Sorry, i had to it’s the it’s. The good old creighton craton fiasco all over again now with the mojave i’m, pretty sure, it’s a mojave, mojave let’s, hope that’s. What it is popeye you guys usually love seeing popeye today we’re going to unbox the arma mojave. This is mine, it is abby’s. She picked it out. I i had this really good streak of, like i have my uh wolf, you know and some other planes that biplane i just got had a really good time so abby this is you. This has been out for a while it’s, not new to the market or anything. I just finally pulled the trigger and got one. This is a 1 7 scale short horse truck, and it looks amazing and it’s my biggest short course truck biggest short course truck. Sometimes, while we do, if we have like 20 rc’s that we want, we say: okay, here’s, the rc fund money, oh there’s, 20. We want divided up into the 20 pots and sometimes that’s. What happens you know so here we go. We couldn’t! We just couldn’t get this one right. When it came out, you get the honors of unboxing. While you cut the tape, i want to thank today’s sponsor buffalo dude, buffalo dip, that’s right, buffalo, jam, Music; well, that’s what it is: it’s buffalo dip, but it’s buffalo dip. It’S, a very awesome local snack dip that we are trying to help support here, locally it’s, just a small family that does this okay, but they’ll ship nationwide, which is really cool the best way to eat it, in my opinion, is to heat the dip up.

Some dip a pretzel in it’s good. I love it that’s the best way to eat it with a pretzel nice cold, drink too buffalo dip well i’m linked in the description box below you can actually save five percent using an exclusive rc sailor promo code. The code is down there. Please support them, they’re good they’re, good people, hmm pretzel, on my teeth. I didn’t get nearly enough dip on that thanks, you’re welcome. This is not good that this is here: i’m gon na eat the whole video that’s good. First time we mentioned it, a lot of people got it. I think everybody likes it, it’s local with you guys. This is a small business, very small business, very local it’s not like this – is fredo or something you know good stuff, who’s with me, good luck or bad luck to pass an open knife. Okay, i know i’ve seen one of these in person at a hobby shop, but i don’t think i’ve ever seen them run. No. We have there’s one hobby shop that we have gone to our buddy george works, hi george, if you’re watching he watches he’s, probably not watching this one he’s a crawler guy; no, he watches their ground vehicle videos, most of them you’re right, george, oh yeah! I forgot you got that color yeah, so that’s the first color, although i think they have like a red, white and blue. I guess that’s, the red one has like the red white on the hood.

This is the best color all of our unboxings. Now people do coffee and stuff we’re gon na have that in every unboxing. Oh, it looks good, it does humongous giant good job. You picked out a good one. You know the short course truck is such a unique thing for me, because it was the very first rc car that we got from course trucks that’s. Why they’re, probably my favorite style, really probably wow. I, like i don’t, know because for me, pulls at the heart strings. I’Ve a little bit. I i’ve like branched out a little bit more stuck very faithfully. Are you ready? We have one that started this one broke, guess what i am ready. I came prepared. You said one was broken, this one’s already done really every rc we get these days seems to have one one zip tie already broken. Does that happen to you, or is it just that it might be us? So i think we would like to get one of those tables that has like hydraulics in it to raise and lower like it’s a coffee table yeah it goes in your life. Actually i have one in our amazon cart right now. Oh i didn’t go down here. So dangerous on amazon, very dangerous wow. I like that this bumper there’s a actually like a plastic bar bumper that sticks out on the front of that. I didn’t know that was there. So when we got the infraction, i was like.

