If i went to dealer it would have been around 250 for key and to program it. Ik heb 2011 dodge charger Music exactly as advertised, but the directions sucked Music receive. The key in a timely matter was kind of apprehensive about purchasing a pc of some of the other reviews said that item wouldn’t program. Echter, i received this key for my 2012 Chrysler. 300 and had it programmed by a local locksmith and the key works perfect just like original. I actually had him programmed to a lot cheaper than going to the dealer. I ordered the file for my 2018 dodge challenger. I received the fob and took it to the local dodge dealership. They told me it would cost 75 to attempt to program if they couldn’t program it. I would still have to pay the 75, but it worked. They sell them at the dealership for 190 dollars as advertised and programmed to the charger with no problems. After searching for a few days, i finally decided to order a replacement and instead of going to a dealer, decided to roll the dice on this key. Had a locksmith come out and a couple things one. It is a proximity key, so there needs to be a pin to be able to program the key that, if you do not have, they will have to order. Two proximity keys cost a little more to program than regular keys.