Everybody is my first video for 2021 and i’m going to kick it off with a pretty cool kit that i’m going to unbox plus i’m, going to go through the body that i’ve already painted and show you that one so stick around hit like and subscribe. We’Re going to unbox the top cap by schumacher, and i will show you the custom body that i have already Music painted Music. So, as you would have seen in the introduction there today’s video i’m going to unbox the schumacher topcat classic two wheel drive buggy now. I’M, expecting big things of this kit, because it’s sort of it’s, obviously going from that hobby grade, that a lot of the tamiya kits are and sort of going into that sort of um sort of classic sort of race um. You know, i guess championship sort of series buggies. I do believe now. I’Ve just had a quick look at the kit looks awesome the chassis plate um, you know it just does scream sort of a little bit higher spec quality compared to some of the tamiya kits that i’ve recently built so looking forward to building a new manufacturer, something Completely different i’ve got a whole host of upgrades and a custom body that i will be putting onto this car. So i’ll flick over to a little sort of unboxing. Montage show you what is in the box um and i’ll run through some of the electronics and whatnot that i will be using, but before we go and do that, i just want to say big.

Thank you to everyone who has liked and subscribed, and i can’t do the channel without you. There’S been plenty of times in 2020 last year that i’ve sort of thought you know maybe i’ll give up um but sort of you know a lot of encouragement. A lot of help from people has sort of made me sort of keep it going and i’m really really happy with the success that the channel is bringing so we’re just over about 1600 subscribers. Now you would notice i’ve got some ads in the video. I personally hate ads. I know everyone does, but the little very little revenue is going back into the channel. So i do appreciate those people who have subscribed and do put up with those ads now, if you haven’t subscribed, please consider subscribing, i think, we’re up over 1600 subs now so that’s fantastic i’m, not really here for the numbers. It is just a hobby but, like i said it all adds on to the momentum um you can catch me on facebook and instagram, so go and check those out. I’Ll put those links in the description, so enough, rambling. I will head over to that um. Well, you guys will head over to that sort of quick little montage of unboxing and then i’ll come back. I’Ll show you this custom body that i’ll talk to you, how i’ve built that how i’ve painted it and what, how i came up with that and a few little custom touches so i’ll, see you back with that, and a few upgrades that i’m going to put On the key Music, Music, Music, so Music, okay, so, as you can see, shoemaker have packed a lot into this tiny box now it’s a very, very tiny box.

If you compare that to say to me a kit and to me it’s, probably three times bigger most to me kits so one downside to this, which has actually ended up in a little positive for me. So i’ll undo the box here and i will show you if i can get it out without ruining too many things now, the obviously it’s all packed in. I purchased this kit off a local hobby shop and when i opened the kit, i noticed that the body was all scratched up now. I don’t know if that’s coming across on the camera there, but um yeah a lot of sort of look it’s. Just the protective films really torn and i don’t really know how much damage is done to the body. Now it is a sort of main part it’s, a focal part of the body, so i did mention it to the hobby shop and said: look there seems to be a little bit of damage. Do you have another one? Can we swap it over? So they had three other kits it’s now discontinued so i’m, happy that i got one before it’s discontinued, they all were damaged and in the actual kit, the chassis plate, the bottom chassis plate was rubbing on this and obviously in transport. So one thing for you guys to look out for there: um, probably not a huge issue once it’s built and it’s painted you’ve got a few decals on you, won’t see it.

So i was very fortunate that i buy a lot of stuff off my local hobby shop as you know, and they contacted the supplier and the supplier agreed to send another body now. So i thought why not do a custom top cat style body now i do like the cat xls, which is obviously the four wheel drive version with a few other, more sort of add ons. So the xls has a different wing and it has obviously got a different body as well, but it has the sort of schumacher color scheme painted. You know this nice sort of bold, yellow the red then to the black and then on the wing. We’Ve got that yellow red and black as well, so i figured seeing that i got another body and it also came with another set of decals, which was awesome um. I wanted to do sort of more of a schumacher sort of iconic color scheme, so that’s where i came up with the xls color scheme and while i was online, i did find a cat, xls rear wing that was new in packet. So i bought that. I think it was about 11, so what i’m going to end up achieving is i’m going to have a top cat with that xls paint job and the cat xls rear wing, because i do think that the rear wing on the xls is nicer than the top Cap so it’s going to be a pretty custom top cap by the time it’s finished i’ll, run through how i actually painted that for anyone that may know, but for now i’ll whip over to what electronics and the upgrades that i’m going to be putting into the Kit now gavin from rc kicks.

You would all know that channel if you’re watching my channel awesome guy he’s really really helped me throughout the year and big shout out to gavin for that now. I’Ve noticed just from talking together and looking at his build videos that the there’s a few parts that it’s very it’s a lot easier to upgrade and put onto the car before you build it so i’m using his advice. So i can only recommend that to my subscribers as well is, if you do want to put some upgrades, do it while you build it now, they are a little bit difficult to come by at the moment. I ended up buying both of these upgrades out of the us. There was no stock in australia, so i ended up with the brass plate for the front now it offers sort of two main advantages for the kit. So not only does it add sort of more strength and durability for the front of the um, the bumper area and where the front suspension is, it obviously adds some weight. Now you may get some understeer and whatnot, so a little bit of extra weight into the front of the car is fantastic. I don’t know if anyone’s seen my run video on the nova fox. You would have noticed that the front end on that it does drift. A bit it needs some weight in the front end, and just from some early on running of my current vqs.

