I got some spare time, so I thought I'd bring out the excavator. Ja, it is all hydraulic all of the Pistons and rams actually function from controls on the radio. These top levers here, control the tracks individually and now that you know how heavy this machine is and that it is all metal, Natuurlijk, it's not going to have very good traction, but it does have an ability as a crawler most don't. It does have a huge arm, so I've never done this before, but I have worked on a few excavator tricks, so I thought you guys might as well come along with me, while I'm learningand maybe we can pull off some cool shots. Let'S get started all right, so number one I've got to turn on the hydraulic pump. It is a little bit loud but that's what you get when you want 20 bar pressure and a cheaper motor so I'm going to try and cross a gap a little bit challenging, but let's see how it goes see. I move it with the my hand. Ja, you can set it up the way you like. The radio of course is configurable. I have it differently, but that's just the way I learned originally let's get started. Gon na put the bucket down for stability just above the rock, and there we go there. We go edging into it I'm having to be cognizant of the weight in the rear of the vehicle.

So when it drops down over the gap so I'm going to try and get my tracks right there, the other side wants to drop down almost immediately. Let'S switch views, so I turned off the pump, so you could hear clearly so as soon as I start to go any farther forward. This one's going to want to drop down into this huge void right, there's, nothing below it. So what I want to do is now that I have these the idler wheels at the front I'm going to turn this whole base around and use the arm to help me stabilize the tracks across. Here we go now as my tracks drop. The arm is giving me support and we're there lining up my tracks for the best possible route going to go ahead, use my arm to shift the weight they're real down to the first one change camera views for you to see you so each time I cross The gap I just try to give myself an extra leverage point by using the arm seems to be working, even though we have metal tracks to try and take the more difficult way here. Goed, this is proving that it can be done. It just takes a long time get windy out here. The winter's coming ha ha ha.