Oh look at the star hood that’s, so cool yeah, i’m. Pretty sure this came out before the infection v2. Oh uh, so we probably look like noobs because we haven’t seen it no yeah. Oh, this looks so cool. It has spectrum inside 6s, 6s short course truck. I love the like hubcaps, it looks so good tires are good. They do it. Soft, no selfish but it’s a short course truck. So all right, popeye, we’re gon na get that little pretzel, buddy nathan, nathan, nathan, nathan, look what it is. I have an idea. What is that it’s for candy? No, no, no it’s for candy, so on the rift there’s this little box on the back and people? You know it makes sense. It says it’s like a water, tight box, you can put weight in there bled weight or brass or whatever you know, to help the performance. I say: it’s a candy box i’m going to stick to that. Candy has weight to it. You need to lose some weight on the trail you don’t want to litter. Oh there’s, velcro on the side. Today, oh mine is already starting to peel off, though Music well it’s, a good idea. I’M guessing this is gon na be quite fast and they have they’re trying to like keep the body down, probably yeah. It says 60 miles, i don’t know if that’s going to be with opinion or without probably without whoo. This is big. All right, i’m saying i’m saying that’s going to be with the pinion fan i’m guessing something i’ve, never seen before.

Nate there’s, like a rubber mud flap. Here on the front, you see that that’s interesting that’s, probably not a mud, flap it’s. Probably it reminds me of a mud, flap it’s, probably to help create a seal on the front of it, it’s, pretty cool, all right, so how’s the tower five. We can run off of two three s’s or one success right. This is 6s. This is crazy. This this has the tower tower chassis support, beam, which is pretty common in these armored vehicles now i’m. Very impressed with this is that an aluminum chassis. Yes, it is wow. Where is the armor pretty much from the bottom yeah that would have been called the laser during that please it’s beautiful? Would they do that on the uh, the eight s the crankbaits – i don’t know if it’s on anything else, but sure beautiful, so there’s also a chassis to tower support, that’s cool, but it is plastic, but it looks like it can flex a little bit the way. It’S in there possibly cool man that is a nice battery velcro system it’s like completely enclosed on the front here. So if something gets thrown in here it’s not going to hurt your battery and that’s adjustable ooh check that out, that’s really nice. Look that comes up so if you stack two batteries in there that’ll fit. Oh, i like that really good design, that’s cool yeah. Oh no secret message on the inside it’s, like the secret messages on the inside of the hood there’s a lot of movement on here.

There’S, actually quite a bit of flex like if you want to consider it that oh, i found it secret message: it’s right there is one it’s in the dash really it’s in the dash it’s, not underneath it’s, like behind the driver. It says don’t, just bash blast. That’S cool i’ll always like to find that one that’s what i’m concerned about everybody just clicked away: no it’s fine! This motor is pretty huge in here it’s, pretty beefy it’s got a giant heat sink on there. Now i like the arma engraving on the heatsink. You see that right here, the heatsink on the motor and the esc looks massive. I know this has probably been done before, but there’s actually room for airflow in this. So this cabin is open with drivers and then there’s the airflow yeah that’s good that’s, really nice yeah. It would perish so bad if they didn’t cut those back there. Yeah i mean that’s gon na be big beefy and fast. Four wheel drive of course it’s absolutely as hobby great as it gets. I wonder if this has the telemetry i’m. Sorry, i keep getting no yeah it’s, okay, it’s your truck i’m, just no! I don’t mean to it’s all right that’s, your truck. You know i like i like how this sits up here too. The i think i’ll just interrupt you again. The body standoffs have not so like a lot of times. You get these really skinny body standoffs right and they just come.

They just come straight up and they’re very long and they are subject to damage really easily. This body standoff system has yes, you’ve got your two in front and two and back like. Like always, but look at this take a close look. You have four plastic standoffs for each one, so that’s adjustable. You can raise that or lower that, if you want to, but there are four which means it’s very unlikely to break in comparison to just having a two. I like that design a lot, so this is a ready to run set up, but it comes with the spectrum slt three it’s, a good radio, radio, but there’s, no telemetry or anything like that on it. That kind of reads back to you. What is going on with your battery, i feel like this, so i’ll probably be using my rugged. I think this probably hit the market before all of the telemetry came back to the radio, but i feel like this vehicle in particular would have benefited from that. A lot yeah it’s, pretty cool. We have the speed pinion in here. We’Ve got spare spacers instructions there’s some shims in here too, for a tighter gear, mesh that’s nice. They they threw in a lot of extra little bells and whistles. I should mention you can run 4s on this too cool, so you could run 2 2s, a single 4s, 2, 3s or a single 6s, so to run 4s in total or 6s in total that’s.

