Sorry, Ik heb al een paar dagen geen video gepost., het is tussen min geweest. 30 ish zo koud als min 40., with windchill for the past week, or a little more, maybe even two weeks. It’S good today is friday, it’s going to be like this until monday or tuesday, before i get outside so i’m, going to do some more inside stuff, which i wish i had more options. I do have an idea of what i can do for something else um. I just haven’t finalized the plans, yet i don’t want to tell you what it is, but it’s kind of it would replace the sled pulse about the best. Ik kan je vertellen., so something is the wheels already turning. You probably already know what i’m thinking, but i haven’t got it quite figured out yet, but when i do i’ll make a video about it because i’m only driving me nuts sucky dog okay. So i try to. I read all the comments i don’t answer. Everything i’ve said it before that i don’t answer questions that were clearly said in the video bit of a jerk. Like that sorry, i try and cover all the questions that i can when they do come up so one of the ones that a couple guys ask. I do forget that there’s new guys joining the hobby all the time right. It’S not like everybody, knows everything, because everybody has to start somewhere so there’s little basic things that some guys ask that i’m going to try and cover real quick here.

So some guys ask what is a combo unit when you get a when you get a nice uh, a newer rc. Some of them come with the esc, ontvangercombo. So this is the guy that came with the panda hobby, so there it is right there. So you can see she’s got the the antenna wire for the receiver and then this also is the esc. I think lights went into that guy and then, Natuurlijk, your servo would go into one and then all the other ones are for lights, because this thing came with a boatload of lights. The option to that is what i got going on in there now. So if you don’t have a combo excuse me: if you don’t have a combo in there, you actually have a full on esc and receiver separate. Hopefully that was good enough. Did you guys see that enough, so just a regular good, old fashioned receiver with a regular good old fashioned, esc they’re two separate pieces, so power goes that’s still plugged in geez? I do that too often um. What was i saying right? The uh well i’ll. Just take that out of there quit now, so the power goes into the esc and the esc feeds the power into the receiver and the receiver feeds power out to the lights or and or mainly, the servo and or lights. If you have any so that’s how that works now there is an actual third option where i’ve only seen it on the one vehicle.

Tot nu toe. Let me get this out of here this guy right here. This is a low c mini 2.0. I haven’t done any videos on it because it’s still a couple of feet of snow outside and it’s, also freaking cold, so no outdoor stuff for probably a week a little bit less than a weeki’m hoping but it’ll happen. So this is the extreme version yeah. So this is a weird setup, so there’s a receiver there and that feeds the receiver talks to the servo, Natuurlijk. But then the receiver or the esc series of uh power power plug right in the uh right to the motor. So inside the motor is the esc, so there’s a motor esc, combo with a separate receiver and, Natuurlijk, feeds the servo that’s a little weird isn’t. It that’s the first time i’ve seen that as on this car here, and i have nothing against it, is it just something different that they’re doing probably a money saver? Definitely a space saver that’s! All i want, Geloof ik, that’s about it for catches. You guys up on questions um. Somebody hit me up on instagram asking if i could do a little bit of a video about my lipos, Die, ah i think i i i sent him a question back but uh. He didn’t answer my question, but i will say to you guys that i used to care so much about my lipos. I used to put them in storage mode.

I used to seal them. I would seal up the uh. So when it comes to the lycos i used to do this, i used to seal them up with silicone around where the wires went in. So i didn’t want to get water in there, but anything you do like that. Water is probably going to find a way into them. If you submarine your vehicles, a lot like i do and the more you try and seal them up. It just holds the water in there. So here’s a hard case, one i’ve, never sealed it. It’S been underwater. Numerous times this battery i ran for about a year, i don’t use them really anymore. I’Ve kind of gone, lighter weight. I started to use these guys but that’s a hard case. Ik heb, never i’ve, never sealed them. I don’t care if i run them in water. Salt water is what killed them, not fresh water, so sometimes when i get home, i’ll i’ll place them like that. Just so you can help drain the water out, but i i really don’t care about it and the reason being here’s a soft case same deal. These have been through snow and water numerous times i haven’t owned them very long but yeah. I i dunk everything in a snow and water don’t care and the reason why i don’t is because i, when i first got in the lipos, i was scared of them as long as you store them right and treat them.

