Welcome to my channel well in this episode, something fun yes sit back and enjoy this video because there’s a bunch of silliness at my expense. I did not plan to be silly, but things just went wrong in this video, so you’re gon na see that anyways the product i’m to show you is the go. Go bird now you’re, probably wondering what the heck is. This aren’t you a drone reviewer. While i review drones and rc products – en dit, als je wilt, Drones, you’re going to love this thing, this thing is a tiny little bird, very inexpensive. It flies with the remote control that it comes with. Indien gewenst, or you can fly without a remote control, it has obstacle avoidance. So when it fliesand it sees something six feet in front of it, it will turn to the left or the right to avoid that object. It actually works like at first. I was like there’s no way, this is gon na work, it actually works and it actually flies. You’Re gon na see it in this video and it’s actually really well made, because i beat the crap out of this in the video, and this is the one i was flying and it still flies to this day. I can’t kill it. So how about? I show you the video now of me trying to fly this baby and my poor judgment and then come back to me and i’ll.

Tell you everything that comes in the box! Bekijk dit goed! First flight of this bird it’s, a bit windy out here, maar we zullen, see how it flies. Daar gaan we dan.. Oke, the remote is on and i have the green light and i’ll just press back here turn this on. There we go and it should turn green there. We go green light, so we’re all good to go, start flapping and forward and launch there. We go now she’s up now, she’s up stay up, stay up, stay up, kom op terug, Kom nou, i’ve got it. It’S got ta come back to me, i’m gon na put it in manual mode. Laten we, see change it to manual mode here. Hold that down turns to blue light. There we go and now it’s in manual let’s, try it again, it’s just not getting in height. Oke, oh manual mode, seems to work better. There we go so you can fly it. I can keep it like hovering right there. Daar gaan we nu. Manual mode is the best there we go beautiful let’s bring it back to me, it’s not going to come in the wind, but here we go and if i want to stop it, stop and dive bomb let’s get some snow in it, dat is zeker, hey birdie. There we go so if there was no wind out here like right now, there’s wind blowing. This way there was no wind uh, it would actually work quite well.

The wind is blowing straight at me. Here we go probably gon na slap me in the face there. We gaan., i can keep it hovering right here. If i hold the joystick forward, see that got ta go ahead, it’s attacking me. So this is not a good test out here, because i think it’s too windy. For this thing it requires like no wind, Nwo, i’m curious. It does have a mode where you do not use the remote control. You just turn it on and let it go so i’m going to call this fly away mode. Let me just turn it on and see what happens? All right fly away mode. It says if i drop it, it should start. Oh, look at that it’s going i’m gon na throw it into the wind and she’s gone back that way, it’s supposed to avoid things by itself. O ja! Look at that over the snow bank. Now it’s gone away: it’s gone, O jee. It’S still going! Look at that it’s over there it’s going out of the road look it’s still going it. That is it that is truly flyaway mode, it’s still going it’s in the next field. Oh nee, it went by some trees. Is it going down? I have no control over it. It’S just on flyway mode. Oh hit that third tree over there. Oh goed, let’s go get it so i see why they call it. The go go bird because it just goes goes goes check out.

My feet. Walk in the snow yeah you just sink right down here: birdie birdie, birdie, birdie birdie. Ten slotte, i found it it’s right freaking here, right there there you are go, go bird well, go go bird! Je uh! You look like you survived and now i must follow my trail back all right, i’m gon na go stand over by those snow banks that should block some of the wind. I think and we’ll give it a shot again there’s a building there, so it can’t go any farther in that building. So let’s try it here. Whoa do some dives get over here and come back to me. Natuurlijk. Now i get it working don’t. You dare go on the roof. Niet doen, you dare no it’s on the roof. I cannot get that there. It is up there. I have no luck. No luck go go bird. Unless the wind blows you off, you are staying up there. Oh wacht even. Let me try this. I can start it there we go here. We gaan.. Kijk hier eens naar.. Ik heb ta go! Nee! Nee! Nee! Nee! Come on back to me. Ja! Ja! Ja, Ja! Nee! Nee! Nee! Nee! Ja! Ja! Ja, come on come come, come go! Ja! Nee! Wat doe je?? Go go bird catch the wind, oh nu, it’s going farther come on. Ja, let the wind catch! U! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja, O jee! I am like totally in the snow here.

OK. You’D, never know that. I was wearing black pants because i’m, just so both know. My boots are full of snow i’m, full of snow i’m. Gon na take this back in i’m. Having no luck out here so not a good item for the wind, but with no wind, Ik denk dat het vrij koel is, speciaal voor de prijs. OK, maybe i’ll, go try it indoors, all right we’re going to try this indoors now, and this could be a total disaster. Let’S see how it goes so i have it on manual mode, let’s see so start this up and let’s see. If i can fly through the house uhoh look at this. I got it going this way, good good! Oh! I almost had it. I almost had it all right, so here we go and pull it back, pull it left right go through there come on. I got it going going almost that was not good let’s. Try it down. The hallway here. Left left left left there we go left left left left left left. Ja, Ja, Ja, trek het terug, Niet slecht! You know what so i guess you can. I guess you can fly these in the house. Miss the wall. Oh look at that it’s missing the wall, it’s still going it’s still going, it’s still going it’s! Oh that actually works that’s, behoorlijk indrukwekkend, so on auto mode i’m going to try this again. It is supposed to avoid things naturally, so it has to make it through that little door area, and it is now in my lamp it’s in there hello, Oke, last try i’m putting on auto mode there, it’s back on green.

