The v2 version with front motor with the toyota body and the defender body same chassis as the element: Enduro 24, the defender with the stock radio and that toyota, with this new turbo racing, radio with model memory which you can buy, is upgrade and not very steep. Incline only about 46 degrees and now let’s check how they do try to climb as smooth as possible. No problem for the toyota and now let’s check the defender, not very good low speed, control point and now the magic trick so did my magic work. We will see let’s, try it um, not really an improvement, Helaas, but still can climb the incline and now let’s check the defender, the land rover what’s that this seems to be magic isn’t it can you hear anything and wow. It can climb 46 Graden. Nwo, it’s a kind of magic and check the low speed and modulation, wow and it’s much faster, too Applause awesome, laag, speed performance with stock radio. This was too much here that was more than 46 degrees magic. Natuurlijk, it’s no magic, i’ll show you what i did. I changed the electronics to one of those turbo racing, upgrade receivers which work with the stock electronics and to one of those awesome model bodega the aas 12 6 rwec esc’s. If you want to know more about those esc’s and their awesome performance and other esc’s of motel borregate then check my video best esc’s for micro crawlers, and i changed the place of the battery that’s.