Oke, they’re gon na be fine with you, maar uh. When i first got into the hobby and i first started getting lipos people are telling me horror stories how they just instantly go up in flames and they do but uh. When i got into it. I watched a video on youtube and saying how to kill a lipo or how to dispose of a lipo. You take saturated salt, Water, put the lipo winder and then cover with more salt leave it for days on end then test it usually it’s not dead. Yet leave it in there for a couple more days with some more salt and then you can throw them away my god, it’s really hard to actually kill them unless you like, poke them or stab them, of iets dergelijks, then they’re going to blow up or If you go to change the ends and you cut both wires at the same time, so that’s arcing the arcing, de batterij, so that’s just going to go that’s just gon na arc it and puff it and probably catch it on fire as well. Oke, i think that’s about it for the babbling and answering questions get off um, but i still have the course set up from the other day when austin was here, the course is different from what he and i ran, because we did a video and then we Changed the course up and did another one, but we didn’t record it so i’m going to take the yoda out for a rip and see if the yoda can make this course and then uh yeah that’ll, be your video after the i’m done babbling here all right.

Let’S get on just a quick reminder of what i’ve done to this thing, niet veel. They each have 25.5 or like 26 ounces in each tire, and see how i got like no squish, because that is full of uh brass. They are very heavy, but this thing needs it because it’s a hard body, so i like stability, dus dat is. The only reason i got those in there the tires were clean with the wd 40. I don’t know how that kind of thing how long it lasts. I bob the back is that bobbing i don’t know if that’s bobbing dovetailing no it’s, not dovetailing, i trimmed the back that’s about it for upgrades let’s get this guy in the course uh. Ah, i have to get that cold. Ik ben., not happy about it. Applaus. I think that’s slippery hold on well, if i’m going to do this, i might as well do it on camera. Barely had this body off i’ve only changed the batteries a couple times, so i don’t have a slick method to it. Nog, Oke, that up, Ik weet niet, know where the slipper is actually on. This thing hold on listen that that’s gon na be the slipper in there. Alle. I did was pop off this little cover right there, but that’s an e clip. So i guess that’s, not the slipper strike one. I may have stumbled across something silly i’m, not sure if you can tighten the slipper on this, i could be speaking too soon, but there’s the slipper clutch assembly.

How well you guys can see that, but that there is a uh that’s, an e clip and a spring with those plates. You can see that’s all that stuff right there. I don’t know how to tighten an e clip. Goed, i ended up googling. It turns by the looks of it you can’t tighten it. All you can do is what most guys have been doing is what uh they put it uh, they take it off and clean it, and you can also add more material to it, which uh i’m, probably gon na do off camera, because i don’t need you guys Watching me curse and swear at myself, while i try and work on something so tiny right now, Ik ben, just putting the side rail back on where the body clips on, because i had it taken off for a second just in case there’s, something underneath the motor that Will allow me to tighten it but there’s, not so i just cut again. I got the spear cover off yeah i’m, just going to pop off the e clip degrease. It see if i have anything thin enough that i can wedge in there. If i don’t lose the e clip, if i lose the e clip i’m screwed wish me luck all right. They actually do feel a little bit oily. So i got some spray. Nine degreaser, Ik ben, just gon na give him a little wiping and a little drying. Oke. I didn’t time myself.

I think i got that right all right. I got it on there right. Ten slotte, it took a while i’m just plugging in my plugging my lights. Back in now, i hate getting the body back on and oh you’re, like a clip, clip yep, yep yep. Oh alles, right i’m going to go back to the same spot, and hopefully i don’t have the same issue. Oh it’s still slipping better than it was. I think no, maybe not no well that’s highly disappointing. I shouldn’t need new pads i’m going to have to jam extra material in there. You know what i’m going to leave that for another day, damn it am i no screw it. What can i jam in there? Oke, hold on, Ik heb ta. Thank them tip number three. I guess it would be so i got beetle gasket, as some of you are probably sitting at home, he’s gon na put butter gasket in there. I did so. I sandwich a little bit between the plates. Hopefully it’s enough, otherwise she’s gon na get gorilla, lijm, Laten we, try it again think we got her Music, OK, slipper clutch fixed if i can only get through this gate – Muziek, foreign Laughter aah. Dus, ah i hope, Hopelijk, you guys enjoyed a little bit of an update there at the beginning and then uh yeah, the slight disappointment that you can’t tighten the slipper clutch, but it was really easy to get off um.

I don’t think i’ll actually be putting this. These pieces back on because yeah it’s just less weighti guess no i’m, not well. Could i ah yeah, probably less than three grams i’ll, tell you so i’m glad we got the slipper clutch thing figured out. It was really a real easy thing. Just a little bit of that crap jammed in between you guys could glue it. You could probably put just about anything you could think of in there, maybe a little bit of dog who knows no don’t put dog in your seat. Um yeah that’s! It guys, bedankt voor het kijken, i love the little yoda it’s good to get it out. I think i’ll do another video on the panda, probably on the next video or, if you guys have any certain requests. I haven’t driven the atlas.