John. You want to tell everybody where we’re at the fairgrounds in bloomsburg pennsylvania, fairgrounds, rc raceway in bloomsburg pa for the 12t money series, it’s the first to kick off a nine race series. John 236 entries here today at the fairgrounds rc raceway, en we hebben 63 65 12 turn sportsmen alone going for what six seven spots yep some heat races coming up before these guys start talking, we’ll bring you this some of the action right. O ja. Second round of qualifying for the 12t sportsman – Oke, guys with me now is dave peak and he’s one of the hot shoes, maybe one of the favorites today to win it he’s, showing up at a lot of big races and sat on the podium at this big Race with the 12 turn class dave has a lot to do with full throttle, rc speedway right, correct dave. Is there any secret? You can tell anybody out there. I mean what are you doing to your car that’s, so special you got to get it to turn. First and fast is smooth and smooth as fast second round 12t sportsman getting near the end here near your top qualifier we’ve got rick locks and number three leading the way he’s trying to make it into that. A main okay, guys with me right now, is gary late he’s been here before he made the a main for the blizzard race a little while back, but this is 12t money series today, Gary 60, some entries, i mean it’s a big field.

Do you have anything for these guys you’re one of the hot shoes that uh have a chance to make it in the a there’s a lot of a main guys here, yeah it’s gon na be a lot of luck. This is the last and final group in the second round here we’re going to determine who’s going to be sitting on the pole. We got a tangle down here with the green number 55 pete ludwig in that black and white number ‘., dave’s peak so far, the fastest guy on the track. In that number, that white number 27 dave peak will be sitting on the phone that’s, wealthy great late models and he’s working on sitting on the pole. Right now in the 12 T, sportsman matt brown third place right now. He was sitting second overall third place should lock him into second race and race in and we’re gon na have to find out who got the pole, but it should be davey all right. Goed, matt bruns. He starts 38 main tonight and matt you’re, going up against dave, peake you’re, going to hear that name a lot on this video here, because this guy is tough. Do you have anything for him? I i think i do um there’s going to be a lot of traffic out there and anything can happen. Yeah we’ll work on our cars it’s going to be another couple hours, racing and uh we’ll get them there. Dat klopt., i think we’ll have something for him.

Eight guys, starting at a main and one of them, is map run starting. Derde, all right with me is the top qualifier tonight for the 12t sportsman in the money series and it’s dave p dave, you had a it wasn’t a cakewalk. Getting here was it no? No first round i had a car that wasn’t good second round. We threw a different setup at it and um. It was great, so the car’s really really working well yeah. Second round looked like you got with a good group of guys man and just helped. You sail all the way in that tq right that car is awesome, dave peak he’s, your top qualifier tonight, 12t sportsman and he’s got a shot at winning this thing, we’re going to see if he can he’s going to be starting in the a main. Succes. Thank you here. We gaan. 12 t money, series c, main twelve team sports from c main action coming right at you. Nummer 23 starts out in the lead: pete ludwig in second and numbertop two will qualify: ze zullen, move on to the b main 23 leading away pete ludwig in the 38 right behind him. Eigenlijk, in the ‘. black and white numberpete ludwig he’s going to go for the lead here, Music he’s going to get sideways, that’s gon na leave a little bit of a room for guys get underneath and they do number 78 in second place.

Third is the 85. mike colt back into 12. 78, your leader number 23’s. In second, only a couple seconds left in the race aaron and mike will take the top two spots and move on to the b main man i don’t know brett. Do we have uh anything going on with you today start over? What do you mean start over surprise? Wat dat is? What i’m all about surprises? Brett ludwig, take three brent, so your race dated just didn’t quite work out the way you planned it. Nee, i did the video either. Neither did the video either the interviews but that’s the way it goes with our buddy brad here, hij is, always a good sport right. You ran pretty good all day, but your day ended short uh somewhere in what what c main or the money series that’s still pretty good c main for the 12 team sport for money series. You made your way up really far. They started in the k. Hey there ain’t nothing wrong with that. A lot of tough guys here today, Hey, hey het is, mark quiz for mobile rc johnny springs. What a day john let’s let’s talk about your day. Are you still in the game? No all right john’s out, so i had to come over here and talk to him in case. You guys want to raise that john. It was a rough day. I mean we started uh the mains in the k and how far did you make it hell? Ik weet het niet, all i know is: i was watching you and maybe the e or f, and there was a stellar field in the f beam.

So you didn’t make it all the way end of your day, Uh. Anything you could have did a little bit better. Nee, just bad luck, maybe or just hard competition right, i’ll tell you what great competition today yeah stellar drive great equipment, ja eh! We got a lot more race to come. We got the b main action and the great late model we got b main action in the uh 12 key sportsman, not to mention it was coming up. I got a question for you: yeah go ahead. Did you get my sweatshirt yet my old rc switcher right now, but did you get my show car that i could use over there? Oh, Nee! You didn’t get that either still waiting for my body from j body and that that didn’t get here yet either. One of the b main rates is coming up here in the 12th sports and class. Did you ever think the competition would be this tough? When i saw how many entries do we have yeah, i knew it was crazy. What about look at some of these mains? Like john jeff maine, where how about the competition in that right top driver stuck in the f not going anywhere, i mean that that says something right. There don’t it yeah. I think a lot of it had to do with uh your first heat race yeah. If you had a bad first heat race yeah, they put you in the second heat with with cars, maybe that you could have beat and we had beginners.

