I see my dad's in the back there. He is wondering what the heck is in the boxes. You guys have all been helping me out on the show quite a bit. Yeah yeah you've all helped me on YouTube tools. You helped me, you had fun, you had a great experience. Noneya paid your bill, not one before I give out what is owed to you, that each one of these envelopes was packed with care thanks a lot for joining us on YouTube Gold. I had a great time so I ordered three trucks from Asia: T's yeah contraction and each one you get one of these but you're going to have to fight amongst yourselves, because I got two jeeps and one Ford, so the Raptor and the two Jeeps. But you all all of you! Goed, you guys can figure it out. You already picked your boxes, so toughen tough yeah that's. What she said Laughter couple of animals here, that's going on brand new trucks. Oh there's, that we know what that one is the Harrier muscles from Brussels. Jij gaat. What did you get a Jeep? Ah so it sounds like there's gon na be some trades going on. Maybe I expect to see intense negotiations and possibly fistfights you got a Jeep. Are you a Jeep man, sure let's see on the end all night right on dad? We may have to get you one of these hey everyone's, like upset that you didn't get anything yeah.

I got one up on the wall. Dad you can take your choice. Holy cow, a trip you're welcome, Buddy. This is my pleasure. Ja, sweet thanks for all your help on the show. Ik waardeer het. Yeah buddy yeah yeah yeah. Now we can all you guys got fun to play. You guys got some work ahead. Ian, Oh, Hey! Ja! Exactly let me see is this different? Oh, this doesn't walk. Kijk hier eens naar.. This is the upgraded version man. I don't see the shift. Oh, there is two speeds yeah nice. So what is the version you got? What is this called so what's, the box or on you did get that? Yes right well, they're all cracksmen models, Oke, so there's, the cracksmen bounder crags Mincey is the model that I have. So your two models are different than the Ford. So this Ford, I don't, know if you have true two wheel to four wheel. I don't think I think your four wheel, all the time, Laufey yeah, Geloof ik, walking and locking and unlocking but true, two wheel and four wheel. Why would you want air near a mechanic? Can you explain to us why, in an RC, even or even in full size, why you want to wheel or four wheel yeah turning radius? Ja, nice just, I also find it takes less power when I'm on a smooth surface, just to be in two wheel, unlocked so my mom on my battery. It lasts a much longer time, what's the phrase man really not all that much bigger scale.

I disagree and I think, if we put them side by side, you'll be sure they are quite a bit. They you'd be shocked and pinky's it's huge there. You go tail the tail guys there's the difference, it's a completely new area, that's what's, so hard to tell everybody in videos: OK, Ja, it's, a new truck man, a new class, all its eighth scale, the steel frame, the carbon fibre fine. So yours do so interesting how they've changed the model like mine, doesn't have the battery aluminum tray. This is a really nice feature. It is huge, keep including it now. Everyone must be wondering what grant what grandpa Mike here got, but you got your Reaper outside right. Your hull bow your your race. We'Ve got a whole swak of things that we've been working on lots of yeah we're gon na have to get you. One of these show me this is that's right. This is the rap for the wheel. Goed, so you don't get any corrosion and it makes it look. A nice finished rim, that's right they're, like what's it made out of it. I thought it was a Canadian Tire, Ja, zeer klein, it's amazing. What they're doing these days, you guys are already right into ripping it apart. So all aluminum axle housings here I haven't had any of my stuff on my mike ragz minh original cracksman jeep or my Raptor brake. Maar nu, Natuurlijk, I don't want to curse myself.

I know I just did in the RC world, but the bodies are attached with magnets. This is actually going to be attaching to the top of their body after they paint it. Also it's going to have some velcro down the sides here. This is the electronics box. Everything here is not waterproof dies, it is splash proof. You may want to look at doing some waterproofing on your servos or getting some waterproof servos in there. So for those that don't know what we're talking about here is my original eighth scale Jeep. I started working with this Jeep about a year ago, when out had lots of fun. There is a small interior kit that goes with it. I put one of the Mackenzie brothers in there. You can actually remove this entire top. You just have to unscrew these two and remove it, and then you can go. You know cruising with the top down. Your pit. Bulls are gon na look awesome on there and you know that MKS servo do you still have it. That is also going to be your steering servo, because it will be very powerful and you will love it in the mud. Ja, the same winch, mooi ja. This is the RC 4 wheel Drive. What was this one called? Doen? You remember still have a mile that I lifted this in the sky for trucks. With this no way you could never use it ever again, but it did it right.

Het doet het. I just saw it man, look at the aluminum upgraded plate as well yeah. It looks pretty good yeah, het doet. Man, red is just an amazing color for analyzation and it makes your truck pop hey. It goes with the shocks. My shocks are, the red honor dies once or them, so are they, but look at you even have a back brace for that look at behind your battery brace dude. Oh for all those wondering this is what the manual looks like in this fancy: plastic bag. That'S. A good idea: the mechanic is going to use the instruction book interesting, nice well done so a 7600 Model. This is a 3s Aaron. Ja, hardcase. This looks amazing. I definitely want one of these. I found two differentials. Oke, horloge, uw snelheid. You got it yeah. If you turn the knob there, you go there it's a knob same on Mike that's that's the same on my cracksmen Jeep. Goed, I'm! Not gon na! Be telling you what it is. You want to be discovering this. How you're gon na learn! You got a big smile. I haven't figured out the six channel. Ja, Oke, rookie, a lot of a lot of people are gon na, say that these are just blown up tracks of TRX fours. Oke, and why do you say that this is a completely different platform? Totally different setup, yeah differences. It looks similar because it goes from two like it goes like lock and unlock yes and it's got the two speed right, but so what makes it different other than placement everything yeah it's a whole different design? It is yeah it's, not it's, not the same truck at all Cheers.

Maybe the concept that's right, yeah and to be fair, the concept comes from the full sized world that's exactly right. I know these are all metal links like amazing men. So here is the version of the crags Minh Jeep that I have Jose right here beside us and, Natuurlijk, rookies will be a jeep as well and then Steve he's got. The Ford here is the Ford Raptor. I have on the end. I'Ve got I'm sporting. A one too many are sees light bar there, a little bit dusty it's been on the shelf for a few days, but I think a little bit of dirt on a truck looks right. What do you say boys? Are we excited for new trucks or what going we need to get you an eighth scale truck next you're gon na have to come back and have a trail run with this. I think that's the way yeah. So there we go guys thanks a lot for tuning in today. Maybe you guys want to check out the link to Asia. T'S in the video description box go check out the traction hobby, cracksmen and, as we always say, get outside and have fun with RC, because you know we always do next time guys bye, Bye, you guys aren't leaving right. I got a tank to build still rebuilding the tank. Today we need the table backs.