Is that good for you? Do you like you an idea? Ik, like the foot likes it hey? Who you got on your boat? Er? You can't have a thrilling boat without thrilled passengers, so we might as well get him out there and see before you thrilling ride, really ride. Oke, Jongens! Here we go tracks this m41. I got two batteries in there. Three s: each for a total of 22 volts of raw power prop driven boat and party boat, should get some great shots. Vandaag, whole party boat, Muziek, first boating, video of 20 everything's, all greased up Music Applause. You can only imagine what it's like to be a passenger on that boat right now insert screaming noises here, Muziek, bring it down the center a bit of a sharper turn even with the weight of the jewel procession camera on there, it's sticking to the water. Goed, not even full throttle bringing down the center when it flows down. It must have a lot of friction on the bottom of it, because it does slow down very quickly off the throttle that perfect. I know Music Music Music, such a nice boat, with no weight of a camera axis Gammons, the top so nice week, zo snel, Muziek Applaus, Muziek. What an amazing boat turning coming towards us take off like a rocket complain. What that comes before it's me. I was gon na say there's my range limit right there, Muziek, but Phyllis awesome.

I'M glad I have the weight of the fix a typo in there simply because it wants to lift off the water and start flying Music, yeah battery's starting to lose a bit of jam. I can tell that still going the Ripper I'm gon na back off. So I don't make those batteries too hot. Bring you back in give it a rest for a second that's, how you get puppy lipo's, asking them to go beyond their limits, pushing them yeah the cables are pretty hot, bringing them out, bringing them out immediately. Dipping in water it's, not salt, Water, it's, fresh water, I don't have to really worry about any shorty and I'm keeping the connectors out of the water I'm going to keep it in the cool water for about two minutes and that'll.