It is the company that’s that started it all. In the trail crawling business started the arms race, so to speak is the traxxas trx 4. They came out with a defender and then the bronco, the tactical and whatnot, but the most beautiful one is the blazer. So here it is the blazer they sell as a ready to run for 490 Dollars, and we have an example right here and we put it up against this whole fleet of of contenders or maybe pretenders okay, we’re gon na get this started by giving you a Test video in our rock course here it is starts out strong on a very tough rock sliders are used, nice belly clearance and it’s able to get upand here is our old test scores – kreeg ta, get up this good entry angle and good departure angle, bomber’s Gon na hit right there, maar het is, okay and now it’s gon na make that hard left turn steering radius comes into play and right there you could see how heavy the rear of the body is and how high it is. So the nose goes straight up in the air, but luckily it’s got enough composure and control to settle it down and the tires are able to reach down and get some grab and here again it’s a tough rock, because your belly is gon na touch. That rock. But this vehicle does okay, and even though this is well outside the boundaries of a trail crawler, the trx4 blazer is settled enough that you could just keep on trucking, keep on trying and right there it’s able to do it and now it’s going to descend.

Look at the grill on that thing: het is, so big nice, flash, fascia, fascia and boom a little three point turn make it a five point turn. So we were so out of position and right there. This is a tough one, entry angle approach, angle, het is, difficult and right there it’s sitting on that left slider, so here it’s going to battle battle battle, look at that forward motion, and this is what the trx4 is good, with patience it’s composed enough that you’re you’re Going to have a chance of success, here’s something interesting, a very rocky approach, just a bunch of rocks really and then a little wall at the end, and this vehicle is able to articulate make its way through as well. Little three point turn and it’s gon na take the hard line going down, it’s composed going downhill as well, so it just looks so good with a big body. Just imagine if this headlights, but the trx4 is enough of a platform that allows you to crawl. These difficult spots trailing as well. It does real good all. This testing is done in first gear, the first of two gears, and here it is again reaching out a lot of a lot of hanging up. You wouldn’t dare put your real blazers with these. These kind of rocks, but hey that’s, why rc is so fun you’re, not spending five grand crushing the underside of your car and right there very tough approach here, it’s able to do it.

Something to note with the trx4 for sure is the radio is not amazing, but the drivetrain definitely definitely is able to withstand any kind of power. You could put it make this a 40 mile an hour vehicle. If you want it’s going to be fine, the only weakness is the portal. The big portal gear on the hub will stress out the little gear. You know if you land hard on it, so i hope this gives you an indication of the rock abilities of the trx4, even with the blazer body, without the body or with a very small lightweight body, you can just imagine how well this thing performs. So a lot of flexibility with this platform, both in crawling and trailing so we’re gon na do next, is go to the linda vista park, with its peers, cross, rc g maid and actually a cx 10 iii sex 10.3. So three years ago, trx4 was introduced and all these guys want the shot at the title you get a name there. It is modulating down, gets a little hung up, does pretty well and over here approach is tough departure and then very slippery. So a little bit of balance, poise and power is what’s needed and the prx4 has enough of it clearance too right there as it goes on that line. The axles are in the way of that rock, but they they’re not touching that’s the power of portals right. There tough line right there powering up body drags it down.

Dus deze., this one it’s doable as you can see you can get lucky. Uh just need to keep it straight and over here on the wall of doom, not quite doable, maybe with better battery placement and better tires. This will be able to do we’ll be able to do this very difficult line, but good to test the limits. The rx4 is interesting: it comes stocked with a 550 motor. It should be in a two speed, two things that should be more common in the trail crawler market. You know nice to have a little pop, a little speed. The gladiator up. There has a little motor and a two speed that’s, not really worth much right there. Very tough, something cool too is the trx4 started. The trend with the 4.7 inch tires and better tires. Weet je, people always say: hey change. Your tires right away and wheels, maar dat is., gewoonlijk 100 investment, dus het is goed. When you actually have something from the manufacturer that is usable, it is little momentum, never hurt anyone right here. Tough little notch trx4 makes easy work of it. It’S just got good poise and balance and uh good steering radius right here. Little descent it’s the one on the right, not not the copycat one on the leftgives a little nudge, Ja, dat is., the cross. Rc notice this, the two chevy blazer competitors are there, and here it is it’s pretty. This is right at the limit of the trx4 blazer.

