So this is the virginia beach beast. I got it from uh ebay and i wanted this one for a couple reasons, mainly because it runs a single motor instead of the dual motor that the new ones come with so i’m gon na unveil. Through this, you can see it has a castle, sidewinder 3 system in here and it’s running a steering servo that is going to go ahead and help us, Weet je, choose how much throttle is going to either track and control it running my spectrum on here. I had to find a shorty that i could get to a dean’s it’s running a dean’s right now. I will swap this over to an uh, ic3 and i’ll run my smartpaks on it here soon. Maar ja., i have it working kind of we’re out here to do tests with it see what needs to be done and uh. If we need to trim some stuff in what we got to do, but uh let’s let’s, give it a rip and see how it actually does. I think he’s getting used to all right so definitely it’s driving to the left. So and boy is that Music? Oh jumping it the series very touchy, especially trying to drive it one handed and i’m having to stay on the right a little bit the throttle, because it’s wanting to uh turn a little bit as i drive it’s, Niet dat het., not driving straight Music it’s hooked to The left Music crash Applause that’s not too bad, though definitely much sharper turn to the right.

As far as i have it trim to the right side: Muziek, Uh, Muziek, oh Muziek, dus goed, we’re getting a lot of body rub. So i take the body off for now, so i can see how it would run nice jump. Uh, oh Gelach, oh the chain came off all right fix that all right. That was easy to fix just slipped it right back on oh nice, Ik ben. Tackling all that stuff, now that roots and jokes up here Applause, it seems to be tackling pretty much anything in front of it, but it is really hard to turn really hard to manage it right now, because it’s not driving straight. So i have to find out how to trim it in i’ve. Never worked with a system like this before, but i like how it’s handling but somehow let’s see. Is it hot now it’s not but it’s getting warm. You have to somehow figure out how this works right here and how you would trim this kind of system where it’s basically pulling out like a break i’m, not sure exactly what that looks. Like um, maar het is, very finicky i’ll ask around ask a few people that are running these see if they’ll give me any tips all right, so this is just meant to be a quick test. Video anyway, i’m already finding one thing: i’m gon na have to work out, and that is a better way to mount this body on here.

Uh, the velcro on the sides is not holding enough and uh it’s wanting to kind of rotate the body and hit the tracks so i’m thinking what i’ll have to do is make some kind of a mount system which is very doable that’ll come up through here And in the back to support it so that it will sit down and it won’t uh ride on the tracks at all, so just kind of find out what height i need to get it up to and then uh make a a brace inside it to hold It but other than that i’ll have to trim it in a little bit, but over i mean overall it’s getting some good speed and i was worried that it wasn’t um turning great but that’s because at low speed in the house once i get up to speed It doesn’t lock up so much uh under under little power when you turn it fully locks one of the the tracks up, but when you’re actually at speed, het is, niet al te slecht, het is, very controllable, so i’m excited finally got my monster. Tank going and i’ve got another one to work on, for you guys and i get running but that’s a little bit bigger project that uh that will probably take most of the year to complete anyway that’s. It guys hope you enjoyed this now.