I don’t know what you were doing in the 90s. I was learning to play, guitar listening to guns and roses with some curtains with my global hyper color t shirt on. Amongst other things. This is about as 90s. I can get today, for you definitely rocking the trainers today, though anyway, so i had a lunch box. My what do i make said a midnight pumpkin and pretty sure one of my other mates had. I think he had maybe a brat and a new the new uh calibra that came out. I don’t know what chassis that would have been on, but anyway, these things. For me, it was a little bit earlier sort of the late 80s and stuff when you’d look through the catalogs and see the nico and the tycho stuff. This thing’s from 1993. in this video we’re gon na do a retro unboxing, so we’re gon na get out the box. We’Re gon na have a look inside we’re gon na stick a battery and i’ve had to make a battery for it because it hasn’t got a battery with it going to see if it runs and then we’re going to take it out and we’re going to record It in 4k, so this is the nico sound, ripper, it’s 114 scale. It’S tracked it’s, i think it’s from 1993. It should have onboard sound it’s boxed with instructions, and it is in very, very good condition. Now i got yourself a mate of mine who lives local to here.

You should go check out his instagram. If you’re on instagram it’s retrorich78, the guy has got an insane amount of retro toys and he’s got an absolutely disgusting collection of retro bmx’s crazy, some of them things are worth an absolute and he also drives um an mg metro turbo the guy’s a legend. He is the toy master anyway. This is who i got it off. He was having a bit of a clear out. I saw this. I bought a couple of things. Actually i saw this and i had to have it it’s a little bit delicate in this box. So let’s just slowly slide it out. Let me know in the comments, if you remember these, a lot of people remember the tyco version, which was the first version. I think a lot of other companies then copied it sound, ripper 114 owners manual. Look at this Applause going back in time here: love it keep the display box a future reference. Some battery handling 9.6 volt turbo rechargeable nicad battery instructions, so i’ve had to make one i’ve made one that is 9.6 volts nicad, so that should work. We got another safety warning and they say now: it’s health and safety, health and safety, more battery warnings and the nico service warranty. I wonder if i wonder if i break it, if i can claim under warranty there’s the old address, i don’t know what’s there now but cool, so i couldn’t find any dates on this, but i’m, pretty sure we’ve done a little bit of digging.

For a few of the nico catalogues, i think it’s early 90s 93, maybe maybe 92 there’s, your uh controller 27 megahertz forward left right. Old school still got the original aerial, tube and aerial for the transmitter, and here it is the nico, sound Music, ripper Applause. This thing is awesome, rear suspension. Now it’s got front suspension on there, but it’s not functional, i don’t think. Is it doesn’t? Look like it’s functional Applause, dual motors in the back there, like i said, it’s 9.6 volts battery, goes under here. The rubber on it looks, look still got the release agent on there like the little talc that they used to use. So this thing has seen very little use and i’d say that probably not much outdoor use. That is all gon na change today, right before we take it out, let’s get this battery in let’s fire it up and let’s see how it sounds. Now i have put the battery in and turned it on, and it made some sounds, but i wanted to save some of the surprise for now so let’s get my homemade battery in hopefully i won’t blow it up. Applause right, i’ve got a battery. I’Ve got a battery in there. No, i haven’t single 9 volt battery. We have lights on there, let’s switch this Music – that is one Applause, wow Music Applause, i’m, going to turn that off because my daughter’s in bed, my wife is going to come out and shout at me in a minute.

It works so let’s disconnect that battery right. So i don’t know if this has ever been outside in the 30 years it’s been on the planet, so let’s change that the battery is charged. I might just put a little bit more charging before we go out and take on a little bit of rough ground and we’re going to give this thing a sound rip, let’s go 1990s it’s how diverse we are on this channel just been running. This 1 7 scale, 15 000 milliamp hour, 100c, 2021 and we’re going back to 1992. nearly 30 years. Difference between these two crazy, i don’t know if you can hear that idling i’ve got the microphone quite high up, but here it is the nico sound blaster let’s go yes, i’ve been happy with this. When i was a kid, oh no, the wings come off sounds like a little v8 in there very electronic v8 come on Applause. I don’t know whether my batteries are not the best or it’s just struggling a bit. Oh, this is cool. Come on. You can do it, i can’t do a speed run. I got my gps, but it’s, probably about five mile an hour beast. I think the batch is losing a bit of its power. This needs a lipo doesn’t it what this needs Music. It still goes quite well, though, off road come on Music, i think we’ve, i think we’ve about had it guys that is the battery done, trying to clean the garage, the sand off there we go.

What can i say guys? I hope that gave you some memories back to the 90s let’s take this back to the car now i’m trying to keep up with it. This way, this way where you going come on, you got this. You got this thanks for watching guys.