I bought these to replace the original, broken key fob shell and it works just like the old one. We zullen.. Definitely buy again if i need more fit my 2005 buick rendezvous perfectly and make my keys look brand new again. Don’T need any tools, just replace the circuit board and battery snap it together and done much cheaper than getting the real part. Keyless cover work really good. Op mijn 2005 buick rendezvous Music wore out the loop in my old fob, leaving the key and fob loose in my pocket worse, the fob had to sit on the shelf, while my key hung out on the rack together again feeling like a baller. Even in my old buick sporting, these new fobs not one by two perfect replacements for the costly oem product, no difference they work. Just fine and a good savings in cash. Highly recommended smile, a little difficult to put back together, Muziek. My phobes are 12 years old and the plastic attaching hole wore out, so i just replaced my innards with the new case. Didn’T want to reprogram both phobes to new electronics, so just swap them out to the new case.