The number one chevy dealership in Illinois today, I’m going to be showing you a 2018 Malibu, LT and I’m, going to actually show you how to remote start the vehicle. This is something that you cannot do with the spare key inside the vehicle when you take it from the dealership, so you need to take that out and put it in a safe place when you get home. But what you’re going to need to do make sure all the doors are closed hoods closed because it will not do it if the hoods open or if any of the doors are open. What you’re going to do is you’re gon na hit lock twice on your remote and, as you can see, you have this little dial here, this little arrow and with the little arrow that is actually going to be your remote start. So once it once, you hit lock, twice it’s gon na beep, then you press and hold down that arrow beautiful remote start, and you can do this from inside your house as well now to say, say you wanted to turn off the remote start. It forgot to do something at the house: you’re not leaving right now. What you’re going to do is actually just hit the dial again press and hold and it’ll actually kill the vehicle on the 2018 Malibu. This is going to be a feature with the confidence and convenience package on the LT. If you’re interested in possibly coming out and taking a look at the new 18 Malibu come see me, my name is Jake I’d, be happy to take care of.

You again. Come see me at Phillips, Chevrolet and take care, see you soon.