We had top guys who really made it tough yeah. I was definitely not an easy pass. OK, joe ill get to be maine tonight as well. Sportsman! Succes, Joe! Dank u wel. I think first time on the channel is george williamson george you’re in the b main here in the 12t series, wealthy sportsman class man, Wow het is, quite an honor, you know being even next to you, 65 guys and you’re in the second, the last race yeah they’re. Taking the top two, you think you have anything to get into the eggs i’m gon na, give it everything i can and i’m gon na try not to hit one car that’s. All it takes man. Succes! Do you want to have everybody? Have fun 12 t sports from b main action here we go william sent out that number 41. second matt molina he’s gon na get spun sideways we’ve seen this before full throttle. He’S reliving that moment all over again williamson’s going to walk away from it number 55. In the second number, 78 in third and a 35 to go for your leader, george williams, and then at 41. he’s got some distance on the field number 55 sitting in the second, i believe in 78 thirds joe’s the lap down two will bump up. Two will bump up and we got george leading the way. Tweede, i believe that number 78 Music there’s two guys there’s the bell race and race in georgewill take the win.

Ik geloof dat het. 78 Seconden. George man, you picked up the win in the b main 12 turn sportsman. What a race! Oh! Heel hartelijk bedankt. I just wanted to be real, smart and calm and uh you were. I didn’t want to bump anybody. I just found the left core and then so. Ten slotte, i saw the second place catching i told him. I said i got ta go. You were super smooth and now you’re in the a main. Congratulations! Bedankt! Good luck in nier! Hartelijk dank. Het is., an honor 12t money series, a main 12t sportsman on the track. We got one upside down already down the back stretch, dave peak in the lead, dave peak strong all day long and that white number 27 is your leader second place the number five that’s lance. We got him inside the infield. Lance in second place: net number, Vijf, their second right there, the number five third place: matt bruns. Then we got bill osborne bill osborne sitting there in fourth place got one upside down just about that’s williamson and the number 41. dave peak now coming up the lap to field we got dave, we got lands upside down and sideways he’s into the wall. That’S going to mix things up a little bit dave peak in the lead he’s getting into the side of matt bruns he’s, still going to hang on the lead. We’Ve got bill. Osborne upside down, matt bruns, going at it again tim moran in second that’s.

The number seven and tim’s upside down, Geloof ik, davehas a lap on the field. Phil osborne going hard into the wall upside down wealthy money series 100 to win sponsored by the oval rc 50 per second 30 for third dave peak, leading the way second place to moran. The only thing really now that the guys can hope for is maybe dave would break, but that doesn’t likely happen. Your pulse sitter dave p. He is the guy leading the a main right now. He’S got a lap on the field underneath that bronze consistency, every single lap he doesn’t mess up and that’s why he wins everywhere. We gaan. 15 seconds ago, 12T. Sportsman 12t money series it’s been a great day: 65 cars in this class. Hier 250 cars entered on the day. There was the bell, your leader, dave peak he’s in he’s, going to take the win. Second place will be tim, moran and third looks like it will be. Lamps okay, third place in the 12t sportsman class is lance kramer lance. What do you tell me about that race uh? It was a tough race, it’s hard to beat david peak he’s like the fastest guy in the world. So i knew i was in a tough challenge. I was up to second for a while rolled the car over ended up coming back battling the third, so i’ll take money out of the race it’s good okay, second place tonight in the 12t sportsman class is tim moran and tim great job tonight.

Getting second dave peak uh out and going and was there anything that you had for him or was it just too tough? Ik ben., not sure anyone in northeast has got anything for dave, peake right now. The guy is the guy’s money. I mean he’s won more races than i’ve run, Ja 65, jongens ja, and you finished second tonight. That is one heck of a feat i mean you can’t, you can’t deny it man. You are one of the toughest in the northeast right now in the 12t sportsman class it’s uh yeah it’s that’s cool to hear um. You know scott schrub mob motors. He puts good motors in the cars and and he’s hit on something here. The last couple months and um, Geloof ik, all the guys that run the cars have have been. You know what he’s been thinking you know found out so 12 team money series. You picked up 50 tonight next we’re off the fox trot, maybe we’ll see you there. Absolutely thank you very much and your winner in the 12t sports from the night in the 12t series is david peak. Thank you dave tell me all about that race uh. Goed, we just got out front kind of ran away and hid, and there was a few wrecks we made it through and the car was awesome, a lap ahead of the whole field and you put it on down my putting the power got hooked up it really.

It really was man uh, putting the power all the way for the win there, Yep, really nobody even close to you tonight and we’re, looking forward to you to continue that out on uh at foxtrot i’m gon na take as much of your money as i can Dave david peak winning the hundred dollars tonight. He also takes first place in the 12t series good job man on the first place in the 12t sportsman and so guys, that’s a wrap here at the fairgrounds rc raceway 12t money series: 12t sportsman, 12T, crate late model. One heck of a day, 250 entries wow, i could have i didn’t. Even imagine that even happening hope you guys liked the video please subscribe to my channel don’t forget to throw up a like, and you can also join the facebook group that’s, the oval rc.