This is my birthday box showing up with most of my rc parts, and my birthday present can y’all guess what it is. The max 5 for the outcast 8s let’s go ahead and crack all this stuff. Open i’ll show you guys what i got for my birthday check out. Project misdemeanor it’s part started coming in guys, let’s check it out a real big package. The real birthday present, though guys when i went ahead and did it’s, got the exp motor mount for the outcast 8s for the 56 series there’s the part number four right. There got some more shock. Oil got some blue for the diffs and grease for the ring gear on the dips and then check out the max 5 guys. I already opened this up, because i had to take it to the hobby shop to get them to solder on the connections check out. This thing guys Music check it out, it’s a max 5 for the outcast, and this beast: oh, come on Music, all right, a little struggle to get this thing up and it was tight, so check out this side, let’s pull it out, there’s a next to my Best just for size, comparison gents, that is a 6s infraction motor 2050 kv there’s. The 800 kv on the left. Music. All right gents, as you know, i’m a huge fan of z, power batteries, but i went ahead and got something different this time to try out open this up and see what they look like hardcase, 6200s hard case being the thing Music.

Look at this thing: adc 6200 ma car case libo. Try these out see how they do: Music, Music, Music, Music, um, Music, um, Music, all right, gents, real quick! I just want to show you. This is the steering rack Music and what you have to do in order to clear that big engine big motor is you have to shave this piece down right here: shave it down until it clears because the can will hit it. Therefore, you won’t get any of your steering so i’ve shaved. All this down make sure it cleared now i’m going to go ahead and reinstall all right, jen’s just wrapping it up. As you can see here, it’s very close, i had to shave down the actual swing arms for the steering up front. Um also got the mesh in here message: mesh is set good, bobby wings. All mounted up just getting ready to finish her up, wrap her up. So we could take her out for a bash Music check. It out guys all the batteries charged – and i got this in the mail – the gps so i’m going to go ahead and get that set up i’m going to go ahead and use these lipos, because when i was inspecting these ones to go for a charge, there’s A crack in the case here on this hard case, it’s already called amazon they’ve, already got a replacement coming to me. It won’t be here till tomorrow, so we won’t use these new batteries just yet, but i’ll get this set up.

We’Ll run on the old 6000 milliamp 100c discharge, z powers that i use usually running at all right guys. I figured while we’re here i might as well do an unboxing, because i don’t see a whole lot of information on this guy out there it’s one of the newer gps’s looks like okay. We got a usb charging cable instruction manual, which i will go through and read: oh check it out nice. Let me go and get this set up all right, gents it’s time maiden voyage got the new tires max 5 800 kv 8s 6000 milliamp hours, 100 c. Discharge rate and check this out, i went ahead and got the gps attached, so i’ll go ahead and get that powered up, get the truck running and we’ll go from there all right, we’re ready to go. This is 29′ gearing on 800 kv. Hobby win just so you guys know you look right there five miles an hour, all right, all right. Ah, i don’t think i don’t think something’s right guys, let’s see bring you guys in that’s reading 22 miles an hour. I don’t know if you guys can see it or not. Well, gents i got it figured out it wasn’t reading full throttle from the transmitter to the receiver, so i recalibrated it now. Everything seems to be good. I haven’t done a full throttle pull, but i did just give it a little juice, i’m gon na go ahead and throw the top on it.

Oh, oh all, right now we got all the kinks worked out and i found the gps that flew off on that last tumble i’ve went ahead and reset it to zero, make sure it’s reading three miles an hour. I would set you up on the truck and try and get a good run out of this wow Music. Oh check it out guys we’ll bring you in it says 42 miles an hour, see if i can’t try and beat that again mind you. This is the slowest gearing i can have in here now. All i can do is gear up from here. Well, gents i got done at the park um the sun was going down after i found the gps and tried to beat that 42 miles an hour um. It wheelie so violently that’s the only way to explain it on 29′, it wheels so violently the front wheels are never touching well gents i’m going to show you the carnage. If you look right freaking here, it got stuck in a cartwheel when i hit the brakes to slow it down, trying to beat the 42 miles an hour and when it started cartwheeling just out of control, it cartwheeled, like eight or nine times and popped the rod Off it’s not broke, as you can see right here. It just needs to be snapped back on, driveline came out um, but it wheelies way way way too violently. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to go ahead and gear it up some and we’re going to do a try again well gents.

I just wanted to show you look under here. I already fixed it already put the driveline back in and popped the rod end back on what i’m going to do is i’m, going to rip out the batteries i’m going to throw them on the charger i’m going to pull um the motor out i’m going to Throw a different gear on here, put some loctite on and i’m going to, let it cure for 24 hours and then i’m going to do more speed, runs and more bashing on the different gearing. This thing was straight violent on 29, ‘ gearing so i’m going to go ‘.’. Let it set up 24 to 48 hours.