Now this is from a lipo manufacturer that deal on amazon called ovonic. As you can see here, it consists of a couple of batteries. They’Ve got the battery warning sticker here, so uh yeah, ovonic uh, contacted me a couple of weeks ago and they asked me if i’d like to test out some of their lipos that they got in stock. Now these came from the australian warehouse. Initially i thought ovonic, like many other uh amazon vendors out there, that deal with lipos. I thought it might have been a us only warehouse deal, so no, they actually had a. They have an australian warehouse, to my surprise, so that’s pretty cool, so anyone that’s uh viewing this video looking for lipos. These might be the ones for you. You can get them from, so here they are here. Guys i’d like to thank them for sending these out for review um. They sent me a couple of these uh. 3S. 3, 000 milliamp hour 50c rated lipos high discharge, okay, and these would be perfect for rc cars boats and even some drones, so let’s see what we get in this box. First off we get a couple of stickers they threw in. So you got a couple of ovonic stickers. That’S. Pretty neat also got this little leaflet here: okay, a bit of information about the battery just folds out just like that. So we’ve got uh precautions before charging charging, discharging notes, battery voltages or battery storage and some more information on the other side.

Okay, so it’s pretty neat. They include that you can have a read through that. If you decide to buy this uh particular product so um anyway, guys let’s have a look at these lipos we’ve got two of them here: okay, so these are the 3 000 milliamp hour, 3s lipos. Okay, they are um, not hard packed. They are the soft pack, but uh yeah, nice actual actually pretty decent size, um they’re, not too big, actually for for this uh, this milliamp hours compared to hard packs, so uh first off i’d, like to check the storage voltage of these we’ll, make sure they are At a healthy storage rate, so let’s have a look here: okay, so we’re at 11.4, volt, 35, that’s, perfect, 3.8, 3.8 on the second cell and 3.8. Again so that’s perfect, guys, perfect storage rate let’s check this second one same deal: 11.4 volts that looks good. So 3.8 cell 2, 3.8 cell, 3, 3.8 and they’re very close together too, as you can see, Music that’s great, all right, so very good storage rate from the factory guys that’s good to see and uh i’ll be testing these out. In my in some of my trucks and cars and i’ll charge these ones up as soon as i finish, this uh part of the video so um like i’d, like to say the size comparison of these i’ll just go and get um some of my other lipos And we’ll see the size comparison between these and some of the other lipos around the same milliamp hour rating okay.

So before i charge these lipos up to test them, i just want to show you a comparison in size compared to some other lipos that i have that are also three cell, so uh here you go here um. This is a zd racing, uh lipo. Now these come stock with uh, some of the larger scaled uh zd racing rc vehicles, um the one tenth scales and the one eight scales and, as you can see, it’s rather large. It is slightly bigger in capacity. But this is a hard pack and you can see how much bigger it is than those vonnick ones, so it’s going to take up a lot more space than these are smaller batteries and you’re. Getting pretty much. You know the same amount of milliamp hours. Also the ovonic one is a 50c rated. When you can see this zd racing, one is only 35. Okay, now i’ve got another battery here, which is also uh. One of my rc 110 scale trucks. This is a 7.4 volt it’s, a hard pack, as you can see here, it’s rather large it’s around the same 100 same milliamp hours as well at 3200, but being a hard pack, it’s rather large, compared to this ovonic one, which is a three cell. Okay. In fact, this is the same size as the zd racing, except this is a 2 cell, and this is a 3 cell all right guys, so yeah you’re going to be able to put this in many more applications.

You know smaller cars as well that you can’t traditionally fit these uh larger hard packs in so you know good for speed run cars where you need the extra room. You know on some of these uh smaller scale vehicles like the wl toys, for example. You need all the room you can get, so these will be perfect to run in those sorts of cars, all right, guys so i’m going to charge this right up and we’ll test them out in one of my rc cars or trucks and we’ll see how they Perform firstly and we’ll see what sort of run time we get out of this 3 000 milliamp hour 50c lipo from ovonnick, so stay tuned for that guys, that’s coming up next, okay, guys we’re out at the field here and we’re, going to test out the ovonic Lipo i’ve got them both here on me, i’m, just going to test out one today, as you can see, i’ve got it inside the battery bay of the zd racing dbx10 now i’m going to do a quick speed test. Guys i’ve got the speed reader on the back. I haven’t speed test this one before um, so this is going to be the first time i have seen another channel get around 40 k’s an hour on this truck. I think you know that’s the most. It can do, but they were on tarmac so i’m off road here on this uh field, all right guys so uh we’ll give this a go: uh on the 3s ovonic lipo, okay and i’ll.

