I cover a bunch of hearing related information to help make you a better informed consumer. So, if you’re into that consider hitting the subscribe button, it is finally here, after over a year of waiting, we now have a way to stream audio directly from a phone. That is not an iPhone directly into an otacon open hearing aid and not only that, but we also have a remote microphone for the Otakon open and, if you’ve seen my other video, I am a huge fan of the Otakon open hearing aid and a lot of People out there actually are, but the two flaws that it did have and the things that I really didn’t like about the hearing aid is that you couldn’t stream phone calls and music and podcasts, and everything like that directly from an Android phone. Well, with the connect clip now you can and that connect clip is also a remote microphone. So when you go into a noisy environment, if you happen to need a little bit of help, you can use the remote microphone feature of the connect clip. Alright, obviously, I’m a little excited so let’s kind of tame that down a little bit and actually check out the connect clip. Alright. So at first glance, you’ll notice that the device is pretty small, I would say it’s about an inch by two inches and then maybe three quarters of an inch thick, including the clip that it has on it.

So it’s a nice small device, it’s pretty lightweight doesn’t, have a whole lot of weight to it. It has a multi function, button on the side. It has a plus button, which is for volume or program changes, and it has a minus button for again volume and a mute feature. It also has a directional microphone. What I mean by directional is that it picks up the sound in the direction that you points that strip okay, so it’s important to note that it also has a plug in the bottom of it pretty standard. You could use a lot of different charging cords that are pretty common in the electronics world to charge this as well. It also has that nifty clip which you would use to clip on to an article of clothing or the lanyard that it comes with that clip. Also rotates 360 degrees. So when you clip it onto a piece of clothing, you can make sure that you are directing that microphone towards the person’s mouth that is wearing it. So the estimated battery life on this guy right here is 16 hours, assuming a 16 hour daily use. You would use it two hours for streaming two hours for talking on the phone and then you would still have 12 hours worth of standby time, which is where it’s, basically in your pocket or clipped on your shirt but you’re, not really using it. At the time. You do need it to be on for you to receive phone calls through it, so it has to be powered on, but that is what the standby mode is for.

Now, if you don’t stream, a whole lot of music and phone calls it’ll. Actually, last you about 36 hours in that standby mode, all right enough with that let’s start getting into the things that I really like about the Otakon Connect clip number one. Is it lets you stream audio directly from your phone, and you don’t have to have an iPhone like I mentioned before, it can be an iPhone which you wouldn’t necessarily use it. It wouldn’t have a whole lot of functionality for you if you have an iPhone, but if you have an Android phone or if you have a non smartphone, you can still Bluetooth it with that non smartphone and stream. Audio and phone calls directly from that phone as well, it’s, really nice – I mean, if you’re at the gym working out. All you have to do is kind of sit. This down, you know, buy your water bottle or your bag, and I was able to get a pretty good distance away from it and still be able to stream music directly to the hearing, aids and so it’s. Just a really nice feature to be able to have while you’re working out while you’re you know at home, relaxing whatever the case may be I’m just super excited now that you can stream the audio from a phone other than an iPhone. Alright. Recent number two is that you can use it as a remote microphone. It actually serves those two functions all in the same device.

So when you have this just on yourself and you have it in standby mode, if you receive a phone call, you can answer the phone call just like normal. It will stream it into both ears, but you can also use it as that remote microphone and take it flip it to remote microphone mode by holding down the multifunction button, clip it on the shirt of the person that you want to hear and make sure that You angle that microphone strip towards their mouth and that will pick up their voice. It will send that voice directly into your hearing aids, and so, if you’re in a noisy environment, you don’t have to worry about all that background noise mixing in with their speech signal, because their voice only has to travel a few inches. In order for this microphone to pick it up and then send it into your ears, so we’re using a remote microphone is the absolute best way to improve your ability to understand, speech and noise. So if that is something that is important to you or something that you struggle with using a remote microphone, will have a dramatic improvement in your speech, understanding when you’re in background noise. The third feature is that you can use it as a remote control and you can even use it with your Otakon on app. So if you want to change your volume and programs on the app you can still do so, but if you also want to change it on the connect clip, you can do that as well.

So let’s just say you had your phone in your pocket. You didn’t want to pull it out. You had this guy clipped on your shirt. You could hit the plus button to increase the volume, the minus button to decrease the volume. If you wanted to change programs, you could hold down the plus button to cycle through the different programs you have in your hearing aids. You can hold and press down the minus button and that will actually mute your hearing aids. So you don’t have to use that single button that you have on either side of your hearing, aids, all right, so I’ve been using the connect clip for about a day and a half two days now, and I really like it obviously I’m super excited about it. However, there are some things that I don’t like so much so let’s go into those right now. The first thing I don’t like so much is the clip the clip is actually pretty weak. I have tie clasp that keep my tie in place when I’m working and I find those to be weak, but even those are stronger than the clip that’s on this now it does have some rubber grips on it, which kind of helps it stay. On your shirt a little bit better, but at the end of the day the spring that’s on there should be a lot stronger than what it is. If you want to make sure you know, if you’re working out with it on is something like that which might not be recommended, it really needs to have a little bit stronger of a clip.

The second thing I don’t like so much is that when you’re using it as a remote microphone, you really can’t have the person hold it when the person holds it. It definitely creates a lot of static. It’S, like the microphone, is so sensitive that if you rub the device, it actually transmits that sound into the hearing aids – and it sounds horrible of course, so I don’t necessarily like that aspect of it it’s kind of a double edged sword. You want the microphone to be nice and sensitive to pick up. You know subtleties in speech and be able to transfer that to your hearing aids, but you also kind of want to be able to hold it in your hands if you don’t have a good spot to clip it on and the other thing that I’m, not so Hot on is that if you’re getting a phone call – and you answer your phone and you’re streaming it into both of your ears, you have to have this somewhere in the vicinity of where your voice can be picked up by it. So you can’t just leave it in your pocket or set it on a table across the room. It has to be relatively close to you, so the person on the other end of the line can actually hear what you’re saying now. I know you’re, probably thinking I’m beating this little guy up too much, but I actually really do love the connect clip.

It has a lot of different functionalities to it. It gets rid of the problems that we had with the Otakon open hearing aids for over a year now, and it really does serve a great purpose, and I don’t know how durable it is yet because I haven’t had enough time or hands on time to play With it, but you know, it’s something that can dramatically improve your experience with your hearing devices, even if you have an iPhone and you’re streaming directly from the iPhone already using it as a remote. Microphone can dramatically improve your speech, understanding and background noise, and it is well worth the money that is spent on it. I am estimating that most clinics will be charging around two hundred and fifty dollars and for the amount of functionality that it has.