It has let’s talk about the power. It has one big axle motor here, zoals je zien: six um 16 battery pack, six batteries coming here, locking depth and if you can reach in there, you may see that there is an l motor elementary Music. Ja, it’s technique, O ja! That was just my mouth, so if it’s stupid um so the front awesome, it looks aggressive just like me and this side. Oh, this is the rear view mirrors. It is adjustable top gear sticker. At the side, 77 oil um, the rear tires is like off road tires. You can see there and it’s a bit bigger than the front ones it’s. This looks like a real, real real exhaust pipes, but it’s not look it’s fake, Natuurlijk, what it’s electric duh. Then we come to the rear lights boom it’s there. Ja, it has rear lights, a big tail fin, two of them one one there one there um from the top. It looks like a booster switch sticks on and the top 77 again like the signs. It doesn’t says: oil it’s a stink, the stick top gear badge. Now and there’s the axon motor, i can see there with the um electric cables and so far the spotlights it’s, not real duh um it’s battery pack. Let me just go fetch that i’ll be back in a moment, guys three, two one whoa i’m back. This is the battery pack. I only have i have five batteries in here rechargeables.

You will need rechargeables um it’s. It doesn’t run out of battery that fast. It can hold like two guys. Wachten. Just wait up guys, sort this out. I’M back guys. I just i tried because i was getting and i had to stop that it’s batteries um as you can see one three another side, het is, also three it slides in pretty easily. I see how it slides in because you see these two stuff inside the cars where the batteries go in earlier. Don’T forget this: the cover um, as you can see my lap on my lap um. As you can see down, there is the connections and it’s here. So i’m gon na put it in like this it’s in then i put the cover. Always this side with that three stuff. Is there you may you must put it in there and then just stick. It wait. Just stick it in uh. You might be wondering what’s. This well, if you said, search for in the comments or ask what it is, and you said, sir truck, you were right, het is, the new search fire 15 bullets. I am still not sure what sense this is nerf if you want to see a full nerf war, where i wear my nephew christian and adrian shoot with these ones. Um go check them out at g3 bros. They have now 51 Abonnees. They could use. Op de een of andere manier, please guys just go subscribe to my channel and to their channel and then go to subscribe to everyone’s channel at 81 reverb rare um.

He does some random videos i’m just kidding. He does awesome videos just like me guys so um. Dit is. Waar is het? I don’t know where it might, but you can get it. I live in south africa, so if you’re in south africa you’re in luck, um further on with the review um, where are where was i oh, with the battery pack? Ja, i said it has six batteries and everything i showed you did. I show you the engine yeah, i showed you the engine, i think so turbo again and the turning motor with the fake pipes. It looks awesome by the way. Now it has this roll bars, it’s com, what’s very annoying it’s, come loose a lot. It comes loose every bloody time i ride with it um, maar dat is., not the worst and just mirrors. As i showed you now guys, um i’m wondering what i’m gon na do tomorrow, but i’m gon na make a video tomorrow. I don’t know what video i’m gon na make, but i’m gon na make a video um, oh on the um i’m finished, showing you around. I will not be able to drive it in the next video. Maybe i will, if you go, subscribe and hit the bell comment down below. If you want to part two of the full review of this one, where i can say, tell you how many pieces, how many um steps you have to follow and everything how many pages, how the book looks, how everything does the instructions now we’re gon na? Do the big engine thingy? If you want to part two, please tell me in the comments down below or you do you think this is boring, but i don’t think so me personally, but then on above that um pleasant thing, it’s time to end.