I have a couple, including the m2, so um, two m2s actually so got really high hopes for this. That m1 pushes the boundaries even further by going smaller, so uh, especially at this time, when we’re kind of all you know stuck at home with not a lot to do. Having a small heli that you can throw around the garden definitely has its appeal. So let’s have a look inside the box, so here we are here’s the box that it comes in um inside the sleeve in true omp fashion. You get a really nice rigid foam case that you can continue to transport the heli in uh, and then we have some instructions. We have a charging lead for the included lipo. We have some screws, some spare servo horns. We have here a small screwdriver, a little wrench and a very small allen key and the heli itself. Now this one is called dull purple, but to me that’s more of a vivid pink than a double purple, so um we’ll, let them off um. There is a little bit of dull purple on it, but there’s, definitely more vivid, pink one, really nice thing with the omp helis, whatever color you have, whether that be the dull purple, the racing yellow or the charm orange you get the motor anodized in the same Color, so if you get the charm orange you get orange, anodized motor, etc, etc. So really nice little feature that they do some key features on this heli.

It is a direct drive heli the same as the m2, so there is no gearing in the heli whatsoever. The motor is just directly driving on a one to one ratio: the rotor blades, which is really nice on this. You have a 290 millimeter rotor diameter with a full alloy head and full alloy swash plate in here as well. Under the hood, we have a 120 degree swatch plate with no adjustment whatsoever on the ball links. So if you can see that there there’s no adjustment whatsoever, which is really nice so um, this is ready to go. If you do have an accident and crash it and you need to replace things there’s, never any is it set up right, etcetera because the spare parts will just click straight in and you haven’t got anything to set up so from a from a beginner’s point of View that’s also really nice. You have digital coreless servos, so quite a high spec servo for such a small heli. You also get a built in receiver, so this comes with the omp receiver built in you can plug in an s bus, futaba, receiver such as this. So this is an s, bus, futaba receiver, which is available from omp hobby or you can plug in a dsm or a dsmx satellite receiver. If you fly spectrum, so you get quite a bit of flexibility. There i’m personally going to use a multi protocol transmitter with the built in omp heli receiver.

You have three flight modes with this heli, so you have stabilized mode which is almost hands off, but it will drift it’s not going to be held via satellite or anything like this, but it will. It will certainly hover itself and allow you to recover. It has what they call soft 3d, which most of us would call sport. So it will allow you to loop and roll and do all those sorts of things fly inverted, and it also has what they call violent 3d, which is for experienced pilots that can really throw throw the model around other features. The tail is a direct drive tail with a tiny little brushless motor, which you can see there. One really nice thing about this heli, which i’ve noticed a lot of model helis recently don’t come with. Is the ability to adjust the flight controller so on this flight controller? If i take the case off again, you have these little leds, which enable you to cycle through with these two buttons, the setup which you can then change the way the gyro behaves. You can adjust rates, you can adjust gain. You can adjust servo mid points. You can adjust your collective fully fully customizable flight controllers, which is becoming quite rare now. So many of these helis that are coming out now are just kind of out the box. You can’t tune it. It is what it is. This really impressed you can you can definitely tune it as you progress with it.

So would i recommend it for a beginner, absolutely um, some people might say they prefer learning on a fixed pitch heli, but if you actually want to learn to fly helicopters properly, then learning with fix pitch is definitely the way to go long term. Advanced pilots will love it it’s small enough to fly in the garden i’m, a big fan of the the omp range. If we sit next to the m2 you can see, there is quite a difference in size there, both both side by side. There is quite a bit of difference in size. This runs on three cells. This runs on two cells. The profile of the heli is the same, so very similar. Look there as to how they both look, but i love the m2 so much that i have two of them and i’m hoping that this new m1 flies as well as the m2. When helis get this small, they they start becoming a bit flattery but i’m, really hoping that omp have absolutely nailed the flight controller like they have on the m2, which is one of my favorite flying small helis, so yeah there. It is absolutely great, looking little bit of kit really well made, i like the fact that they don’t use carbon on a lot of their new models, so you have the likes of the m2, which comes in two versions, one with carbon and one with nylon. Now the nylon, as you can see, bends really well with carbon.

It doesn’t it just it just snaps, but they’ve used the nylon. So if you land hard, there is quite a lot of give in that before it breaks. So it really does allow you to have hard landings and bump it around without having to constantly buy carbon parts. Now, as you get better with flying helis – and hopefully you crash less, the rigidity of carbon is nice, but for a heady this size i would always choose the the flexibility of the nylon, because it just means you’re not going to be breaking it. Carbon blades, that is critical, that you have carbon blades, so yeah great little package flies on a little 2s, 30 350 milliamp hour pack. So looking forward to getting this out, i’m gon na go test flight in the garden and uh yeah let’s see how it goes. So there we go the omp m1 i’m. Really impressed looks really well built, can’t wait to go and fly it make sure you subscribe and press the bell icon down below so that you see the next video of me flying it and uh yeah i’m genuinely looking forward to trying it and seeing if it Flies as well as the m2, of course, the link is in the pinned comment and the video description on where you can buy this heli and how much they are so check that out as well and yeah. What a perfect little toy to have kicking around during lockdown, so whether you’re a beginner and want to learn to fly.

This will work for you or whether you want to you know whether you’re an experienced pilot that wants to maybe do some 3d in the garden. But doesn’t want to drag out a massive great big 600 size. Heli then absolutely this is for you as well being direct drive it’s, also going to be very quiet, so yeah there.