Well, today, in this video i’m going to fly the oomph hobby, m1 mini 3d rc helicopter, which they say that she’s small but she’s, fierce we’ll find out wait a minute, aren’t the helicopters. Male i mean they are he not she. So what makes it she maybe we’ll locate that part as well. Why not i’ll give you a quick unboxing of m1 from on hobby and after that everything is ready. We’Ll slap it around a bit here and try not to crush it and see how it performs Music: oh Music, oh Music. Now my m1. This time came with the amp hobby t6 radio control, which i’m not really used to flying with rc helicopters, but as it came with this helicopter and making it ready to fly i’m gon na use the t6 radio and fly it and later. If the helicopter survives today, we will set m1 with radiomaster tx16s and see how that goes. All right. Everything is ready. I’M, just gon na fly it scaled for now. I am not in the mood of 3d after crashing my m2 so badly. Today, i just i don’t know, go check that video out you’re gon na have fun and see why that helicopter crashed and also the other reason is i’m really not used to the oomph hobby t6 radio control so once i’m used to it then i’ll do some Three for now, maybe just a little bit of punch here there, so 70 percent dual rates, whoa.

How quiet it is man you got ta give it to it. It is absolutely so quiet, okay, dual rates, 85 percent. Damn thing is really very quiet. Man, it’s so quiet, it’s, scaring me dual rates hundred percent. This radio is kind of pretty fitting in my hands. My hands are small and they’re, pretty fitting so i’m feeling kind of comfortable flying it around, and really it is man it goes far. I cannot even hear it and it is difficult to see also because of its size, all right. So this is this still in attitude hold mode and what happens if you switch to 3d mode, so this is some kind of mode still it’s, not idle up yet and now we are in 3d mode, still not idle up. Oh so what happens? If i switch to idle up, oh, like a turbine man whoa, i like that sound, and that is why they were calling her as she, because it has that sound. Okay. So inverted! Oh, oh! Wait! A minute! Man! One moment i’m not used to this really look at this, how quiet it is – and i can tell you i am not used to this – i have to land the helicopter and then tell you, so this is what i’m used to. If you can see the radio, i want helicopter to respond right here in this area. However, the pitches are responding here and here, according to my style, so i have to push a lot of pitches before helicopter actually gives me that feel so that is what i’m not used to and that’s.

Why? I said that i really need to get used to this radio and get used to what they have set this helicopter with and how they set it up at the moment is completely stock setting yeah. I can only do some flip flops because really i don’t want to crash this little baby. I can just do this kind of mild 3d, maybe which is really good. It feels nice too, and enjoy some flip flops only because i’m still in the trauma trauma of crashing, my m2 that sounded like a complete siren right there so doing this i’m actually getting used to the pitches response. I mean the collective response on the sticks. As i said, i am more used to you know collective responding right in the middle more, but not like this, so i still have to get used to that. So if it is here and i hit the uh stabilize mode Music, it actually shoots back to the regular flight which is kind of uh. You know rescue mode as soon as you leave the sticks, it’s really very stable. So when you make a mistake, you just have to leave pitch and roll sticks and control your throttle, which means collective. So the helicopter will not go down very. Very nice and flies 3d right outside the box. Really well very quiet so quiet that you won’t hear it if it goes farther very responsive and very well set up with this stock radio control system, all right i’m going to play a little bit with the settings agility settings.

I find the aileron elevator agility settings are really nice. I just want to have this pitch to respond in the middle more rather than at, you know corners. So this is this people. This is m1 from omfobby. I hope you enjoyed the flight stay tuned for more flight videos coming your way soon come on. You know what to do hit that like button it’s right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while you’re at it also hit the subscribe button right. There come on don’t, be shy, just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.