Suburban key was in bar conditions and did not have the chrome sides. This was not only a great quality product but made the key look like new. The only piece i kept from the original key was the battery lid piece, since it has the logo and this product does not still. It is a great product and i would buy again works great and looks good Music great product kept me from having to purchase a whole new key fob, easy installation and looks great Music. I bought my car lightly used, but the keys were damaged. I am very type a and it bothered me the dealership, wanted to charge me an arm and a leg. So i came to my favorite place on earth This was easy to put together, but let me warn you: it is almost impossible to open back up. I clipped a chrome piece together, locks the two black plastic pieces together and it was so difficult to take apart. I took to dealership and they ended up breaking a plastic clip off to open it other than being a pain in the rear to open, het is.