The 2018, the 2019 model of openrc f1 car that exists out there were discussing the 2022 open rc f1 model that i have just released on printables theres, a link in the description down below that you can go and download it, but real quick were going to Discuss what from this car changed to the new one, all right, so things have changed. Obviously the rear wing no longer looks like that. Other things, the turning veins on the 2022 car dont exist, theyre, not a real part. Uh theres, a little bit different body shape. All together the front wing doesnt, look anything like that. So at this point were just taking that and getting rid of it and well the chassis doesnt even look like this anymore, so thats out, and then we roll in the 2022 car. So big changes on the 2022 open, rc f1 car include the front, nose and wing. These are one integrated part that i modeled together. They even feature little winglets that are common on the vehicles. We have the front winglets go over the front wheels. We have a new shark fin design for the 2022 car and a new rear wing design for the 2022 car, but thats not all. We have a whole new floorboard design. There is no longer the turning vanes or the barge boards that were common on the 2018 and 20 uh 19 model car. Instead for actually assembling this theres a little screw that holds the lid down, because the turning veins were how daniel nori had managed to get that to stay on there um.

But the front has these interesting little scoops uh to pull the air under these arent? Actually functional scoops on an rc car theyre just decorative, but we have a whole modified body. The body of the vehicle on the front has actually been extended from the 2016 model, which ended just after this reflects the new model design. We also have new mirrors between the two vehicles, but otherwise the center body. The motor cover, are all the same, as is the rear suspension and the front suspension minus the fact that the winglets are modified. So in all, it is still the base daniel noire, open, rc f1 car, but has now been modified to the 2022 flavor. The way the lid is actually held onto this um because i dont have the turning veins to clip it on is theres a hole. I think norway put in there for an antenna to come through or to mount other things to, and i just throw a screw through there. Ive got a little plate sitting here and then, when these lock on here, i drive an m3 screw through that hole and it locks the front lid down to hold the whole thing shut. Now, youll notice. This has a slightly different top and halo than what the typical noire design is. So these are actually the top and halo from another user. I have linked and cited credited him completely on the printables listing, so you can go and actually download these yourself from him, but ive gone ahead and copied them into the file, because i wanted an entire f1 file for the 2022 car, not just the hey.

These are the tack on pieces that get added onto the car, so when you go to the file, youll actually get the entire file to print this exact car in its entirety. It wont just be the 2022 updates and i have made sure to note which parts are mine and there are modifications and remixes of the norway parts and other users, parts versus which ones i made myself from the ground up now, youll notice, some things are a Little weird on this car in particular the wheels are different colors. I had a little bit of issue. I did design my own wheels to match the 2022 spec. They have a slightly larger interior diameter to give a thinner wall profile that the 2022 cars had, but my tpu is not wanting to print. It is really humid where i live right now and tp tpu does not print well in humidity. So for now, im running tires off my other open rc f1 cars, so ive got front or for my 2016 rear for my 2018 car, so thats. What weve got now well go ahead and jump to some video of this thing, driving and just see how fast it is: Music, Applause, Music, foreign, Music Applause, Music. Unlike a lot of the other f1 cars, this one, when you notice that ive straightened the grass its just fine, you pull it back out and keep going Music Applause, Music Applause, Music – you have to slow down to make turns otherwise it just overshoots Applause all right.

So you notice, i had to use some tape on the vehicle to hold the lid shut um. It didnt want to stay down perfectly, and i had some issues with the screw stripping out when i was doing that whole sequence, so i just ended up taping the lid down to hold it shut. Some things i noticed about this car is that this thing is ridiculously fast um, the 2016 model wasnt very fast. In my opinion, i tuned it so it was controllable. I was never able to fully tune the 2018 model to be controllable. In my opinion, the thing was just hard to drive. I dont know, if, like the differences in my ability to drive them, is that this is the third one. Ive built its a better build than my other two or, if its the fact that i printed this one out of pet g and the other ones are out of pla and thats whats making it have a better drive characteristic. But i also noticed that the single piece front nose, as well as the fact that its out of pet gmat, that i could run into things and it just bounced off of them. I didnt break stuff uh. It went really well. There is an interesting thing that happens when you go really fast with this car and you turn uh. If you turn too hard, so sometimes the overlock position you can get but ive tuned it, so i dont ever hit that spot, but as im.

Turning. If i turn too far, while im going too fast ill, just continue going straight, which is really cool, so ill actually have to reduce, throttle and watch the car just suddenly take a really hard turn. So steering is very touchy and its very easy to not turn properly. I find it quite challenging to drive in comparison to other ones, but it has got quite a lot of speed behind it and its surprisingly, very controllable and a lot of fun to drive all right. Well, if youre interested in putting your own open, rc, f1 2022 car theres a link in the description below that i mentioned in this video theyll. Take you to my printables page, where you can find the entire car available for download.