Guy flies, rc were out here at the avon park. Air models, association in beautiful avon park florida were going to take up the omp hobby decathlon super decathlon and uh lets see right either on left, aileron up elevator down, elevator right right or left rudder im running her high rate and low rates, which are for me 50 throws over 30 expo now, as you can see, that is plenty of deflection, shes, a very aerobatic plane, but ive got her basically kind of tamed down. So there we go ive already done my range test im running a a 3200 uh 4s center because shes a 4s bird. She will definitely float float on you, especially if youve got her good and balanced right and trimmed right boy. She seems like shes flying so slow to me, but thats understandable. I just flew a jet so now flying something like this just seems very slow um, but just to show you her roll rate, even at 50 throws and 30 expo shes got plenty of deflection. I mean i love the markings underneath those wings. I really do sorry. I had to adjust my neck there. All right. The wind today is directly cross breeze across runway. I always say: cross breathes cross runway, so really direction doesnt matter so much on landing. Whoa help me help me kind of fall in there yeah. This is what you call taking a bow but yeah. I i have seriously have got to practice.

My cross runway debris, wind, takeoffs, lets see it turned around here and im trying to stay away from the sun, but the way the wind is today, i kind of have to face it. So its kind of out of that way see the wind sock its out of that way. So im gon na take off like this and shes almost i mean she took off there and what four or five feet you know so shes, almost a stole plane without flaps or anything shes, just uh, definitely very light on her feet and there there we go That was much better. Okay lets get her turned around here. Okay, just show you how short short of a takeoff. She can have time remaining four minutes all right. There just had a little bit of fun with her. I havent flown her in forever, so to kind of get a feel for shes into the wind. Now definitely want to do low rates with this plane. She is very aerobatic, very, very aerobatic. There we go all right come on there we go there. We go all right tail, dragger foreign, a nice, pretty presentation pass here. A little bit of a knife edge here really enjoy those beautiful markings there now im flying without my head up my rear, you all can enjoy how beautiful this plane is, how the sun hits the underside of them wings, just how happy she can just fly around Little figure eights im running as far as a receiver goes an older spectrum ar36a, who knows what plane it came out of, but i reprogrammed it and uh folks.

I would generally really ask you not not to request me to tell you how to do the old ar36as. Yes, they are programmable um, but its not the easiest thing the world to explain. It took me many many many hours to figure out how to do that. Now see that was an example of riding the wind and using the wind as your friend to land your plane. This plane doesnt have flaps, so i suggest flying when youve got at least a some wind, so you can use that wind. You can use that wind to help you land slow. You down, act as a natural air brake all right, love the coloration of this plane coming right at us. Here there we go all right. Weve still got a minute get her turned around, like i said shes. Just a four channel plane: shes, full balsa pine built up pine and balsa nice scale, takeoff, im running shes, a four channel or four channel shes a four channel plane, but um she has lights. So if youre going to put a receiver in her youre going to want at least a fifth channel so that you can use the lights, i mean you can use four channels and just power, the lights off your bind. But you can take the lights and you can program them to a switch so that uh, you can change the light pattern on your transmitter, but a four channel at least, but i suggest a five channel or a six channel, sorry its hard.

I dont think you can find a five channel receiver. I dont think they exist, but shes uh. You know that that right there lets see how much movement and thats at 50. Folks, let me show you what 100 percent look at that see. She can be a 3d plane. Definitely has the power for it, so lets take take off one more time. You definitely want to stay on your rudder, hey. You definitely want to stay on your rudder when youre taking off, because shes got a lot of power and shes going to kind of torque to one side on you, so love those that starburst coloration on there. Okay, there we go all right, we flew, we flew for a full five minutes, lets see five minutes and 45 seconds motor off ill show. You im really happy where i have the plane, where the battery bound oh and one thing youre going to want to youre going to want to want to do see this flap this this battery hatch. This is to make access to your receiver and everything put you a piece of clear tape there, because this thing will blow off and that just the clear tape and that way you have to worry about it. The other thing youre going to want to do is cut out this hole here and its true place a cutout hole here, because that way you get the airflow through and it has a place to uh to exit otherwise its going to blow this hatch off thats.

Why i got that tape on there just to be on the safe side, now, shes, also a top loader, and i just pulled the top off its got carbon fiber plating all the way around the outer edge of that battery hatch – and this is where i have The 3200, just just the butt of the battery just underneath the cow lets, see how much life after a 5 minute and 45 second flight lets see how much juice ive got left in the tank. I got look at that 57. I could fly for three more minutes: okay. Well, there you go folks that is the omp hobby super decathlon, um, nice, nice, clear, canopy on there looks good. This is just a really really good, looking plane, uh construction on this is just as easy as any of your e flight planes. Its very simple to put together shes got a nose, light, nav lights on either side and uh everythings solid construction, carbon fiber, uh swing, spar, carbon fiber around the battery hatch got the wire struts back there for your espionage or your tail, and then you got the Struts struts and wire, underneath the wings which are all functional, good, robust landing gear, good, looking plane, uh wheel, pants or might be iffy in the grass. If you, if theres less than this, the this field here is a bit too rough, but if it was trimmed down nice and low, this would be fine on grass and uh four channel plane.

She will run on three cell, but youll have to change a prop out. Youd have to go the information on on the website. Uh ill put a link to the purchase this plane in the description of the video, but there you can read about what prop youd have to change to go three sale, but she will fly under three cell all right folks. Thank you.