As always, please support us by subscribing to the youtube channel, hit the notification button and join us on facebook. Today, we’ll talk about a vehicle that is um very different from what we usually feature on the channel um, that is a refreshing take on remote control vehicles, in my humble opinion, and uh, one of the most important vehicle of 2020 and again, in my humble opinion, The reason being it’s a vehicle that is uh that defies the price logic that we’ve seen so far in terms of quality in terms of features without further ado. This is the d12 from wpl Music. I am showing the box because uh it has to be seen. Wpl has gone a long way with regards to the uh the quality of their products, the quality of the presentation. So this vehicle comes in this small box, which is very reminiscent of cross rc in a sense that they use very small blocks that are very well packed again uh, you know a choice of a sign of quality and the vehicle itself is well packed in this Plastic plastic box there. It comes ready to run with a transmitter a battery and the additional accessories are separate in a relatively thick plastic bag. Here the manual is a sheet of paper, but then again you really don’t need more. I was able to get this vehicle uh during black friday. I think i paid 38 canadian by the way for that which is uh.

I believe unheard of the love quality that you uh, that you get it comes with a full interior lights. It is rear. Wheel, drive uh shocks, independent suspension at the front, uh it’s, a very impressive setup. The quality actually starts with the transmitter it’s a rubbery, looking plastic, which you usually find in higher end uh remotes um. You see a bit of that on the flysky gt5. Actually so that’s very impressive and it’s got uh different rates in order in order to have a steeper, uh steering angle, a more aggressive steering angle or a less aggressive steering angle, because this vehicle is rear, wheel, drive and the intent uh. The assumed intent from the company i should say is that this vehicle can be used as a drifting platform, which happens to be the case. Most of the conversions have been done for that. The quality doesn’t stop there. It has been applied to the rig itself. The quality of the paint is very impressive. It feels thick often when i buy already already painted hard bodies or very cheap vehicles online. The paint is the first aquatic drain. Is the first thing to go. None in this case, you can have that in a bunch of iterations. It used to be white such as this guy grey, but i believe you can get a yellow as well on aliexpress. This particular unit was purchased from asia tees, as i said, full interior with high quality plastic.

It is slightly textured and the level of detail is very impressive. Uh the outside plastic components are actually slightly rubberized um. You can see that with the wipers there, which is a good thing, because those are places that you’re going to be hitting and you want a bit of flex in order not to break the suspensions, are interesting. Uh is the setup is interesting, it’s, basically uh it’s an independent suspension at the front, which has a torsion bar, so there’s, no fluid whatsoever. Uh keeps it nice and simple, but what’s impressive is the amount of travel that it has um compared to the rear. Uh. The rear has less travel and it’s a leaf spring setup. It makes a lot of sense because again, if you’re going to be drifting, this vehicle, you want to have a little more travel at the front to be able to transfer the masses and be able to control that rear. The rear differential is made out of plastic from the outside, but the gears are metal, so that’s, very impressive. The drive shaft, however, is made out of plastic something interesting. The tires are actually sleeves over a plastic rim um. They can be changed for uh drift versions, but in my case i actually want to use this for what it is in real life. I very much like i’m a fan of skill vehicles, as you guys may know um. I want to use this as a little truck to carry tiny little weights and what i’m going to be uh looking at is uh.

Changing the rear tires for more aggressive ones. You can you can find some aliexpress um i’m, not going to call them off road, but more aggressive versions of the same tires so that i can get to keep the rim um and um, something that i’ve noticed uh this one pushed too hard and again it’s. Not designed to be pushed hard, but this vehicle tends to overheat and you can easily burn the motor we’ve seen that on a bunch of videos online again it’s, you know 38 canadian dollars or maybe 50 bucks in its normal price. It’S it’s not designed to be a performer um, but if i’m going to be carrying stuff on the rear bedand i would like to see if i can either upgrade the motor or better. I would like to see if i can fit a reduction gear or planetary gear before the motor in order to have a reduction, so this vehicle will be very slow, but then again, it’ll be during on this very scale and that’s. The look that i’m looking that i’m going for um. If you want to turn this into a drift car, you just have to change the receiver for uh, something that has a gyro. You may want to you. You want actually to have that extra level of control. Uh, especially this being a rear wheel, drive car um it’ll make this work much better. Um, what’s, uh good call from wpl the accessories are in separate box, so the quality control again has been thought of there’s no uh, almost no risk of having a broken rig.

When it comes out the box, thanks to these uh uh, you know wise measures. The battery is a 7.4 volt it’s, a very, very small battery there and it fits right under uh the um, the tire there. So basically, this is actually a latch. You open that up and you get to slip the battery. So, needless to say, your battery choice is limited. Um i’m sure that uh, you know users will come up with a way to put in a tiny light board. Something like that. But then again, i don’t think this. This truck really needs a whole lot of power. Um it’s got tiny gears um. You know the drivetrain may not be able to take uh much more than that, so overall, fantastic truck uh by far the best value in any vehicle that i’ve seen so far. I uh it’s a it’s, a 110 scale and frankly i i love this little truck. Um i’ll keep you posted with the modifications that i’ll be coming up with, but definitely something to get uh um. You know, even if you want a you know a child to get into rc uh. Definitely a great uh starter vehicle. The level of detail is very uh um. You know uh pleasing to see and it’s a refreshing take in a world that is uh oftentimes overly expensive. I think it’s good, that uh uh. You know the the attentions get shifted into something that’s a little more affordable and that most people can buy so that’s it for the d12 from wpl.