Looking awesome out here, um guys, i we unboxed the uh danchi and we were gon na do that this weekend for a review. But we got blessed with one of those rare days here in michigan, where the sun is shining it’s only 17 degrees out, but the sun is shining and uh. We wanted to get a first run in here with the dr 10. So look for the danchi we’ll. Do that review next weekend, but as for now we’re gon na let this animal run wide. We got a big huge parking lot out here. We’Re gon na do like a range test on it, and a couple first runs with it and see what we can get out of it all right, guys, let’s let’s fire up this animal and see what she does. Applause all right, guys. Our first run with the dr 10 we’re gon na check out that turning radius on it, real quick, see how tight of a turn we can get out of it. Applause, remember guys. This has a a steering limiter on it, so that’s a full turn right. There get a nice tight circle out of it, man it looks. I cannot get over the looks of this thing, guys. Applause, all right, uh turn that steering trim down all the way to a minimum and we’ll check that how much of a steering radius you get out of that Applause? Okay, so that’s for speed runs, get almost no steering out of that all right, we’re gon na run this thing out as far as it’ll go.

This is also our first launch with the dr 10, so let’s run it out and we’ll see when we lose range. Three two one: oh man, it’s got some power. Oh my goodness, still going Applause. Nice range all right, all right right there, so we will walk that all the way off and we’ll get a range on the controller. All right guys, we’ll be back in about 17 minutes, we’ll be right, back whoa, so all right guys we’re way down there made it way down here. So the uh control range and the team associated dr 10 is about 470 feet, which is awesome. So hopefully we still got control range when we uh get up the top speed all right, so we’ll just do some runs with it here hear that gyro. I love that dynamic vehicle control. I remembered this time guys all right, we’ll bash it around here for a little bit and get some runs in guys. It just takes off like a rocket. She didn’t get it going by us whoa. She was flying guys doesn’t even give me a chance to zoom Applause, Applause, uh Applause, guys, it looks awesome. It just looks awesome going by Applause and i can almost feel the 3s power Applause. I got to get the gps out on this guys, we’re. Definitely going to do a speed test on this baby, all right, guys, it’s time to start throwing out guesses. How fast is it going i’m gon na go ahead and step out on a limb and say it’s doing at least 50.

let’s bring it in here and open it up and take a look and see if anything’s getting hot, oh yeah, guys remember: first, upgrade the Body pins with the pull tabs right absolutely must have for any rc just want to check it. Real quick, make sure nothing’s getting more hear our esc fan humming away Applause, nothing hot there at all motor is not hot the streets. The slicks are looking awesome guys. My hands are completely numb 17 degrees, seven, seven degree wind too, all right, we’ll do a couple more passes with it and then we’ll wrap her up guys. It is a rocket Applause. Oh scraping up the body check the brakes, Applause guys. Where would i be without dynamic vehicle control? Yes, first crash guys, of course you know i had to do it right all right guys, so just that, like at the track, we’re gon na try to put an e brake on here, but we’re gon na warm up. Our slicks, Applause Applause, all right guys. So what do you think of the dr 10 i’m stoked about it and, like i told you guys, if anybody can flip this thing over, it would be me so it does have a nice couple. New battle scares on it. All right we got guessing going on over here, but guys we don’t call them scars. We call them what character the car now. The dr 10 now has character in it right all right.

So my my initial thoughts are man. What a great car i mean it gets right to top speed right away. The dynamic vehicle control works. Awesome keeps it in a nice tight straight line when you’re doing speed runs. Wheelie bar worked great. They have no issues with doing wheelies too bad and, like i said, if you want some wheelies on it, it is adjustable. So you can uh back that off a little bit also comes with bigger tires. If you want zero wheelie going on right, uh top speed i’m, throwing it out there i’m saying 50 plus. What do you guys think take a guess at it? Uh. Definitely the next time you see the dr 10. It will have a gps unit on it and we will be doing some speed tests on it, but as far as the review goes guys man, what an awesome car right team associated great job with the uh with this car absolutely love. It remember guys it’s fully ready to run drop. Your uh pick your battery drop it in there and i’ll hit the strip right guys. All right, uh review, wise great car way to go love it all right. Guys, we’ll see you uh soon. Hopefully we get the danchi out um. Hopefully we get some nice weather. Hopefully it warms up a little bit all right guys until next time.