Just uh put the hat camera on my head and tie this down and we’ll give it a test. Guys, like i said, i haven’t speed, ran this one. Yet it’s gon na be the first time to see what speeds we can get out of it and um yeah looks like we’ve got satellites here. Press uh play should record yep let’s see what we can get like. I said uh i’ve seen one video where they got around 40 k’s. I think on the dot on tarmac. This is a basha vehicle, so it’s not really made for speed. Just off road bashing it’s got a lot of torque, rather than top end due to the gearing okay that will do bring it back, see what we got. Okay well got 41.7 guys that’s pretty decent off road. Like i said, i saw another channel get 40 on on tarmac, so yeah pretty decent there pretty decent speed, so that’s pretty good for this truck, alright guys so let’s just uh have a bit of a play around with this it’s. Definitely uh launch is hard with the high c rating i can know. I couldn’t do that with the um stock battery that’s for sure got a pretty good punch off the line. This will go great in some of my other rc trucks, as well ones, with higher kv motors, especially and for speed, runs as well. Some of my speed run cars a pretty decent speed.

Overall, this truck let’s bring it back again see. If i can uh do some more wheel, stands here: okay, she flipped over so uh. I might take this off just in case. I lose it. If i lose it and comes loose, i have a heck of a time trying to find it out here. It’S happened to me before yeah. This truck almost needs a wheelie bar now pretty much. The rear tail is acting as a wheelie bar, so yeah definitely heaps more punch out of this uh using the ovonic lipo here 50c rated 3000c lipo much better than the original one from zd racing that’s for sure that might be a little bit bigger in capacity. But it’s only 25c rating – oh, that was nice – try to hold that wheelie. This is a great truck guys, great basher and it uh it flies really well on the ramp too. I’Ll have to take it out again soon. I definitely couldn’t do that with the stock battery guys hold a wheelie awesome, so yeah so far, i’m pretty impressed with these batteries. Guys um should give pretty decent uh running time as well. See that pop a wheelie again. Can we pop wheelies still uh it’s a it did but it’s getting a little bit uh underpowered for the wheelies now so i know, maybe not, maybe not i thought. Maybe you know it was uh because i’m discharging the battery it’s uh getting a bit weak now, but no it’s, still pretty good.

Yeah works really good on this truck guys pretty happy with these batteries for sure i’d definitely be looking at purchasing some more uh. These were provided to me from ovonic, so big thanks to them, uh they’re great batteries. They seem to have a pretty good run time too, because these brushless uh trucks can take up the juice. Oh, it looks like it’s turned off. I beat you that’s the switch i’ve had it happen before yep. It was a switch getting knocked underneath the truck here when it flipped, i might have to relocate i’m gon na, have to relocate. That switch, because just under the vents here is where the switch is. So with that impact, it uh turned it off still popping wheelies and still got pretty decent speed that i was experiencing at the start of the run. These batteries are pretty darn good. I was expecting them maybe to go a bit flat now. Just give me a good uh power once i go full throttle around the corner with the 50c rating, so yeah guys, um ovonic have got a few uh warehouses around the world, including australia, which i really like that’s a big uh plus a bonus for me. If i want to order any from their website, i’ll put the links below too guys where you can get them from the the links that they provided me. So now it’s running for a long time here. So i might bring it in guys, as you can see.

Still got good power, so whoa hit the brakes too hard, then, and still can pop a wheelie, so yeah that’s enough of a test. I think otherwise i’ll be going around for quite a while. I think so. Uh yeah pretty impressed with these batteries. So far, um they’re on their first charge, so no doubt they’ll get a bit better run time um. You know as i as i recharge them, and discharge them in my truck so uh yeah pretty happy with these ivonic batteries. Guys definitely recommend them for sure. Okay, put the clips in there for now, so i don’t lose them so let’s see the voltage of this ovonic lipo is nice and warm at the moment. So let’s have a look at the cells and see how the cells are all right. So we need the cut off anyway, guys so lucky. I brought it in so it’s. 14.. 3.7. 3.7. 3.7. So there you go guys they’re all evenly matched all the cells that’s a good sign, 14 across the board. There you go 3.7, 3.72 again and 3.721 again. So identical healthy cells in this one guys so uh there you have it it’s definitely got some good punch being 50c, so i’m pretty happy with these batteries from ovonic guys i’ll leave a link in the description below where you can get these. They have a few warehouses around the world, including australia, guys so do check them out and yeah have a look at what they’ve got to offer.

They’Ve got quite a selection of batteries with different plugs. They’Ve got quite a few deans xt 60s, so uh yeah. To name others so um yeah check them out guys i’ll leave the links below i’d, like to thank ovonik for sending these through for testing i’ll, definitely be using them in a lot of my uh rc trucks and cars. Just like this one and uh yeah, thanks for watching guys so anyway, guys hope you enjoyed this review of the ovonic air lipo 3 cell batteries with a 3 000 milliamp hour 50c discharge um, if you’re new to the channel guys feel free to like subscribe. All that good stuff and comment below have you used these ovonic batteries before be uh great, to hear from you. If you did – and let me know what you think about them as well – alright guys thanks for watching i’ll catch you on the next one stay tuned for more rc videos and uh.