Little gentle touch is needed and boom we’ll do it here is our cross rc if you’re curious how the trx4 compares and competes with the cross rc g made and the axial click on the left to see it. Ook, on the end of this, video we’ll have a a link to that shootout. Video look at that. Little driver up on the upper right, that’s avery, he’s he’s, one of our drivers notice how he works the steering to get more grip, Dus dat is cool.. So here are the other competitors to shoot out, but basically dx4 blazer started something cool, and now the user has some options on who to go with and at the end of the day, these vehicles are very close check out the shootout, but the winner really is The hobbiest, because we have we have options now, so the the trx4 blazer is unchanged from its original vision. Three years ago, Uh. This particular version has a 12.8 inch wheelbase very standard, and it has a body that is, you know so detailed so scale and quite expensive. Weet je, Ik geloof, 150 170 bucks if you wanted to just buy this body, so so that is it’s really one of his biggest asset. Is it just looks good, and you know it has lenses for the lights, a beautiful grille and lenses for the taillights as well right there, Dus, Helaas, because it’s a relic three years ago, it has body posts.

While you know the competition have now gone away with these things as realistic as it is, you have like two prongs sticking out and a clip on top, so that really uh puts a damper on things right so i’m, going to show you what’s under the hood And talk about the pros and cons of this vehicle, so this one this particular one we just upgraded after the shootout to brushless, but we ran it with a hobbywing 1080 and a cheap crawl master, not trail master sport. So what does it have going for it? It has wheel wells, you know just like all these they’re the right size, so you could, you could trim them the wheel wells. The inner wheel wells are very thick material, a little bit heavy and they actually host the shocks. The shock mounts. It has a battery here. You know this is kind of a a relic big battery that’s high. But if you had a small battery, you could put it a little lower for lower center gravity, but the real uh benefit of this one is: you can put the battery a smaller battery over here, a very good gen says 2200 and oh, you can still run It it’s a little tight, but yeah yeah, so bonus huh. This is what i’ve been running: eco powers, so it’s a little wider, but uh a little shorter and if you’re, really smart you’d run what these? What is a 3s 850? This is what all the comp comp guys run boom put it right.

There now put it right there. So in the test i chose not to run the battery here. I just ran the same battery here and you know and that’s why you see it didn’t quite perform as my old drx4 running video so feel a little bit about bad about that, but it definitely did compete even with the heavy. You know the biggest heaviest body of them all, but imagine it will be climb even better with the weight up here. It has three servos aside from the steering. The steering is this, so it has a two speed and two differential servos and the the two speed is awesome because with a normal motor, this is not a normal motor with a normal motor you’re able to get you know more than double the speed. You get amazing control, mod modulation, acceleration and braking at first gear and on second gear. You have some pretty good fun right. The other genius that they have is this locking unlocking differentials remotely right here, and this is really just just a marvel of engineering. You know how they came up with this three years ago, so these have cables that go into your axles, um right here and they really work and what they do, because there’s no trim settings on their cheap radio is they put these big massive? These light springs that serve that are server. Savers to help save your servos, still they burn out. Traxxas has never been famous for their electronics and that’s the weak point of this vehicle.

So what are the other weak points of the vehicle? I would say it’s. Just a little heavy, you know having these wheel wells of the of the thickest materials. Yeah is not the best. The drivetrain is probably the best in the business. How bulletproof it is! This thing can go 40 50 miles an hour if you have geared right and these gears can take it so it’s very tight for a two speed. One of the downside to speed is it: your transmission gets a little bit looser, but this one handles it quite well. So there you go very good clearances, Uh, good shocks, and you know just a just a contender. Three years later, it’s still it’s still dominating. You know any one of these can be the winner in the shootout it’s. Just a question now of you know: who’s offering who’s more reliable who’s offering more for the money, and you know who’s who’s, who is delivering the innovation so that you know the little pluses and uh kind of the features and whatnot. Now a downside of traxxas is well good. A good thing is aftermarket. Support has really come to this vehicle there’s, so many parts available for this vehicle, a downside is traxxas as good as they are. They have so many parts that just don’t do much kind of unfortunate huh. So a little bit of a of a of a downer there. You know so expensive, Weet je, but what we really need is just a good motor, a good radio um and in good servos, but still a favorite it uh it’s.