Now you can get on and watch this build. Video i’ve done an unboxing on it as well. I’Ll put a link up above the front of the vqs, is very very light and can do with some extra weight in it as well so that’s, fantastic that the um you can buy that kit for the upgrade for the shoemaker, and obviously you can straightaway see That look it’s got some parts and some hop ups that make it sort of that race inspired buggy now. The other thing that i’ve done is the pro transmission upgrade now. Basically, just looks like a heavy duty version of the standard transmission, so it’ll enable me to run, say brushless and lipo and whatnot and not have to worry about the transmission in the car. So i figured that was a great upgrade. While i was building the kit now motor wise i’m, just gon na i’m gon na keep it brushed, i really do like brushed motors now i do have a lot of cars. They probably haven’t featured too much on the channel, where i do have some brushless setups and look they’re great and they’re quick, but for a lot of the um cars and whatnot that i do like to build and some of the older stuff. I still like to use that brushless motor in them, so i’ve got this. One i’ve had this sitting in the garage here for over a year, not doing anything with it.

So i figured it’s a great motor to put into the top cap it’s this speed mines. Super modified it’s, a 14 turn double motor, so i’m interested to see how that actually performs so that’ll go into the kit. I’M gon na run a quick run 1060 from hobbywing. They are, you know, pretty uh, economical way to have your cars running. I run a lot of these esc’s without problem. I do see people getting into some issues with them breaking and blowing up, but i think that they’re, probably imitation ones so always make sure you buy them off someone reputable and they do have these fancy stickers. On the side to say, they’re genuineand i figured because it’s going to be a nice race buggy. I want really really nice fast, responsive steering i’m going to use the savox 1251 low profile servo in this car, so that’ll be fantastic. I actually have put that servo in my vqs and i’m going to take it out way too fast and yeah. I don’t know it just seems a little bit over the top for the tamiya kit. It may be well over the top for the shoemaker we’ll. Just have to wait and see so that’s the electronics, the upgrades so let’s um talk about how i came up with this custom body. Um i’ve been doing a few little custom paint jobs lately and been getting a little bit adventurous and yeah finally got the confidence to try and do something a little bit special, so let’s talk about how i did that okay, so from experience, if you do want To do a custom body or you want to tape off an area don’t go and buy just generic masking tape from your local hardware store, it bleeds it leaks, and it leaves this sticky residue all over your polycarbonate for when you want to do the next color.

So my biggest advice is don’t: go and buy some generic painting tape from your hardware store because it just ends in disaster or at least from my personal experience, go and spend the money, and it is chalk and cheese. Now i use a combination of different width. Tamiya masking tapes that you can get at any of your local hobby stores or you can probably get it online as well, but yeah, chalk and cheese spend the money and get the better masking tape. So with that said, how do we come up with the custom paint jobs now it’s? Actually not that difficult, it’s just getting the confidence in um? You know obviously protective film, so you can mark out with a with a permanent texture, where you want your paint lines to start and end and whatnot and get an idea of how you want the paint to be laid out on the body. Now, once you do that it’s just a matter of you know, i always like to start with um. I always used to start with my darker colors first for some reason, but you’re meant to do lighter colors. First doesn’t really matter. If you do have good masking skills, it doesn’t matter what you do. Obviously, if you start with the yellow, make sure you back it with white, then do your red back it with white, then do your black um and then i i backed it all white. Then then i backed it all with black, now everyone’s going to do it differently.

That seems to work well for me. If you’re doing a lighter, color make sure you back it with a bold color like white, otherwise your red and the yellow will be very dark because you’ve backed it with black straight up so that’s. My only advice go and buy yourself, some quality, tamiya masking tape and just take your time with the body um. Now i you know, i’ve done a lot of cars where it’s just one color, so a little bit out of my comfort zone to do this body, but i think it came up absolutely awesome. So the body came out good and i was happy with that. Then. Obviously, onto the wing i didn’t want to paint the wing just one color. I did want that to sort of the the tri color to flow through to the wing, as you can see so again, i did the yellow, backed it obviously masked off all the other areas. Just had the yellow section exposed back that with white. It only exposed the red section back that with white. Then i did the black, backed it all with white and then did a light coat of black now yeah very fiddly, but you would all agree that the end result has come up quite nice. Now, yes, there’s a few little imperfections on the paint lines, but pretty much. You really really need to be up close to be able to see it and i’m very, very happy with how it’s turned out okay, so i’ll leave it there for today’s video.

That was my quick sort of unboxing and chat about my top cat and showing off that custom body that i did for as well. Now i just used to me a polycarbonate paints, nothing special um, so yeah i can’t wait to get in and build this kit. I’Ve still got to get the um i’m, not sure if i’m going to upgrade the front turn buckles on it before i do build it i’m still trying to find a set of those but yeah either way, i’ll, probably build it and yeah see how we go. But i’m trying i’m waiting for some nice weather to get out and run the vqs i’ve done a quick little spin out on the driveway with it, but i really want to get down to the park with it. So yeah that’ll be hopefully on my agenda soon. As a nice run, video on the channel so keep an eye out for that one um. If you’re new to the channel please consider liking and subscribing. The support is very much appreciated. Check me out on facebook and instagram. All those links will be in the description down below so that’s today’s video happy 2021 to everyone. Hopefully everyone’s um, you know had fun over the new year and basically is strapped in and ready for a year of action here at ask the action. Australia i’ve got um, i think i’ve got about five coyote show kits countless tamiya, kits that you guys probably haven’t even seen yet um so yeah loads of content.

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