Welcome to vietnam learning videos. Today, we have here the toys. This is a remote control of this one diggity toys rc. We have here the police, car and the ford, and this is a license. This is for gt 2017 license from diki toys. Okay, what we’re going to show you today is about we’re going to have a comparison between this toy cars from the modern and from the 80s like this, you have it here, a remote control cars from the 80s. This is not licensed. They don’t have anything information in the car. This is a police car, so this will be gon na have a lot of fun, but before that we’re going to give a review about the diki toys, these dippy choices. Actually we bought it for a kid. So it’s not only for her, but for also for us well we’re, going to play with her. We can play together with this diggy toy. So this one before we have a problem charging the toy cars. So we uh give you a hint, because even you have an instruction manual. Sometimes i don’t know. Sometimes you know how to follow interruptions. So here it is before you charge. You have to open this one. You have a charger here. You have a cable, so you open it. Then you have it in here off and on charge. Then you turn it on charge like that stand. When you charge when it is charging, it is blinking like that, so after it is being charged, it will be already stopped blinking a stable light red light okay anyway.

So this is also a remote control car from dp toys. This is very uh comfortable to use because you don’t need to buy battery every time it is slow, but so you can only charge it and you can enjoy playing these toy cars for almost an hour. The charging time is depends on how you how your charger charge it, because you know sometimes it depends on the charger, so yeah that’s, just ford chidi, and this is the a police car. So your kid can play this one because there is a bumper there. So every time you know kids, but that’s, really cool toys for kids and also for the parents, so taking care of the kid. So here it is to play with. You have to turn this on the car. First, like this one, then you turn on the remote control. Then you can have it. Okay with the maneuver. You can have also a turbo here to boost the speed. It’S really really cool okay, and we have here from 1980, 80s, i’m, not sure what here on 80s but it’s from ad car. This is from my husband too. This is a remote control but, of course, old style, remote control. This is cable, and this is the remote from the 80s, so let’s try. This is the first time absolutely we’ll. Try this one: okay, so for white and dark that’s how we get when you were oops it’s faster. We have so much fun playing with this one too, but the problem is, of course you have this cable, so the story and like the modern toy cars nowadays that it is uh wireless and you can have this and this one – you still have this together with You – and you cannot go that far, but this is feeling so much fun.

Look at that huh have the speed too that’s. All you can do. Oh okay, it’s cool, look at that only forward and backward since the wheel and tire is not working properly. I still. Okay, anyway, this is so much fun learning with this kind of toys. This is from the old age and the new, the modern age toy cars, but this one yeah. This is really cool too, so let’s see how it works here. Okay, look at that i’ll! Try it backwards, whatever direction that you’re actually driving on actual car that’s, really nice. This car is let’s, try the other one, the police, car, okay, this one start it on oh yeah and then the remote control. Also, we have because each car has its own remote control, so nice huh how smooth you can make the menu over the siri there’s, really so much fun. Learning this kind of toys not much okay, oops, and then we will try the from 80s again okay. So this is, i think, only battery operated, yeah it’s, a double a. Why don’t you operate it look at that. This is so. This striker is from the 80s. You can now compare the toy cars from the 80s and this one from the 2000 that’s really so. Nice, you know you can see how the revolution of the toy cars from these nowadays yeah it’s, really cool, all right, at least because nowadays you cannot buy anymore like these.

At least you have seen it not here: Music, okay yeah, so i have fun learning with you guys with this old toy cars, remote control, toy cars and the modern one, so it’s feel it’s. Still the same, you are having fun playing with these toy cars. You know those days if you have already this toy car you’re already cool. I haven’t this one, because when i was a kid there was only playing outside under the rain that’s all. I know that we don’t have this kind of toy car, so it’s actually a privilege for me to have this toy car. With from my husband, i can see. Wow yo has already that, and i don’t have that before the car, the the cars cars, the toys that we have before is we have to pick up the wheel of the tricycle, make it roll on the road and that’s how we play, but we don’t have Like this we’re, not from the first world country, so i mean i came from a third world country from the first world country, so we don’t have a toy car like that during our times and it’s. Luckily, the kids right now is nowadays they can enjoy playing outside with this remote control toy cars like the diki toys. This is really. I can recommend this one it’s really good. You can really have fun with your kid playing with you outside as long as there’s. No water don’t, let it jump on the water or else goodbye toy car anyway.

This is really so funny. Okay, thank you so much for watching our video hope you liked our video.