This would be a two month review because i got it two months and yeah. I was just gon na, doe een review op het. So if you were gon na buy one um you, you would know what the car comes with and how good is it and what spare parts you would need and stuff all right. Dus, allereerst, you’re gon na all right, i had to go. Do something, but so, allereerst, um you need a battery and a charger. So i have the traxxas ease peak plus uh charger. The good thing about this charger. Is you plug the battery in you uh? It sets everything for you right here and then you hold this down and it uh it’s done so. You hold this down for two seconds and then it’s done it’s charging. I think it takes about 40 45 minutes to charge the battery. Depending on what battery you have, i have a uh. What is it i can just show you in a sec but i’m going to no i’m just going to tell you what the battery is and then i’ll show you it’s a 4000 Mah 11.1 volt lipo battery traxxas brand too, but um i’m just going to get Right into taking the body off quickly and showing you the body so here’s, the body um tumble this thing many times, it’s a really really flexible body; Um, really nice body and yeah it’s, pretty nice to the car, dus hier is de auto.

It comes with the gtr shocks um. I don’t not the big biggest fan of the gtr shocks, but i like not the gtr shocks, O jee, the ultra shocks that’s. What they are. These are the ultra shocks, not the gtr shocks, Um, not a big fan of the ultra shocks. I like gtr they’re, the upgraded ones but um yeah, but i guess they’re all right for stock. I mean they’re, vrij goed. I mean for stock they’re, Niet slecht, maar um. Let me show you the battery quickly, um here’s the battery. I already told you what the what it was and then um when you unbox this car it’s, not gon na come with a battery in the charger. I think i already said that but um what else is there? O ja, it comes with the receiver, het esc, de motor, obviously the servo and yeah. The only thing you need to get is a battery charger and then here’s the focus, volenian vxl, slash 3s waterproof tracks as esc um. You can put a lipo and a nickel metal hydride in this. I think um there’s that and then here’s the volinian motor it’s. De 3500 Kv, Geloof ik, and um yeah it’s really really really powerful motor. This thing gets often gets off quickly. I probably make a video this summer, but on this car, jumping it and stuff, but um next thing would be the the receiver, not the receiver, the servo um.

Oh, that was not good um. What was that all right? Um? Dit is de 20 75 res. Oh, O jee, i keep on this a receiver servo. If i can hold this dang thing still and not get that there um yeah it’s a it’s, an all right receiver. I mean i’ve had better though well. I don’t remember what the numbers were, but it was a way better. Traxxas receiver, jesus servo, Servo, jeez i’m losing it but it’s got a nice chassis. Um plastic swing, arms plastic, Station, Assen, not drive shafts. I can’t remember what they’re called, though i don’t remember what it was, but yeah the. I think the plastic chassis are way better than the metal because metal bends plastic bends, but it pretty. I guess it goes back, but these are like 10 Dollar. If you want a new one, so pretty nice, of course those things fell off: Oke, Um! I the cons on this car would be uh. The rear shock bent the rod it bent, but we bent it back easy, but i’d suggest getting the gtr shocks. Um that’s. Nog iets: O ja, the rim, snap, when i hit the jump too hard, but the tires were already worn down, but i got a new set of tires: um wat is, another thing: um wat is, another thing that breaks: O ja, the spur gear over here spur gear right Here, under that case right here, it strips out easy. I have a two extra in that box, but they strip out really easy if you’re really taking off and going but probably get a metal one eventually but um.

Oke, those are the cons on the card. The upgrades i’ve done on the car would be. I got the metal caster blocks, er is, not much light in this room right there. De blauwe, trx caster blocks um what’s another upgrade. I did um, i think that’s only the really big, O ja. I guess you. I don’t know if you would call this an upgrade, but i got the rpm a shock tower that snapped that’s. Nog iets: that’s bad the shock tower snap easy, but i would get the rpm hard plastic ones, they’re like two more dollars in the traxxas one. They it comes with, maar ja, het is., really nice in don’t, know any other cons that i don’t like, but the yeah the upgrades would be the caster blocks, the middle caster blocks and uh. I guess you can consider a wheelie bar an upgrade, Misschien, but i can show you that quickly and i’ll just show you what comes in the box actually um yeah here’s, the wheelie bar right here. I didn’t want to put it on because every time i put it on the wheelie bar doesn’t really work, because when i have it on the car it wheelies and then it just flips and i try to break it before it flips, but not break it. But like stop the car immediately before it flips and it just keeps going but um i don’t, really have anything else to say about it: it’s a fast fast car, Goede, koppel, um it’s i had this is definitely one of my best cars i’ve.

Had i don’t know why i’m pointing it at the ground, but one of the best cars i’ve had um yeah. I think that will that’s it. Oh actually yeah that’s it about the car that’s. All i have to say about the car. Really nice um here’s the box that the battery comes Music in and then uh. Well that just fell here’s some spare parts. It comes with uh. What are these called um spacers for the shocks i don’t know what these are can’t. Remember these go these white things. They come with, Geloof ik, Ja. These go right here and it comes with an extra pinion and the motor mount to keep the gear mesh placed. I think i don’t know, then i have no clue what this is. Nee, het is., not a tire wrench thing. Nee, it comes with a metal one, but i don’t know what this is. Unless this is for it i don’t know, but that’s what comes in the box um, i think brand new. This was for the with the just the car was 319 and then plus the battery and charger was about another um about 100, so it was about 140, Nee, Ik zou, Zeggen 120 for everything yeah. I i feel like it’s worth it. This car is so awesome geez. I forgot to put the white things on hold on all right, so just got the body on, but um one good thing i love about this car is when you like the suspension in the body.

Doesn’T rub against the tires that’s. What i like about this because i’ve had other short course, trucks where the body tends to rub against the tire bothers me, but let me show you the radio quickly. This is the tqi radio. Um comes with steering, trim and multi function, setting and um it’s the 2.4 gigahertz traxxas radio. I think that’s about it with the for the radio and actually no um it has the i don’t know what this is called it’s like a thing you put in here and you can check what your speed is and there’s an app. But i don’t remember what it’s actually called i was gon na get one but they’re 40 bucks and i don’t really need it so yeah here’s the car and here’s the radio. You guys have already seen the charger. I feel like i’m, forgetting something, but i don’t think i am um. Let me check quickly um. I don’t think i am um here’s the box over here, Ja, hier is., de auto, what it looks like brand new and then here’s some other stuff. It goes about 60 Km, een uur 100 kilometers an hour waterproof valenian system, Uh, tqi, Radio, bf, good rich tires and the millennium system yeah it’s. I don’t have anything else to say about this car it’s. Just so awesome, oh yeah it’s got tsm. If you don’t know what tsm is it’s the traxxas stability management yeah, so i think that should be oh yeah.

Here it is here’s the app for the radio it’s called the traxxas link. Let it focus yeah that’s what it looks like it’s just a button. You can connect it to your controller, so you can do that type of stuff on your phone yeah. I think this is about it for the car. Geloof ik – and i think my next video is going to be talking about my the tracks. Teton i’ve had for a year that this is a two month review. This would be a year and a half review or two years or something because got this a year and a half or two years but um, i think that’s it um.