I have a great product I’m going to introduce to you. It’S called the Viper smart start system ever have a family member or employee. Lock their keys in the car presents a problem doesn’t. It ever want to keep track of an employee or a family member, a daughter or son, see where they’re at with the car see how fast someone’s going with the car. You can monitor almost every aspect of your car from the ease of your smartphone Android iPhone windows based phone it’s, an amazing product and I’m, going to demonstrate it for you right now. This is the Viper smart start, GPS premium package and of course, there is a nominal yearly fee in order to access all the features. So you can have this application on any of your phones, your wife’s phone, your husband’s phone, your child, your employee, so they could have the same options that you have all Viper. Smart start systems operate through cell towers. You can be anywhere in the United States. You could be in Hawaii in your car could be on the East Coast and you could have all the same features as if you were five feet from the car so I’m going to show you some of the features on the Viper GPS premium system. Dat is.. Now being offered, as in my previous video, I explained the functions of the lock, the unlock, the remote start, you can pop the trunk and also set off your panic alarm.

Also what’s available is, if you press the GPS function, it’ll come up with a map and you can press this button here and it will start locating the car we’re actually located very accurately, and you can zoom in and you can see exactly where it’s at using Google Maps and as you can see it with that little arrow right, there it’s, showing you exactly where it’s parked at my store location right now. Natuurlijk, this is a map feature it’s, not going to show where the actual car in the maps but it’s going to show where it’s located from a previous satellite photo now there’s other features available, which I think are so extraordinary, Het is verbazingwekkend.. Nwo, zoals je zien, I have my wife’s car, my car and also my work truck with systems in all, and I can control all three from my smartphone. Now we have where you can set the alerts. The options that are available are a speed alert if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed. You can set the speed alert to text you or email you and let you know if the vehicles exceeded that miles per hour and of course you can adjust that all the way up, almost up to 100 mijlen per uur. Maar natuurlijk, we’re not going to go that fast, but if you wanted to set it on 70 miles an hour and if the vehicle was traveling faster than 70, it would send you an alert letting you know that the vehicles exceeded that speed limit.

You can also put it on a schedule, so it’s not monitoring it 247, but only during certain hours of the day. Another feature that’s available is the car image. You can actually put an image of the car in there, so you can reference it, especially if you have multiple cars on one smartphone. The next feature is lockdown. Lockdown would be when you would wanted monitor. The vehicle weather was moved from the spot from which it was parked in your driveway. If you were monitoring the car for a loved one or if you’re monitoring a vehicle that was parked at work. If you had a work truck, you didn’t want it leaving a certain location at certain times. It would alert you if the car was moved. Usually it takes about an eighth of a mile it’s, not something that would go off if they changed it from the driveway to the street, but more sofa was moved in of a mile or so next feature is smartphones. Smartphones is where you want the vehicle monitored for a certain area, let’s say within a five mile radius. You don’t want the vehicle to leave a five mile radius of where you set it. So if you set it at your house and you didn’t want the car, you wanted to be notified that the car traveled outside of like a five mile radius, bijvoorbeeld, it would alert you with a text or an email, letting you know that it’s left that Area that you said it, Hoewel, so there you have five mile radius, you can put it up to you, know twenty five mile radius so once again the cars parked you want to set it that it’s not going to go out of a five, a twenty five Mile radius of where it’s parked, if it does then we’ll, send you an alert through either text or email, the next available option was hot spot hot spot would be if the vehicle entered a certain area.

Let’S say you: didn’t want to have the vehicle go into an area where the person might get lost, so you would set it to on a map. So you would pick an area on the map. You would set that area and then you would go ahead and turn it on and say you didn’t want it to go within a half mile that it could be a quarter mile, half mile one mile, two miles all the way up to twenty five miles. So they got within 25 miles of that area. It would send you either an email or a text message or you could have both set it to you as well. You can put that on a schedule so that it’s not monitoring it 247, but just touring the certain times you just set it, though the next great feature is a low battery. If your vehicle runs below a certain volts, it will alert you and that way you won’t risk having a dead battery. If someone were to have left the lights on or any other item on inside the vehicle that would be draining, the battery gives you enough time. Even remote started when it notifies you net will charge the battery back up it’s a great feature. Another great feature i’d like to show you is: if you go into the smart schedule, you can monitor your temperature, so you can monitor that. If the vehicles interior drops below a certain degree it’ll, send you an alert or if it goes above, a certain temperature.

It will also send you alert also with your Viper Smart Start system. You get free roadside assistance. If you were to run out of gas, get a flat tire. You could simply make a phone call and contact the roadside assistance company and they could come out and assist you. Dit is echt cool. You ever wonder when your car’s parking meter is going to run out simply go into the Viper Smart Start system, and you can set the meter and it will alert you when your parking meter is getting near the end of its time. Very very easy process and a great idea: you have any questions at all feel free to give us a call. My staff is very well informed of the product and they can go over with you in detail. So there you have it what a great product.