Finally going to attempt thisforgive me, I'm gon na, say right from the very beginning that really I haven't seen anybody do this on the internet yet with a radio controlled truck, but I think I'm ready to try. It one of the the the episodes I had years ago and one of the build series I had was based on one of my favorite TV series of all time, the BBC series Top Gear with Jeremy and the boys right, like everybody loved that show, and one Of the things they did back in the day was a series called To Kill a Toyota and that you know they had a small Toyota pickup truck. They put it through a whole series of different beatings to see, and it was an icon on the show. Eigenlijk, they kept that truck up on a pedestal in a lot of the shows that were broadcast at that time. So I went through and I did a whole build series and built the whole truck and did the rust and tried to make it as realistic. Zo mogelijk – and I had a ton of fun with that truck now, eventually it did wear out cuz. It was years ago, Eigenlijk, how many of the viewers here now watching today's show remember that series posts up in the comments section. Let me know down below and now, even at that time there was a ton of requests for me to do something called the toy boata.

Now you guys have already seen the title you a pro probably have been looking in the video description box. You know that this is the project I am finally going to attempt its chequebook a truck boat. We should make a truck boat, Hey. That is a good idea. Maybe the toy boata I've got really no idea how other than I've spent a lot of time. Thinking about it now, deze truck – I have right here and we'll, go over the story of the toy boata in a moment, but I want to tell you about the truck I have here. This is the long wheelbase trail. Finder too, I have from a company called RC four wheel, drive it's a 110 Schaal. Electric trail truck. You can get this from RC 4 wheel Drive a kit, or I actually got this body at a place called Asia T's online. But regardless this is a long kit that I would love to try out in to make into the toy. Boata let's have a look online here when I go into toy boata on Google here, let me try and get you in here and have a look. So I wanted to search to see if anybody has done an RC toy Bota before the funny thing is is when I searched top gear truck the toy boata RC up comes the picture of Jeremy and the boys and then a whole bunch of pictures of the The top to your truck that I built the tequila Toyota, which I thought was cool first, a picture right here if it kind of tunes in for us of the first time there crossingor this is the second.

I think this is the second time when they're crossing the channel check it out here you can see in the back. This is an amphibious truck and the amphibious truck is really meant to cross the entire channel. Now this was not the very first one that I saw, in fact they first one I saw here is the picture we'll get she in close of the original one. Look at the size of the engine on the back that Jeremy Clarkson wanted to have installed, and so they totally did it's huge. Now I figured I could do the Hilux, but in an RC you know what the longer wheelbase is. Gon na give me more surface area underneath the truck to help it try to float. Nu jaren geleden, I actually came across a boat made by Pro boat called list of the Stiletto and it actually had a huge outboard motor like this, and so over the months. I'Ve been thinking myself how the heck am I gon na find it they never made it pro boat stopped making the Stiletto a long time ago, but you guys know I am horrible. Anyways let's go back to having a look at the actual crossing here. Precies zo, you guys have an idea of what the boat actually looks like the truck boat, there's Jeremy's boat right there, Oke, so his truck his nose is just above the water. He does have these giant white barrels on the side plus.

He also has that single engine in the back now the beauty is. Is that the whole thing for me? I just have to have it float enough where it's not taking on water in the back, so he's got the front of the of the whole vehicle kindness up in the water there so really just above the striking is, where I'd want to see it. On this truck right here right, so as long as I have it, I'm gon na keep the snorkel on there. As long as I have it floating through here, I'll be happy with that so number one now that you guys know what the toy boata is. Now that you know what my idea is here, let's have a look, I went and I sourced out Dada Dada Dada. I found the Stiletto motor, at least the external part, de motor, the outboard motor check it out guys the size of my hand, the size of my iPhone 7 plus. OK, this thing is enormous. Eigenlijk, you can only get it completely empty. You can't get it assembled at all, so I also had to source out a brushless motor. The motor I went with is a 4 Pole. 2000 Kv. I didn't need a super amount of power right like I don't need to skipping across. I want it to be as realistic as possible and if we can get some controls in on the back and maybe get a figure in the back, get the truck to float still have the outboard motor there on a different radio channel right like once.

I have this mounted up, give this water cooled motor out of the way, and I want to figure out if there was some way check it out. Let me see here so you can see it better. I would have loved to have had it like up and down, but the weight of this motor back here is going to be substantial because the weight of the truck itself let's turn on my digital scale, gon na clear it out. Let'S take the body off. Have a look at just the truck itself? Wat hebben we 5.2 ponden dus ongeveer 7.2 Pond? En toen., Natuurlijk, I have to add on let's, say about another pound and a half just for the engine and motor plus I'm gon na need another servo for controlling the steering on this plus, whatever so let's just say. Algemene, the truck is gon na weigh about 10 Pond. Give or take. One thing I have to be concerned about itself is that the wheelbase is not very wide right check it out, it's, it's and comparatively it's, Zeer, very narrow, so that's. Why I wanted to go with the very long wheelbase this way underneath all of this still has to float now. Gelukkig, voor mij, I don't have a gas engine, so I don't really have to worry about getting in there most of the electronics, and rather all of the electronics I'm using is waterproof. So this does have a servo here for shifting the transmission.

