The one issue i had was once i programmed the new keys. The original would not work. I was told it may have been that the maximum number of spare keys was one sounds implausible, good low cost replacement keys. Unlike the description says, you do have to get the keys cut and they are a little wide, so my locksmith had to file them down some to fit in and out, but overall easy to program the remote for the doors and truck after watching the videos. Good thing, i found an honest mom and pop locksmith that cut my keys for only 20 bucks each, maar ook, let me know they wouldn’t stat the care. Unless i took the chip out of the old remote save 100 for programming them see the pics. You have to take out the chip from the old remote in order for the keys to start up the engine you can’t beat. The price got the fast on the mail, my locksmith charged 60 for the cut and 50 for the programming. All keys, new and old has to be programmed and he did all keys for the same price before you buy, find a good locksmith. Who is willing to make you a fair deal, one guy offered to come home and do one key on site for 230. So got a good deal at wilson, locksmith and keys in sonoma, Californië, Muziek fyi. All your keys need to be present at the time of programming.

All keys need to be reprogrammed. My original key would no longer fit in my driver’s side door and i lost the key battery. I was able to program these two keys after watching a youtube video. The problem is that places like home depot or lowe’s cannot cut this type of key the home. The dealer wanted to charge like 200 dollars per key iii’s. My me program keys to get inside my car and my spared it to start my engine Music after reading a lot of reviews from other aftermarket keys. I settled on this one. I bought this for my honda accord 2007 x and had it cut and programmed at the honda dealership, Geen probleem. It came with some instructions, but the honda people obviously didn’t need it. I have no head issues with the key fob at all Music. I was worried from other reviews of other fobs. Dat gezegd hebbende., the trunk button might not work or it would lose its memory and need to be programmed again. Echter, from using it every day for a month, i have no had that experience.