All right let’s go down the hall. Waar ben je?? Oh nog steeds, going still going still going still going still going still going there we go. I need a bigger house. OK, i’ve got the whole road out there. Hopefully no cars run over it. Daar gaan we dan.. I got ta go on forward i’m gon na see. If i can bring it back to me, it’s all right. Er, oh going too high it’s going too high let’s, bring it back over here over my head, so it’s so easy to fly when there’s. Hardly any wind let’s bring it back to me over here there we go this way down and i’m gon na. Stop it now blink. That was a pretty good flight. It actually went for a long time and i could control it. The only thing i had to be careful of is not to get it too high. It says in the manual don’t get it too high, or else you’re gon na lose control with the winds and everything so uh yeah let’s see if i can fly it here. Let’S go got some power left we’ll, til het gewoon op. Oh, it seems like it’s getting low on power. Is it yeah getting low on power, but we’ll see what we can do right at the camera all right? One last flight: here we go i’m just gon na toss it and see where she goes. Look at that thing go so easy to control i’m gon na see.

If i can bring it back to me there we go turning it and whoa i’ve got it going too slow. Daar gaan we dan.. I got to speed it up, it’s sitting out there on the road. Oh, i flew it into a snowbank. OK, Laten we! Try it again without hitting the snow bank. What i’ve found is, if you pull back on the joystick, it literally just stops it like that in midair uh, wat oké is, but then you can’t do anything. If it’s high up in the air, then that’s good but slow to the ground. You have to keep it just side to side, so here we go Music there we go, keep it going forward, it’s going nice, bring it over to the side back to me, come on into the tree watch this watch this right. Goed, at least it didn’t get stuck in the tree, wat een goede zaak is. I don’t know if it’s gon na work i’ve got a little bit of power. Left i’m gon na try the circle mode. Dus hier gaan we. I’Ll put it as soon as i launch it: i’m gon na hit the circle button and see if that works go and circle mode. There we go so it is turning into the tree. Okay got it now, it shows circle mode is going to turn that way. So i want to do circle mode that turns this way, so i have to hit this button, so here we go on.

I hit the other button. Now i hit it and throw it and it should go that way and it’s running out of power. So you saw it’s actually pretty good it’s a toy but it’s actually pretty decent, and you know what it doesn’t cost very much in canada. It costs very little way under 50 bucks and in the us it costs way under 50 Dollar. Ik denk dat het., Als ‘ in the u.s, the links are all going to be below check them out around the world. I don’t think it’s very expensive and it is an international company. I think they sell this internationally anyways. Let me show you what comes in the box this one here is a new one. I just opened it. I haven’t flown this one, yet uh, so you get. Let me just hold it this way, so you can see here over here you get some instructions. There are simple, snelstartgids, more detailed instructions there and then in the box. This is what i want to show. You let’s see. If you can see that, so you get the gogo bird, you get the remote controller down here. No batteries. You have to put two uh aaa batteries in it. You get the charger up here and a battery plus a battery in the gogo bird plus. Underneath can i pull this out let’s see underneath there down here, there’s a screwdriver that’s, just you don’t need the screwdriver.

So yeah that’s everything you get in the box and it comes in four different colors of your choice. Now let me tell you a little bit about the bird it’s, heel eenvoudig, it’s simple gearing inside it has a little infrared sensor on the nose that if it sees something within six feet, it will turn it takes about six feet, so it can avoid it. Uh. The gearing is pretty simple, zoals je hier zien, looking up close and you put the little included one cell battery in the rear you just pop it in you can pop it out. Het is., it doesn’t take too long to charge either matter of fact. If you have one of those portable usb charging power banks, you can then charge it out in the field just plop the battery in with the usb charger and charge it on the go while you’re out at the park flying it’s, pretty decent. Dus uh, you have two choices. You have a remote here with all the options that you saw in the video and then, Als je wilt, you can fly it without a remote in fly away mode, as i call it, and let me show you fly away mode here, so this is off i’m. Going to turn this on, let’s see just hold it down. I get a light. I should have a green light on the bottom and now it’s in what i call flyway mode. So if i talk with my arms flapping around, it starts flapping and it wants to go the only way to stop.

It is turn upside down that’s. It turn upside down. I’M gon na move you slow there. We go okay, dus we zijn, Oke, now but uh yeah. So it’s pretty sweet, so i’m gon na put links below to where you can find this baby and to check it out. I’M sure if you have children and you like to go to the park and do things together. This is a pretty cool thing to have, and you probably want to pick yourself up to to have a lot of fun with them all right. If you have any questions on this product, just post them below, and i will get back to you and as i mentioned, the links are below but for now i say come on start up baby for now i say see you later i’m, just going gon na Send it flying it’s stuck up here. Still going hang on a sec come on back to me, it wants to fly up on the throat whoa. Daar gaan we dan.. Het gaat helemaal goed, Jongens, hope you enjoyed this video. Als je dat deed, please give it a thumbs up many more drone reviews coming up in the future and we’ll catch. You then, with many more reviews until then take care, Bye, Muziek. I that paid my mind.

https https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyGh7GpjnEw