A good looking short course truck it’s got to be probably one of the best looking short cars trucks we have and it’s the biggest um other than the falcon, the lossy falcon tenacity, whatever it’s called uh yeah. This is our best looking one i like our falcon. A lot lucy does a good job, making their shortcoming. Trucks look good, i mean they are team, lacy racing this. This is the best looking. It looks so good. It has the interior done with the bars. I love it. I love it well there’s an unboxing on a rainy day, and i want to thank our patreon supporters for helping us get these kind of things on the channel, but also i want to thank our sponsor if you guys want to check them out they’re linked in The description box below you’re supporting a local company that’s, actually a good snack that i legitimately like munching on so very cool yeah, and if you want to support us, we’ll, have this truck linked in the description box below we make a little bit. If you decide to buy it um, so if you want to support a family and if you enjoy our content, click the link, it helps us out anything you buy while you’re there actually goes toward us. So if you click this link, go over to horizon, you buy a battery for something that you might you know, it’s springtime, it’s the time to buy batteries.

We all buy fresh batteries. If you oh you’re, not you know nate you’re right. I need a couple. You know crawling batteries or my my jets are. I could use a fresh battery if you need something for that click. The link arma mojave will pop up and you can just search for your battery while you’re there buy it and we’ll get a little bit of credit that helps us out. If you think that there should be more channels out there that are family friendly and have very high morals and stick to those for eight years on youtube, if you’d like to see more of that, you know just say thanks by using those links. So only if you want to obviously this is an amazing vehicle test coming soon so be sure to hit the subscribe button. Make sure your notification bell is on, because this is probably going to be our fastest shore course truck ever. You know what, though, sometimes big doesn’t necessarily mean fast. No, it does not so it couldn’t it might not be it might not be. It could be our big. This is officially seventh scale right seventh scale. Yes, now we’ve had some really fast short course, trucks. We have our those will probably be. I don’t know if they’ll break 60, but i don’t know if the 60 mile per hour on the box is with the pinion or without the opinion. It probably says down there i’m, assuming because most of the time they run slower without you put the different pinion in they run faster.

This is built, maybe, with that pinion the reason they do, that is it’s a little more rugged for off road driving. So this is going to be driven off road and bashed around a little bit more than just speed. Testing yeah, i don’t know if the opinion will ever go in this because we’ll do off roading, i don’t plan to really break records with this. I want to bash, and i i want to ramp and stuff like this right. This one needs to go to the track has to be perfect and it looks like a zebra from this far away on the camera. It looks so cool. It looks good guys we’re, very we it’s, amazing that even after eight years of doing youtube, we still enjoy it. So much and it’s not just youtube it’s. You know: it’s it’s, the hobby it’s, the hobby, that’s that’s. What keeps us coming back because the hobby keeps getting better and better and better, as time goes on, and so you know for just not getting burnt out. There is no um end in sight as far as getting burnt out goes. You know, keeping it fun and fresh, and all that i just want to thank the big guy, upstairs we’re, grateful and uh. All credit goes goes to him, so um yeah. Thank you also. We’Re super grateful for our patreon supporters. If you guys want to join the patreon team picture family, that info is linked down there below.

We are maybe a couple months behind on getting stickers out to people that’s going to happen soon. We hope we always try to stay caught up on that we’ll get stickers out feeling some rc sailor stickers that’s a great way to support us too and uh. We will have one of your favorite shortcomings, let’s put the arma felonies and the newest arma release.