The fob and also our existing fob works. Great the instructions are online. There is a card with the address in the package. Work great just remember, to program any other key fobs you want, including ones that you are already using, because it erases old fobs when you program great product. I recently bought a truck that only came with one key and a worn out remote, so i purchased this to replace it another than it came with no instructions on how to program the remote. It is at great quality and comes with a battery, so no need to worry about buying one. I found instructions on how to program the remote by googling it and it was super easy and quick and it works great local, auto parts stores wanted the same price. Just for the fob shell, no chip or key this product was perfect, easy to set up, and i had no problems getting the key cut at the locksmith Music. I have used it for over two months now, and my only regret is that i didn’t buy the double set to have a backup was very easy to program. This was a gift for my mom after she lost the unlock button on her old keyless entry. schelp. We bought one that was just shell and then this one, so she had an extra for their 2005 yukon Music works. Like my original font, easy to program any help, you may need just google gm key fob setup.

It took me only two minutes boom done set.