Dit is een 112 scale scale crawler or trail truck um it’s, more commonly known in the united states as the team associated um cr 12. It already originally had a f 150 version like an old f, 150 version and the blue and a black they had a fj40 pickup version and the blue and the black and the current version, and the only version that’s available right now is the cr 12 tyoga. With smaller 1.9 inch wheels the stock wheels on the other versions were all these smaller 1.55 inch wielen, so um that’s the only version that’s available at the moment of the team associated version and for thunder tiger the the toyota hilux. They have this truck in this red, they have it in blue and they also have it in black, and i got mine on ebay for about 150 Dollar. You can get it on thunder tiger’s website for about 180 after shipping, which is about how much the tioga cost, so they they definitely brought down and brought down the cost uh the price of these things since their initial release, um the cool thing about the thunder Tiger version is it’s the same price but it’s a licensed toyota hilux body, whereas the tayoga is not a licensed body, though it does come with a cooler like cage system that some people might be into. So those are some things to weigh and the thunder tiger version isn’t a knockoff of the team associated version or the team associated version or is not a knock off.

The thunder tiger version thunder tiger actually owns team associated and i think they have since like 2005 or something like that so thunder tiger is the original manufacturer of this truck and then um. Team associated version is just a rebranded version of the thunder tiger, een um, but that’s a lot of backstory on this, some stuff that comes in the box. U zien. I already pulled it out of the box uh. It has your typical little bag with the blind plug. Has some uh another battery, strap i’ll, show you what that’s for later some like allen, wrenches manual and stuff a little sticker sheet for? If you want to detail up your body a little bit um, the include an extra grille sticker in there for just a black grill. The grill that’s on the truck out of the box is like this metallic style sticker and it also comes with let’s see. It comes with an 850 milliamp lithium ion battery pack, the same one, that the team associated version comes with um it’s on the charger right now, dat is, why i can’t show you so this is the basic stuff that comes in in the box and looking into the Truck you can see it’s a pretty good looking truck. It looks better in person than in pictures um in pictures. It kind of looks cheap and crappy, but in person the dimensions of it is actually pretty decent um. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the toyota pickup design, if you want like a scale, pickup uh it, this does show that uh pretty decently um, but for being a licensed product.

Eh het is, not molded, particularly well, het is. Definitely no um trail, Finder, two or um toyota. Voor mij, a high lift, hilux or anything like that. The body is definitely lacking in some detail. Uh the stickers are kind of cheap as well. The tail light stickers look pretty nice, but they are already kind of peeling at the corners. So i don’t expect those to last very long on the grill is also pretty decent, but the body is molded very flat up here. I believe the actual toyota pickup has a bit more of a like a indent into the hood at the front, so it doesn’t look completely accurate, but it does look pretty cool for like a generic tamiya, a generic toyota pickup truck. I do like the stamped look of the toyota lettering in the back. That does look pretty cool. The bumpers are also pretty cool, they’re plastic bumpers, but they look pretty scale a little spot for license plate there and then, in the front we have a little bull bar off road bumper, with little shackles up here. Uh, the uh team associated version, Ik geloof, does not come with the little shackles so that’s a little bit of a plus for this one. It also has this cool uh roll bar with light buckets in it. These are actual light buckets, so you can’t put lights in there and it’s a nice plastic cage a nice chrome sticker for the door handle it has the little detail for whatever this vent thing is on the side, so not the most detailed body, windows or stickers.

