We love the m2 we’ve got several m2s between us, but this is going even smaller. This is the m1, so uh again typical omp style, a direct drive on the motor to the uh to the rotor blade, so no gears to strip nothing to do there so simple to repair. If you do crash um direct drive on the tail, with a little brushless motor on the tail and really nice carbon fiber looks absolutely lovely. Don’T get me wrong, but with these models you do tend to put them in the ground now and then they’ve used really nice, flexible plastic, so uh it’s, much carbon fiber snaps this stuff, just kind of bends and goes back again. So nice um as a beginner. You could you could get this as a as a first heli, because it has a stabilized mode where, although it’s not like a gps hold um, it will just help you out a little bit so yeah let’s get it in there and give it a go. Okay, just to share that we didn’t um, you did an unboxing video yeah. So this is video number two. So if you want to see video number one of the unboxing and what you get then the link for that video, the link will be at the top of the screen. Now i’ll put it there for you, brilliant all right, so let’s see how it flies. Interestingly, the power is of just a balance: there’s no power connector on this it’s, just literally a balanced lead, and what comes in the box uh everything you see apart from the receiver, so um and the transmitter and the transmitter yeah.

So this is something that omp sell. This is a little futaba receiver, i’m, actually now using a multi protocol transmitter, but because i’ve had the m2 set up on my futaba for ease. I can actually just use that model to fly this because it’s the same flight controller right, so just save me setting it up. Normally, i would use a multi protocol transmitter but yeah, which multi protocol transmitter. Would you use i’m using the radiomaster tx16s max, which is uh? The max part is just bling, so it’s just anodized aluminium parts which has quite well. It adds a bit to the cost, but it’s still such a challenge. I’M i’m, going to go on about this. In most of our videos now, because it is really hacking me off how expensive some of the radios out there are and you and you get the tx16 s come out, it’s just over 100 pounds, and then the max is another is just over 200.. Compare that to the big brand names, they’re just stupid money in comparison: are they not yeah? I mean to get the functionality you’ve got with the tx16x with the uh. The color touch screen et cetera, you’re, looking over a thousand pound with the big brands, so crazy, yeah where’s, those you know understand, i would say if you, if you’re starting the hobby or even if you’re thinking of changing radio, look at the tx16s. Please, because you will just save so much money over the big brand names and it works with most your receivers.

Yeah it’s multi protocol yeah. It works with spectrum, dsm, 2 dsmx and most other protocols right, yep, absolutely i’ll shut up now, but it really it’s really irritates me the whole thing so maiden for this, so we won’t go too crazy Laughter. So this is the kind of stabilized mode where, if i let go of the sticks, it carries on doing what it’s doing but it’s. If i let go it, it stays flat and level, which is quite nice yeah, but it still gives you quite an ability have quite a bit of fun and then, if i put it into idle up, you’ll hear the head speak up away from the plane, guys. Music, why does that always happen when we’re flying something electric and quiet you get a big tiger, big tiger moth go over. Let me just show the tiger moth, although it’s a beautiful aircraft. Your timing is not very good. Mr ga pmx. One thing i will say, though, is in stabilized mode. I could look up and see what that was, whereas with a normal heli, you wouldn’t be able to do that. All right. Okay, so idle up! You’Ve now heard the headsphere i’ve got no stabilization now and then idle up two whoa. If i give it a bit power what Music good lord, it changes into a complete animal it’s, pretty uh in idle up too it’s, pretty it’s, quite a quite a capable um. Oh it’s, not the easiest thing to film it zips around.

It is very maneuverable and then back into stabilized mode and it’s quite calm now. So if i let go of the sticks, it just kind of hovers in one one spot and you could learn to hover around and because it’s stabilized you can sort of bounce the ground without it zooming off like a normal helicopter. And then, as you progress, you get into that sort of more mental mode, and you can do what you want to do. Music so really suits the full range of uh. You probably want to try a simulator first to get used to how heli handles before trying this, even in the basic, absolutely start mode right to get your helis are such a good uh thing to learn on a sim. This is much cheaper to crash Music, yep spacebar and you try again Music Music, Music, Music. Oh so, as you can see, it’s pretty capable and just uh i’m going to take my hand off the control, grab the box and see. If we can land on. You always have the box up Music. Oh well, technically, you did technically and then you seal it off. We’Ll, try again so kind of a bit of a uh proof is in the pudding there no damage to the heli, but unfortunately i think the the the torque of this spalling down is going to always knock it off. So we’ll try one more time. Fantastic thanks chase, so with a big heli.

If you’d crash like that you, you would have just cost yourself a hundred quid in blades, so uh, something like this that you know they’re a little bit flexible um. These blades are actually a carbon fiber blade, but because there’s so little mass to the to the heli it just kind of stops so yeah testament to a great heli for a first heavy room, yeah fantastic. I mean that was genuinely my first flight with it, and i thought it was great, so you know um quite a capable heli, as you can see, and put it in the hands of a pro and i’m sure he’d really enjoy it. Well, you showed us some. Some good stuff there yeah just need some practice, all right, so that’s, the omp m1 from our friends at omp, great guys to deal with the link is in the video description and pinned comment.