It is a two stage: transmission plus the servo up here for the steering, which does, Natuurlijk, all the steering mechanism up front, a leaf spring suspension and, Natuurlijk, steel drive, Assen, Staal, skid or aluminum skid plate on the bottom or alloy. Really so, overall it's it's a pretty sturdy thing, so what I'm gon na want to do is make sure I've got lots of lift so I'm gon na use a closed cell foam. Eigenlijk, a pool noodle gon na cut out a bunch on the inside here and really fill up this cab area so for to end today. Echt, what I'd like to do is to go and float this in the water, with no foam in it and then put some foam in it and go and float it and see where we can go from there. Can you believe rcadventures is almost at one Bale in views that's, where the be you guys, a figure who might as well uh sure in a project that actually would also be viewed a billion times guys what's up hello, almost out of billion guys? Is that a guy you're standing on, I didn't need my martial arts practice guy anymore. So now he just protects the corn here's. The new gate battle that barbed wire anymore just to get down to the water, pure water. You guys know the canal if you've been watching the show at all. This is where I run a lot of the boats today.

I want to see how how quickly this sinks here we go. I did seal up the back, no flotation in the front right to the bottom, so zero flotation. So the tires are sealed. Bead locks, though they do take on water over time, gewoon gon na. Let it go gently and straight to the bottom. Yeah it's definitely not floating all right now. We know it sinks like a rock, but what would we expect right? It'S not supposed to be floating number one thing I need to do obviously dry it out, so I can work on it now if it sank like that without the motor on the back with the motor it's gon na be even worse, but with the with the Chassis drying in the Sun outside here we go here is what I'm talking about just a normal pool noodle. The only thing I don't like is that it does have a hole down through the middle which will allow water in. I just want to look on the inside I'm not concerned about water, getting in. Natuurlijk, water is gon na seep everywhere I did seal the back with a silicone all the way around, except for one hole where I'm gon na have the antenna coming up. Omdat, Natuurlijk, I want the antenna above the water now this has a longer flat truck bed than the trail finder to the Hilux version. I like this ute version, simply because it's a classic to begin with and again I think, it's gon na float really well.

I'M gon na take a very sharp razor blade and just kind of eyeball it here to where I need to start cutting. Dus daar ga je dan., you can see it's snug, but it's, not really kind of bulging out at all it's just nicely fit in there without moving around now I'm gon na cut another piece and basically build a lot of this out, keeping in mind that I've got To have room for the motor than the pinion and, Natuurlijk, the shifting servo for the holes in the foam all I'm doing is sticking a whole bunch through just so I have as much flotation as possible. Maybe the chassis is pretty much dry, so I want to start fitting it to know exactly where I have room to put more foam. Natuurlijk, I've left the battery and everything in here being careful, Natuurlijk, just because I want real weight scenarios. Right now looks like I can actually put so what I'm. Judging is the amount of space I have in here underneath here over the transmission, as well as under the wheel wells, without interrupting any of the mechanics in there right, Oke, jumping forward even more now, you can see I've actually made room for the shifting servo I've Gone in I've used quite a bit of tape. I'Ll clean up my tape lines a little later after the testing is done. This is basically just to find out if I'm going to have enough lift.

Now this piece does have an orange piece of floatation, stuck in through the middle of it as well as you can't really see any of this from the bottom. I wanted to make sure that's why I was black taping it. The only thing you can see is the blue in the frontand it kind of looks like an air filter anyway, zo erg, very cool time to go ahead and reassemble and see if we can see anything so having a nice close look at it. I don't really see, except for some of this tape hanging down which could be easily fixed. I don't really see any of the blue foam right like I don't really get an indicator of that in the course. With a little bit more ingenuity, I can get all that foam to disappear, but this entire cab, underneath everything, is now full and now the test will be. Let me see how is that in the middle looks like I just need to push it down a little bit more there. I kind of have a bowing a little bit that's, Oke, a quick trim of the foam. The next test will be is getting it down to the canal and see if I can to float any better than I did before. Let'S go all right here we go. Does it float any better? Drie, twee een? Oh oh! Ja, we have potential before it floats away on me. Oke, so one thing that I'm having to think about right now is the engine is obviously the the outboard motor is going to be going on the back.

This is why I sealed up the back you'll see that one hole is letting water in, but if I can actually stop that from happening, maybe put in a rubber, grommet or whatnot, I think we actually have some potential, because if I look at this it's floating Now, if I take it and added some weight at the back, it kind of lifts up the front, but I also want to go and build myself some sort of skid plate for underneath the front, but at least we know it has potential. Nwo, Mijn vrienden, my Toyota, will have the opportunity to float. Can you believe it what an amazing day, if you guys want to follow along with this project, you guys know what to do like comment subscribe share this video, you want to see the toy boata happen.