This is such a magnificent car, beautiful we’re, going to take out on the table and show you rc viewers, exactly what you get with the box and the unboxing Music. The remote comes in a separate box with some accessories. The car itself, the body, has the body clips that are attached to you, so you don’t lose clips, which we all know how that works. But i wish all cars had these um. You can buy these separate and um. You can actually do them on any car. You just have to drill a uh, maybe 1 16th hole i’m, not quite sure, but you can. You know, put them on anybody if you uh buy them. I believe amazon had them. This car has a y splitter for the battery that can hook up uh two 3s batteries a 4s or a 6s. They have a binding adapter you can put in. So if you only hook up one battery, it continues the current throughout the car um. The motor, of course, is brushless has a fan on the motor, and then it has a fan on the esc uh the tires are real rubber, they’re solid. I mean there is no pushing these down and they look belted as well. You can see the line in the middle of them, so they don’t um balloon out when you’re going at high speeds. Um amazing car been wanting this for a long time, and thanks to my wonderful wife, i have haven’t now in the box, the remote and the other accessories are in here and the manual it comes with stickers.

Now, look at that wrench because the two wrenches and that’s, the biggest wrench you’ve ever seen it came with a car and allen wrenches as well. It comes with the drag racing pinion uh. My understanding from people i’ve talked to in research that this is only used for a straight away. Do not use it if you’re just driving around and bashing, and you know just going around the neighborhood. This is only strictly for drag racing um. By using this other than drag racing, you can burn out the circuitry on the car and you all know how that goes. We don’t want to buy new uh motors and all that i can get quite pricey um and the bags that come in. Like i said you got the stickers awesome stickers. I can’t tell you, and they really took their time on packaging this and giving us uh rc enthusiasts many options, such a cool variety, and that goes in the front of the motor 8×6. I have license plates. How awesome is that um here’s a book that shows you the standard gearing and the speed gearing like. I was telling you guys just a couple seconds ago. Um gives you the dimensions but uh the speed right here: 65 for the standard one and then 95. Oh well, i guess we can’t read german, so we’ll flip it over. I was wrong 40 for the standard, gearing and 60 plus for the speed, gearing amazing amazing.

I i can’t tell you how excited i am we’re going to do a video and show you guys of this on the uh cement driving it there’s the motor pieces, such a cool addition to this car amazing. The car does come in orange and black and we, like the blacker cells, better comes with body pulse, it looks like so. If you want to change the body on it, the remote is probably one of the best remotes i’ve ever seen with come with the car. It’S uh got the smart battery techno technology spectrum um on it. We have the steering trim, you have a brake rate, uh the steering rate, the throttle rate, and you could also change the throttle limit. I think we’re going to start off with uh, 50 or 75 before we jump the hunter just so we can get a feel for it, um, which will show you everybody in the video and then uh. This has something to do with the braking as well. I’D. Imagine you’re going too fast and you don’t want to run into grandma’s car you’re gon na hit that button, but now let’s get it back to the car and see what else i can tell you about this. The shocks are probably one of the best shocks i’ve ever seen put on a car. I mean they’re they’re, big they’re sturdy. I mean there’s no hold bars on this car. This is amazing, two straps on each side, um in the book.

It shows you some things. You can add on to this: if you have smaller batteries, um steering servo is made by arma it’s a firma esc uh. These typhoons and uh are excuse me arma typhoons, any armor, product and felonies, and just amazing the quality and the the time and effort and work they put into it. Um the lug nuts, i believe, are 17 millimeter. I’Ve also heard that the rubber on these tires are actually made from goodyear, so you know that you’re getting some really good quality tires. The car itself weighs. I can’t tell you how this is. The heaviest car i’ve ever picked up amazing machine so for the unboxing video i think we’re gon na end this now and uh we’ll do another video and show you guys what it looks like on this street and again happy bashing.