Goed, where I am it's the winter, and that means snow is on the way, and last year we tried to convert a new bright one sixth scale snowmobile into one that actually works. You know with a better motor, a better ESC, a better battery, but unfortunately it was really a toy grade. Machine and couldn't hold up to the cold, so I know a lot of us have looked at these over the years. Some of us have been kind of shy about getting one, and I remember when the first art attack snowmobile came out. I was just barely into the RC scene and I didn't even see a purpose in a snowmobile, but because I live in Canada and because we get so much snow, I figured that I would always check in and I always complained him like. Oh somebody only built like a great snowmobile and a lot of folks that watch this show or that are in the RC hobby, to begin with, actually have heard of Art Attack and a lot of us thought they stopped making these they had a nitro one. Geloof ik, and now the electric one in fact on the side of the box here, I'm a little nervous, because I ordered an electric, it does say nitro, but I did order the electric kit all of these come in kits, but the new website that I found It'S Art Attack, snowmobile dotnet I'll, put a link in the video description box down below just to clarify in case I did get it wrong.

That'S pretty close. They have a whole bunch, like the websites kind of dated, but it's got really easy PayPal stuff to go in and select the kit. You want they've got a ton of upgrades now and I thought I would get one this year put it together on camera. Voor jullie, I've I've always wanted to see it anywho, dr. de funny. It even shows the Nitro engine check it out right there. You guys ask me why I don't really do Nitro. I find it very finicky at the altitude and the weather. You know where I live so unboxing today tada, I haven't seen any of this assembly manual. Fourth edition yeah. It was like the website. It was almost like. The company was purchased and revamped again. I really have no idea, but I tried to look for an About section on their website. Couldn'T find one. So no history, all I know, is they've been around since at least 14 Jaar. I remember reading on their site in 2001 they had some sort of issue where they had to do a recall, but not recently, all of the instructions. The art attack assembly instructions not really the usual type of instruction book I'm used to seeing, but it looks fairly straightforward, no steps just each one. I think it's going down. We'Ll have to have a closer look at this and still is showing me the Nitro engine. Hier., which is shocking me a little bit because I did order the electric transmission, so the motor obviously mounts on here.

This is a separate transmission. I think it's, basically a conversion but again we'll, find out more as I go and whatever I do need to make it work I'll make it work, here's the pinion. What tooth is it a 32 pitch and a 24 tooth is what comes with with this transmission and it's a belt driven? It almost looks like this is printed, but I can't tell here: we gaan 110 XL flexin stat flex 10. This is obviously the drive belt. Goed, I say obviously, but I really don't know let's, have a look at what's in the box tada. I did do some research on YouTube and online I've been following this over the years and for me in Canadian you know it depends. I always hate mentioning prices, because prices shift as time goes on it's almost like YouTube: Video 's, never age, but the prices of things always fluctuate, but all together for me, shipping, Canada, the exchange rate, both just under 500 Dollar. I did buy the kit cuz I'd, like to paint this a green Kawasaki color. Oh mmm, this is the belt. I believe this is the upgraded belt. Look at this it's almost like it's, been hand done. Deze, like it's, had a belt, but every second one has been cut out and if you look at it, het ziet er best netjes uit. I also know that on their website they have helpful tips and tricks. I was like perusing through it, where you guys can actually stud these belts.

I probably will as well, but the drive gear which is in here they have several different drive. Gears I'll be discovering them, as I discover my own needs, but check it out. Yeah weird I'm gon na go in here with a knife and kind of clean this up but check it come on there. We go check it. These are gears, I'll go in here with a brush, maybe a wire brush or a exacto knife and start cutting it out just to make sure everything fits properly. Let'S see yeah. Look at that it's, a nice snug fit right inside the barrel. I think Art Attack is about to be very rich we're gon na do a wicked, build and everyone's gon na want one and all of a sudden, we're gon na have snowmobile races at the RC sparks to do track, which would be awesome it's about time. I'Ve done another build, I know everyone was wondering about overkill and my 10 Door 10 that I had started last year. Dan, with my son and my back injury and everything that's been going on I've been very hesitant to stand in front of the camera. The concrete for a long time, but I figured thiswould be something we've all wanted to see anyway. I definitely want to put together a snowmobile for this year, the snow hasn't flown yet but it's going to soon enough, so here's the bag there's a bag here's. The skis you guys are seeing this all for the first time.

Just like me, when you got these other parties put this box down, so you guys can get a good idea of what's in the box. So the gear looks like bearings. Yep definitely bearings comes in a bearing case. You guys can't see the focus, maar daar gaan we, but still there they are looks like some Springs, awesome totally unique. I would love to paint this. I think what I'm gon na paint this is uh. If you guys remember my savage flux, HP I've got the old Excel Kawasaki quad Rider on it. I want to paint this Kawasaki green, and you know my kid will love it anyway. Morris will love it. My son he's almost two years old at the time. This filming look at this ski wow. That is awesome so it's a nice wide ski it's got a nice bevel cut down pretty sharp I'm trying to get a good angle, zodat je kunt zien, looks nice and sharp. Hopelijk, this will give me better steering with the new bright I certainly didn't, have any control of steering the suspension was very loose. Both skis that you know, as I'd be running along would be doing this kind of back and forth and it wouldn't be very stable. So I look forward to something like that: here's, the suspension arms coming out of the bag I'll be ending up putting all these back anyway. It says Art Attack right along there done tada, so upper and lower suspension arms.

I have no idea what this is except it looks like it goes to the body, Nee, it doesn't where it does and I haven't found out, but I have no idea what I'm doing yet, maybe it's a skid plate. Wie weet.? Ik betwijfel het., Hoewel, being clear. Oke, so skis go back in here. This is just normal whoo. That is a steering horn. This must be for steering the whole steering setup, a heck of a lot of walkers and bolts with a whole list of what's in there cool. Uiteraard, the bottom tub top top piece must go something like that. So the unit itself, when it's finished I was looking on YouTubelooks to be I'm, not sure how far this goes back but it's a pretty big. It looks almost like it at the size of 18 scale truck or if we're talking Traxxas. It looks the length of their summit and it's kind of tough to you guys to see how much clear too much black, but I wanted instead of doing it on the white background, for you at least it kind of gives you an idea of what we're getting Here, on the black background ascent, I think a driver on this with the proper width. The proper set up is going to be choice anyway. So what am I gon na put in here? Goed, you know I am a deacon man. I have been some of you guys, pronounced.

A tech in deacon has been with me a long time, I've been using them for seven years. Dus natuurlijk., I'm gon na drop in rx 8 in here we're gon na draw up some sort of big brushless motor. In here this must be the back wheel, check it out the rollers for the track setup. I do a lot of assumptions when I'm looking in the box and sometimes I'm wrong, but I think that's it well that's great. So each next video let's go ahead. We'Ll open it up I'm gon na get a general idea of what's going on here and figure out what kind of system I'll use as a box waterproof servo in here I'll probably have to waterproof the rx 8. Wie weet., but this is what my next project isthe Art Attack snowmobile, more information in the video box down below you guys want to follow along, ga je gang en schrijf je in. I'M excited for this.