I did a test run with it and i was like yeah. It doesn’t seem fast enough now here’s the problem with this card it’s very deceiving because it handles so well. You’Re not really sure how fast it’s going exactly because you’re like oh there’s, there’s, really there’s no drama to the cart only when you’re kind of getting on it just a little bit. So i went ahead and put the 2200 kv motor in here and i’m gon na go ahead and run it. I got actually brian’s here right now and we’re gon na see how fast this thing goes: uh um since you’re, here i’m. This is not live stream or anything like that. But do you have the actual uh you’re gon na okay, so we’re gon na do gps on this thing anyhow, so that’ll be something we’ll test out and we’ll get into that here shortly: Music, that one’s, fast bro, it’s! So tame? Are you serious? Is it saying zero? Well, i see six. Fifty nine! Oh max speed 59 miles an hour, fifty nine okay! So where we on the front of your grill on your car, rc car it’s, pretty bad. No, that was nice all right guys. What do you think 59 miles an hour it’s not too bad, not too bad, 17 tooth pinion gear let’s. Keep that in mind also so we’re running the stock pinion gear. I got a 29 tooth pinion gear, but before i do that i did kill a bug right here, there’s a little insect, so i squished uh anyway.

When i was running it, it must have just it got splattered right on the front end. So thing was moving. Pretty good grp tires, you guys are looking for those well. Unfortunately, i don’t carry those as of right now, but it might be something as the channel grows. I can say: hey we’re, going to go ahead and we’re going to order bulk of something you get a little discount. If you do it so that might that’s going to be something i’ll do as a channel gets bigger, we can start doing a little bit more bulk deals, but you’re going to need to go on the emails. You need to jump over to our omgrc.com and start everybody subscribing and also subscribing to our email list. So we can get you some deals anyway. With that being said, uh this car is awesome. So, if you’re on the fence on that one well up to you, you want to pull the trigger. It is an awesome vehicle and i know that you’re like well. You had to put more money into it, just to get it to go. You know 59 miles an hour. I like what you said there, how much here’s my question to you guys and it’s, not it’s, not a price thing at this point in time. You know as far as oh okay. Well, i spent like let’s, say 620 bucks for this vehicle, all right, so it’s. Definitely you know it’s pricey for sure, but anyway, let’s just forget about the car cost right this.

Second, what my question is: is that manufacturers, when it comes to uh, you know a 2200 kv, uh the mamba monster 2., how about the 150 amp hobby wing that’s a i think, it’s a max 8 and a 200 kv motor. Would you guys like to see that system in here and say well shouldn’t it be the same i don’t know should, should it be, are they all created? Equally, i don’t think so. That’S, the that’s, the question to you guys, and should that be a challenge to see what the difference is in this vehicle we got a baseline now we already know this thing’s going to do 59 miles an hour with this exact setup. That means it’s going to have a 5 000 key it’s got a 5 000 milliamp battery that’s in there, with the 45c discharge from peak racing that’s what’s in there as of right now, so we use those same batteries, but we use them in the hobby wing System in here you guys – let me know – i know this thing has been very popular. So, if that’s, something you guys like we’ll, get that to you as soon as possible within a few days, if that’s something you want to do – hopefully, brian you’re, listening i’m gon na need you to help me out again. Buddy you’ve been a great help and i definitely appreciate it you’re an awesome friend so uh that’s something i want to go ahead and do if you guys are interested in that anyway, if you are new here, definitely consider subscribing also well, you got ta check out.

Omgrc uh, you know that’s, where the hobby goodness is at and well anyway. This is joe with homegrc.