to keep costs low, they're, printing things now and on the other hand, do you really want a heavy two wheel? Drive truck or do you want something that's fairly light to be able to be? Weet je, kind of nimble in the front. Who knows time will tell you know this is a plastic gas tank and then, Natuurlijk, let's have a look at this driven axle right here.

It looks like an alley of some sort. Oke, the axle has some good weight to it, just having to look at it. It'S cast, Geloof ik, and it does have quite a bit of grease on it alreadymust be to keep it from any kind of look at this. I think this is steel. Stalen aandrijving, schacht, ziet er goed uit, pretty standard and then, Natuurlijk, the open axle right here so rare to see an old school axle like this. I love it really neat. I wonder if we're gon na have leaf springs in the front, something like that hey! Ja, I can see them in the picture. Leaf springs in the front for it's gon na be a fairly stiff truck, but really these trucks were made for like work. There were workhorses in the back off road areas and you know, Oh, my gosh look at this here: I'm talking about the leaf, springs and KaBlam. Look at those yeah. This thing's gon na be stiff as a board forever. Every time I do a video on this I'm gon na hear that truck looks so stiff that's. They wore that's the way they were Wow. Kijk hier eens naar.. This is super cool first time, I've seen in are see a double leaf. Suspension set up like that. The shackles, okay here's this one up front Wow. What are they made out of the top? One looks like it is metal and then the other ones look like they are plastic and printed.

These are also very light, and do they have any kind of balance to them at all? O ja, they're, Flexibele, oh that's, Goede, so it's not going to be like stiff as a board light as a feather it's gon na have some flex to it. So I might want to weight down that back bed once it gets all assembled and stuff, so we can see it actually moving along on the trail it's hard to go out trailing when you go out like 24 inches of snow outside sure glad I have a Skid steer here at the ranch, so we can dig ourselves out. Oke, here are the hubs or the wheels these feel aluminum. These are not plastic. These are aluminum very nice we're, going to put that in upside down having a look at these Wow nice, Oke. So the hex is, I won't have to worry about rounding out, so they can put up with a little bit of torque and then some screws dedicated just to these and the hub caps, and then the tires I'm gon na put all this stuff back. For a second, so we can have a look at the tires and, Natuurlijk, the last package, which will be the back bed, tear tire. Oke, all seven tires, Natuurlijk, made of the same material. It certainly looks like it's a hard plastic compound, but it does have the feeling of rubber to it. Not a very soft rubber, a little bit more firm and I would think for any kind of work truck that was carrying a load on the back or whatever.

You'D want a somewhat firm tire. The foam itself on the inside is pretty standard foam. I bet you'd have to do a lot of tire rotation like if it was sitting on the shelf for a while. You know every few weeks you'd want to go and turn it, so you don't get a flat spot, but these being brand new and not being used at all. It is a rubber. U zien, I can squish it. It is fairly firm. So the sidewalls have a quite a bit of strength to them, but not a lot of grip, so if I'm going to be outside or in the cold at all, this I'm certainly going to get a lot of spin tires out of because it's just going to Be sitting there, spinning in the mud or spinning in the in the dirt, or pardon me in the snow and probably what I'll do is I'll lock up that back differential if I'm able to, I believe so so at least I can have two tires that are That are spinning in the back of the truck, but all seven tires good to go I'm. Imagining one spare tire and of course, this being a dually truck it's gon na have plenty of traction. If I get some weight into the back of it, so there's the tiresand here is the last bit of crafting itlooks like most of these right here. These are not detached.

I'Ve got two longer ones that are not detached, that's good, and I only say that because I can fit them into place. These are probably the walls that go on either side I'm, assuming this is the front and the decking itself I'm surprised to see that all of the decking is not wood. But when I take it out this flip it over it's definitely plastic. I believe it's printed, but it's been sanded or something like that. They'Ve done it look at that all the dust hey. Why do I feel so awesome? All of a sudden, hey iedereen, it's DJ medic, look at this great truck. I have it's the CA ten. I have no idea what this white powder is on here of a man. I feel confident right now, that's, why I like this build already because it's something I haven't done before a four by two truck, especially an older military style truck I've, always wanted to do anyway. So this was a good opportunity for me this is metal. It says R, I assume it is the right side, even though I have no idea what it is yet, Oh, Ja, het is, this does having L right and left and left and right. So there you are all lined up. You guys can see the parts man, even as I was putting this body together, I could see how well this is going to do just like look at this. Here is a receiving pin back there, which leads into like the where the bench seat and the firewall R, which has mounting pins on the bottom that has corresponding holes right there to seat into like cool I'm.

Looking forward to this something unique I've, never done I've done so many trail. Trucks that are 4 Wiel, drive lock to all the time I'm contemplating just because I love spin tiresand this is a great truck for that for that mud, runner game I'm. Playing that maybe I should leave it unlocked and then I'll get a thumbs down on every single trail video I do, but I'll know that I would have done it just for the challenge and that that's why I was out on the trail, but I may lock That back differential as well, so I could get some traction at least going uphill. The only concern I had overall with this was how thin these chassis rails are, maar aan de andere kant, being this then in this lightweight, maybe it will give it a nice little bit of twist something that these old trucks, when they're out on the road working Would have had anyway, time will tell and of course I'll report on that and let you know if anything does go missing or not missing but awry. I don't think so. So I have high hopes. These hubs look great. The tires they're a little bit on the firm side, but that's just fine I'll like that it has some extra sidewall strength, specially if I'm putting any load in the back. You know like a big load of sand or something let's see how these leaf springs. Do what do you guys think about these? Do you think this is cool or what please, let me know in the comment section down below your comments, do get read.

I do my very best to read at least all of them, so you do have an impact on how the show is made and, Natuurlijk, an open. An open axle come on. Hoe cool is dat, and the fact that it does have some weight is very good, like at least I feel like the base of the truck is gon na have some substantial weight, so we don't have to worry about it rolling so often, even though I have A feeling it's gon na happy because playing spin gear or spin tires has definitely shown me that that's for sure I don't remember the last time I built a trail truck with only a single drive shaft, so that's interesting. Voor mij, the driven axle has some good weight. That is a heck ton of hardware. I hate seeing this much hardware. It is intimidating for me because there's so many miss you know areas to make mistakes, but hopefully the the the instruction book is done well and I'm not going to have too many problems with that instruction book, I'll be reviewing check out all the woodwork here. I wonder if we're going to paint this or stain it definitely gon na want to try to get the same color as the plastic decking underneath, maar over het algemeen, Mijn vrienden. Bedankt. So much for tuning in today, I'm supposed to be saying a whole bunch of things. Like like comment and subscribe at the end of my videos, so you guys can take part in what's coming up, but I figured if you wanted to do that.

You'D be doing it already. So thanks a lot again for tuning into rcadventures. Now you know what's on the plate and what I've got coming up. I'Ve got a few other things coming up. That are pretty awesome as well going to be doing some work on my traction. Hobby, crags men I've got some weighted wheels for that. So I want to get that going and in 24 inches of snow right now. Mijn vrienden, this is really. My only option is to get building.