So not the most detailed body, maar het doet. It does get the point across and it’s at least molded like in decent quality feeling like sand or polycarbonate, and i don’t think people are going to be that upset with the looks of this truck unless they are a hardcore scale like uh, hilux fan or something Like that, but in that case they probably will be getting more something like an rc4 wheel, drive trail finder too, rather than this hilux, but yeah overall looks pretty decent and taking off the body clips. The body clips are nice and uh pre bent at the ends. Here so they’re easy to take off. Dat vind ik echt leuk.. So taking this off, you see the chassis here um if you’re familiar with the cr 12 it’s going to be very familiar to you battery tray up front here, it has enough space for a like um, like a larger mini size pack like one out of a Traxxas one sixteenth or um, like the ecx, 118th scale line, or something of the sort, so decent battery tray that’s. If you do put a larger battery in here, that’s what the second strap in the bag was for. You can have a second velcro strap here to tie that down um out of the box. It just uses a single one because it has a really small battery dean’s compatible plug so that’s nice 380 grootte motor. It is a small motor, but for these little crawlers it’s pretty light as well.

This does do the job plenty well for this application. My ecx barrage had the same size, motor and that’s a much larger truck than this compared to this um and that one that one was fine too. So no complaints about the motor the same typical, like hobby wing, Esc, it’s kind of the older design with the without the rubber boot on the switch but that’s fine, het is, still waterproof it’s cool the flight sky receiver uh. As far as i’m aware these are. These are waterproof. They receive they’re waterproof on the red caps anyway. So i expect this to be waterproof as well, and even if it’s not they’re, not that expensive to replace it like eight bucks, so it’s not a huge deal. If it does fry the stock. Servo is no information on the stock servo, but it’s a standard size, Servo, um and it’s chassis mounted uh, which is cool for scale factor. But the thing about this is this is a four link suspension at the bottom um, but also chassis mounted. So it has pretty terrible bump steer, je kunt het zien. It has a lot of bump steer in it and um that’s, one of the reasons that and this huge center pumpkin here. Those are two reasons why i got rid of this truck initially, when i first got it when this thing was first announced and first released, i bought one of the the first production runs of the cr 12, the i had the black um, the black ford f.

150 version i’ll uh insert a picture of it here and i really love the look of the truck, but the huge pumpkin and the tremendous amount of bumps here kind of bothered me at the time. So i ended up getting rid of it and getting the ecx barrage instead, because that was a little bit more. Waar ik naar op zoek was, but having haven’t having seen more people drive these trucks online. I decided to get a do a second stab at it um, because people seem to be having a lot of fun with these and they they actually seemed like they were a lot more capable than i expected. I actually didn’t drive my cr 12 very much because i wasn’t sure if i wanted to keep it around or not yet, and i didn’t want to lessen the value of it by beating it up and scratching it and stuff. So i actually didn’t drive it very much, but seeing other people drive it, this is actually surprisingly capable. The bumps here doesn’t really make that much of a difference in performance. From what i’ve seen and the huge the huge pumpkin um doesn’t seem to hinder the truck very much either so um. I decided to take a second and second look at this truck and also i took. I took a second look at it for a project. I am planning on doing okay um the shocks on it are plastic bodies, plastic bodied and has threaded collars on us.

They are adjustable, they don’t have any oil in it out of the box, but from what i’ve heard, i believe you can put oil in these. The team associated version i think, comes pre filled with oil, so that is something to keep in mind for that the wheels are this nice. Dit is leuk., Als 1.55 uh size, Wiel, very skinny and very small, but um complements the look of the pickup truck body. Pretty well, and has this nice scale hub up here, Um, which you unscrew to get to the wheel, nut nice plastic rock rails here and overall, it doesn’t feel that cheap the chassis is metal um. It has a huge hump in the bottom here, which is a little bit unfortunate, but again doesn’t seem to affect performance of it that badly. So i don’t think that’s gon na be that big of a problem um the drive shafts are plastic and telesco uh telescope telescoping and pretty decent from what i can see again: het is, not a very heavy truck, so there’s no real need for metal driveshafts on this. But the links on it are actually metal which is nice. What else can i talk about with this thing? The bumpers are adjustable and they are plastic and a lot of a lot of room in the back here. So if you want to put on a smaller body without the rear overhang, you can chop this off without it really affecting the truck very much so if effectively, the truck is only like this one.

