I think its about 20 bucks so lets cut to the pond pond. Its on were gon. Na drive to the park were gon na walk to the pond. Theres cash catchy poo poo looks like poo poo. What is it? Is it on yeah its on? I dont think it goes fast well see if its worth 20 bucks Music. I mean, i guess its a nice pavarotti looking boat. You know you just let it in yeah just plop it in wait. Is it all locked up, theres three little locks on it? One right there, one right there, another right: there, yeah theyre, all locked in ready, theyre, all locked, okay, set it down, thats, pretty fast, hes decently. Fast, i mean what, if it like, goes out there and it cant and it doesnt come back. I dont know. Did we charge the battery all the way yeah yeah? We did pretty cool, pretty cool id say its worth like 15 10 bucks, maybe its not cash 20.. Even that thing not the 20, though i would get it for 10 bucks yeah same pretty cool, though probably better, in a pool its not a pond lets try and make some waves and jump them, but were not making waves yeah with the dock oh get out There get out there get the boat were gon na, make some waves and then were gon na see if it can jump them. Okay now turn around start going at him.

I guess thats pretty fun. No just keep going adam, oh yeah, its hitting him handles him. Pretty i dont know is that good or poor itd be cool and like the beach like, no, i think itd be cool at like a pool. Uh cassie poo poo buddies, im not wearing the same shoes right now, but i have them and we were wearing them earlier. Oh yeah, thats all over cash. Stop you ugly, yeah ugly dog lets. Do one more drive and well go inside yep thats, pretty cool. How long is the last thing on it? The battery i dont know, but i think we should bring it in. I dont think it lasts that long pull it up just scoop it with your hand, bad dog, bad dog. I got him cash, he killed it. He killed it crap i swear to god. No, he freaking killed it. Oh, my god bad dog. Well, i guess thats the end of the review. You didnt kill it. Oh, it has water in it. Oh yeah, thats, normal thats. The end of the review guys subscribe for more rc content, never mind it still. Works were gon na. Do a range test, not if cash gets to it first, zero out of ten its not faster than cash. Okay.