This long um, this rest of the chassis extension here is purely for the pickup truck body, so that that um makes it, and that makes it a little bit more open to some modification and such um. I drove this for a little bit just around the house and it does drive really smoothly, het is, really quiet and it performs pretty decently. The steering is decent and out of the box, the stuff that it comes with, especially for just 150 Dollar. I think is a lot uh, a lot of value for the money you pay when these first came out these cost about 200, and for that price i don’t think they are worth it, but for the lower price of 150 Aan 180 Um, it definitely is worth Itand you can see here even has a decent amount of articulation. So would i recommend this truck if you’re someone that is looking for a scale crawler but doesn’t want to pay the the typically higher prices for a tenth scale, Voertuig, um or you’re? Looking for a scale crawler, but you don’t, je hoeft niet, want wanted to take up the room of a 10 schaalcrawer, omdat 10 kilo crawlers tend to be a little bit large. This might be a good good choice for you. Um part support for it again, with the through through a team associated, is redelijk goed. There are plenty of upgrades available for this now as well. Body options are pretty decent, also i’m, seeing how there’s a lot of smaller um 112 scale bodies available from like tamiya and parma and other brands like that.

So you can really customize the look of this thing and really make it look how you want it to look and even in stock form, i think it’s a pretty decent truck the bump steer and the chassis flex like that that’s that might bother some people. But if you’re a casual, crawler or just a trail truck driver, then i don’t think you’re gon na have much to complain about with this thing. Nwo, with all that said, the reason i picked mine up um, it was not for the toyota pickup body. I usually don’t get red bodies and you would know that if uh, if you watch my channel or you know me personally – Ik ben – not a big fan of red bodies um, but i didn’t really mind picking this one. That was also the only one available on ebay, because i had planned to change the body on it anyway, with uh this body right here. This is a suzuki chimney body very nicely detailed body with fender plastic, fender, flares and grille and and spare tire and all that um. This is off of my send racing. Uh q series chimney monster truck, and this is about a 12 schaal lichaam, and this is the body i plan to run with this truck out of the box. It doesn’t quite fit. You can see there. The truck overall is a little bit too long, Maar, zoals ik al zei, i can chop off the chassis a little bit shorter, so it will fit and that’s what i plan to do.

The wheelbase of the truck, also out of the box, is a bit too long for this body, but wheelbase adjustment is not too hard with these crawlers and you can just make some shorter links and such with a threaded rod and maybe trim my driveshafts a little Bit and the wheel size, for it seems pretty good. The smaller wheel fits this fender pretty pretty well. Overall width is also pretty decent um. The overall width of the axle is a little bit wider than the width of the body, but i think that’ll give it a tougher, more aggressive off road stance, dus ik ben, pretty happy with that as well, and even with the chassis chopped, this rock rail also lines Up pretty decently, so pretty happy about that as well. I do have longer body posts coming for this truck um, dus ik kan. I can put this suv style body on it, but once that’s on it, i think that’s gon na be really cool. Ik ben.. A big fan of the chimney and the samurais and stuff uh it’s really unfortunate that suzuki doesn’t sell them in the united states anymore, Um, maar ik ben. A big fan of those trucks and it’d be really cool to have a little scale. Crawler um to drive around with that look and can kind of look relatively scale next to my friend’s 10th scale trucks. Nwo, like i mentioned this is called a 12 scale vehicle, but with this chimney on it i suspect um.

It will actually make it closer to a tenth scale vehicle because the chimneys tend to be really tiny trucks, dus um, maybe tenth scale, maybe like 11th scale or something like that, even though they call it a 12 scale body but yeah. So when that is all done, i will definitely do a video on that and driving it and talking about it and stuff like that, so you will see this truck again on the channel uh. I will maybe do a running video or a couple running videos of its stock just for people that are interested in seeing this thing run, but for now that’s my video for this. If you guys enjoyed watching uh this video, you can give me a like subscribe comment down below all that.

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